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Last updated: Feb 24, 2023

What is Braintrust?

Braintrust is a revolutionary new model for independent profesionals and companies. This cutting-edge decentralized talent network connects top-notch freelancers with some of the most prestigious names in the world, from Nestle and Porsche to Atlassian, Goldman Sachs and Nike.

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If you ever felt like a centralized platform like those used by many freelancing services takes too much from its workers, Braintrust may be for you. 

With Braintrust, skilled workers can enjoy 100% of their earnings while companies benefit from cost savings as they create flexible teams when they need them. 

And all this is made possible by a blockchain token that prevents fee extraction and promotes community ownership.

With distributed control based on user contributions like referring talent and clients, Braintrust aligns the incentives of both the network and the people who help build it. Not only does this put more power into the hands of the community, but it also results in an accelerated growth of the network. 

Braintrust Benefits

How Braintrust came to life?

Braintrust—founded by Adam Jackson and Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski—sparked life in June 2020 as a way to challenge traditional recruitment and crowdsourcing platforms. 

Since its public beta, the company has seen tremendous growth due to the commitment of its creators, developers, and other key people. Hitting an incredible apex, it amassed $25 million during its strategic funding round in November 2020, and went on to officially launch its decentralized marketplace and release BTRST, its native token, in September the following year. 

With a member pool of 50,000+ Braintrust has become a booming virtual community of project contributors and global knowledge workers who come together in search of professional opportunities.

Who can benefit from Braintrust?

Mostly profesionals in software development, agile, and IT are the main Braintrust's talent base. The scope of projects where the community is most active are development, artificial intelligence, design and complex technology solutions. 

As stated on their website, there are four core categories where they are focused:

  • Designers (Graphical + UI/UX)
  • Engineers / Architects
  • Product and Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance

Braintrust Sign Up

To join Braintrust and start applying for jobs, visit their website:

What is the role of blockchain in Braintrust?

Braintrust embraces blockchain technology to empower its network and put the power in its community members’ hands. Through tokenized initiatives such as referring talent, confirming the credibility of staff and customers, the decentralized model puts the incentives of the network into sync with those who help build it rather than having a centralized structure in which fees are taken from workers. 

Not only does this give the community more influence, but it also helps the network expand at an accelerated rate.

So why is Braintrust so unique?

Braintrust is revolutionizing the way talent works. By utilizing blockchain technology, it has embedded a decentralized, user-controlled platform with 0% fees for talent.

If you compare this to let's say Upwork or other platforms, who charge anywhere between 20-40% of what people make, it's clear why this may be a real game changer. 

Employers can also benfit greatly by ability to find the best people in the world without the extra costs associated with middlemen.

It's a win-win solution: employers successfully hire high quality labor, while talent earn more of their rightful share.

Braintrust Clients

How talent gets paid and how Braintrust makes money?

All transactions run through the platform. Both talent and clients have the ability to agree on a predetermined invoicing frequency - typically every two weeks or month depending on their needs.

Then, talent sends an invoice directly from the job posting on the Braintrust platform.

The client pays to Braintrust and Braintrust pays talent, with a 10% fee on each invoice to Braintrust included.

Ready to try?

If this sparked your interest in Braintrust, you can find more on theri website: