Beertender Job Description, Skills, Interview Questions

Last updated: Mar 17, 2023

What Does a Beertender Do?

As a Beertender, you will be responsible for creating a warm and welcoming environment for customers, offering beer recommendations, and ensuring that all customers are served safely and appropriately. You will be passionate about beer, able to discuss the flavor profiles and tasting notes of various brews, and willing to learn about new beer options as they become available.

Key Responsibilities

  • Welcome and greet customers in a friendly and engaging manner.
  • Provide beer recommendations and educate customers about the characteristics of various brews.
  • Offer exceptional customer service, ensuring that all orders are served safely and responsibly.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment, adhering to health and safety guidelines.
  • Stay up to date on trends in the craft beer industry, learning about new beers and breweries as necessary.


  • Prior experience serving beer in a bar or restaurant setting preferred.
  • Passion for beer and knowledge of various beer styles and brewing methods.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Able to work well in a fast-paced environment.
  • Holds a valid food handler’s or bartending permit as required by state or local regulations. 

Why Do You Need a Beertender?

  • Having a Beertender on staff ensures that you are always able to serve customers a high quality product in a timely manner 
  • A Beertender can help you increase beer sales by providing expertise and recommendations on the best beers available 
  • A Beertender offers customers an enjoyable experience by pouring beer precisely, carrying out menu suggestions, and having options for suitable beer pairings 
  • A Beertender is also able to uphold strict standards of sanitation to ensure customer safety 
  • By ensuring that your bar remains stocked with fresh beer at all times, a Beertender can help save you money and boost profits 
  • Being knowledgeable about different beers and styles can also open up new markets and attract more customers to your establishment

Beertender Job Description and Responsibilities

1. Greet customers with a friendly smile and ensure all orders are taken accurately and promptly 

2. Offer customers beer recommendations and answer questions to ensure their satisfaction 

3. Ensure the beer on tap is of the highest quality and acceptable for serving 

4. Follow all applicable sanitation and safe-serving guidelines 

5. Ensure the taproom is kept clean and tidy at all times 

6. Keep track of beer inventory and restock beer and other supplies as needed 

7. Stock kegs, merchandise, or packaged products for sale to customers 

8. Monitor and adjust beer flow to prevent over-pouring and waste 

9. Perform closing duties such as cleaning, locking-up, and restocking 

10. Track sales, draft beer inventory, and make sure the bar is adequately stocked 

11. Maintain a friendly and professional attitude towards customers and co-workers 

12. Assist with training new beertenders and cleaning up after events 

13. Keep taps and lines clean and sanitary 

14. Assist with food preparation and serving as needed 

15. Monitor customer alcohol consumption and alert management of any potential issues 

16. Follow proper opening and closing procedures 

17. Ensure all drink orders are accurate and served quickly 

18. Recognize and promote beer specials and promotions 

19. Participate in cross-training for other roles within the taproom 

20. Ensure proper money handling and cash register procedures 

21. Keep bar area organized and clean at all times 

22. Maintain a high level of knowledge about beer styles, brewing methods, and beer history 

23. Respond to customer complaints and inquiries in a professional manner 

24. Follow all local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding responsible alcohol service 

25. Drop off a resume at the taproom or email it to the employer to apply for the job. 

Beertender Skills and Ideal Candidate Profile

1. Possesses a friendly and outgoing personality, with the ability to interact positively with guests and colleagues. 

2. Has knowledge of beer styles and brewing techniques, to effectively serve and recommend the best beers to customers. 

3. Ability to remain composed and professional in any situation, even when under pressure. 

4. Possesses excellent communication skills and the ability to articulate beer descriptions and suggestions to customers. 

5. Maintains a clean, organized, and presentable bar area at all times. 

6. Follows all brewery and bar safety and sanitation protocols. 

7. Has the physical strength and agility required to carry and move kegs. 

8. Has a good understanding of beer dispensing and pouring techniques. 

9. Possesses the ability to work in a fast-paced and busy environment. 

10. Is responsible and accountable for ensuring that all sales transactions are accurate. 

11. Demonstrates strong math and cash-handling skills. 

12. Has a thorough knowledge of beer and food pairings. 

13. Demonstrates a commitment to providing outstanding customer service. 

14. Has a good understanding of the brewery’s taproom policies and procedures. 

15. Possesses a working knowledge of local, state, and federal laws related to the sale of alcohol. 

16. Demonstrates the ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently. 

17. Has the ability to recognize when guests have had too much to drink and take appropriate action. 

18. Possesses the physical ability to stand for long periods of time. 

19. Ability to troubleshoot equipment and tap lines, if needed. 

20. Demonstrates the ability to work solo or as part of a team. 

21. Ability to remain calm and professional in stressful situations. 

22. Demonstrates the ability to think quickly and make sound decisions. 

23. Has a solid knowledge of beer, wine, and spirits. 

24. Demonstrates the ability to up-sell and suggest beer and food pairings. 

25. Is motivated and enthusiastic about the craft beer industry. 

Beertender Interview Questions

1. What experience do you have serving beer to customers?

2. Can you tell me a bit about your customer service skills?

3. How familiar are you with the sanitation and safety regulations for serving beer?

4. Have you ever restocked beer inventory or supplies?

5. Are you familiar with the process of stocking kegs and merchandise?

6. Describe your experience with bussing and resetting bar-tops or tables.

7. Have you ever washed glassware by hand or in a high-speed glasswasher?

8. What kind of professional development have you done to stay up-to-date with beer trends?

9. Are you able to lift and carry full kegs of beer?

10. How do you ensure that taps are in working order and that beers on tap are acceptable for service?

11. Are you able to issue refunds and exchanges for customers?

12. What experience do you have working with a POS system?

13. Can you explain the difference between a lager and an ale?

14. Are you comfortable making recommendations to customers based on their preferences?

15. Describe your strategy for diffusing customer complaints.

16. Are you able to multitask and handle multiple orders at once?

17. What is your experience with stock rotation?

18. Are you comfortable tasting beer to ensure quality?

19. How do you handle difficult customers?

20. What experience do you have with inventory management?

21. Are you familiar with the local craft beer scene?

22. What experience do you have with setting up and cleaning bar-tops or tables?

23. Are you familiar with the rules and regulations regarding alcohol sales?

24. Are you able to work nights and weekends?

25. How do you handle situations when the taproom is full or busy? 

Beertender Salary

Bartenders in the United States commonly earn an average annual salary of about $36,000 to $39,000 according to Glassdoor and SimplyHired. However, pinpoints that the hourly wage for beertenders working with companies such as JL BEERS stands at a median rate of $12 per hour as of January 26, 2023. It's essential to keep in mind that compensation may change contingent upon various components such as region, knowledge and the person who hires them. 


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