What Are the Characteristics of a Principled Person?

Last updated: Feb 13, 2023

Having principles and living a life guided by them is an admirable quality, and one that can have a positive influence on the lives of those around you.

But what exactly are the characteristics of a principled person?

Pricipled person relies on principles in life

In this article, we will discuss the qualities that set honest people apart from the crowd and how these qualities help to shape their lives.

We will also explore why it’s important to live with integrity, honesty and responsibility in order to be regarded as a principled person.

A principled person does not use power for his or her own purposes

A principled person is a person of strong character who consistently adheres to a set of moral principles and values. Such individuals are often held in high esteem for their ability to remain true to their convictions even when faced with difficult circumstances.

At the core of being a moral person is the understanding that power should never be used for one's own purposes, but rather must always be employed in service of others.

A principled person believes that any use of authority or influence over another should be done with compassion, respect, and humility. They understand that power can easily corrupt and can lead to unethical behavior if not used responsibly.

As such, a conscientious individual avoids taking advantage of those around them or using their position or influence for personal gain. Instead they work diligently towards promoting justice and equality among all people while remaining true to their morals and beliefs at all times.

A principled person refuses to let money control them

Being a principled person is an admirable quality that is often misunderstood. To be a principled individual means having a moral code that one adheres to regardless of the circumstance or personal gain. A moral person refuses to let money control them, and instead, relies on their own values and beliefs when making decisions.

Having principles allows an individual to lead a more meaningful life; they make decisions based on what they believe is right versus what may be lucrative financially in the short-term. Such individuals are strong-minded and guided by their conscience in all aspects of life - from work opportunities to relationships choices.

They do not compromise their core values for any amount of money, nor will they conform their moral standards due to peer pressure or societal expectations.

A principled person recognizes the importance of ethical behavior, even at great sacrifice if needed.

Ethical behavior is a cornerstone of this type of person's life, and they understand the importance of behaving in an honorable and respectable manner, even when it means sacrificing something for the greater good

From showing respect to their peers to upholding laws and regulations, a principled person recognizes the value of taking responsibility for their actions.

These people are quick to accept blame if necessary and take pride in always doing what they feel is right, regardless of consequences or criticism from others.

Furthermore, this type of individual has no problem standing up for what they believe in despite any opposition or disagreement that may arise during the process.

A principled person recognizes the importance of character in their relationships with others

A honest person is someone that lives by a set of values and principles, regardless of the situation. They recognize that their character and integrity are essential qualities in relationships with others.

A principled person demonstrates respect for their peers, by valuing their opinions and perspectives, and always striving to act in an honest and ethical way.

These people have the courage to stand up for what they believe in without sacrificing their core values or principles. They understand how important it is to take responsibility for one’s actions and strive to use wisdom when making decisions.

They also recognize how crucial it is to be accountable and willing to accept consequences if they make a mistake.

Additionally, a principled person focuses on solving problems instead of blaming others or looking away from any difficult situation.

A person who lives by principles is easy to trust

A principled person is not just easy to trust, but also a valuable asset in any organization or relationship. Those who demonstrate integrity and respect the rights of others are more likely to be trusted and respected by their peers. 

A principled individual displays strong moral values that guide their behavior and decisions on a daily basis.

They practice fairness and honesty in all areas of life, from personal relationships to business dealings. They take responsibility for their actions, instead of striving for short-term gains or shifting blame onto others.

A principled person never compromises their standards even when faced with difficult situations or tempting opportunities; they understand that integrity is essential for building trust with those around them.

A principled person does not measure their worth based on the amount of money they make

A principled person is someone who holds firm to their moral values and beliefs in life. They do not let the opinions of others dictate their worth, nor do they measure their self-worth by the amount of money they make. Instead, a principled person measures success by other means, such as how well they have treated others or what kind of legacy they are leaving behind.

Money may be important for day-to-day living, but it should not be used as a tool to gauge personal worth.

The importance of setting goals and striving towards them is paramount for anyone wishing to lead an ethical life — and these goals should never revolve around the accumulation of wealth or status symbols.

A principled individual looks beyond these superficial metrics; instead focusing on things like inner growth, meaningful relationships, and creating a better future for those around them.

A principled person is interested in helping others

A principled person is interested in helping others and has a strong sense of justice, fairness, and integrity. They don't expect anything in return for their good deeds, instead they focus on the act of helping itself. They are willing to give their time, energy, or resources to help someone else out however they can.

Even if the outcome is not successful, a principled person will still learn from the experience and move forward with even more knowledge on how to better help those around them.

They look at each situation objectively and make decisions based on what's right rather than what's easiest.

A principled person understands that everyone needs help at some points in their life no matter who they are or where they come from; this understanding motivates them to keep striving towards making the world a more equitable place for all individuals regardless of circumstance.

A principled person has a good sense of humor

Humor is often seen as one of the most valuable talents for a person to possess. It is also often associated with being a principled individual, as having a good sense of humor can be indicative of someone who has strong values and principles.

A person who has a good sense of humor is able to look at life and find the amusing side in any situation, even when it’s not always easy to do so. This can be incredibly beneficial both personally and professionally.

A person with a good sense of humor knows how to keep things lighthearted and make other people feel comfortable around them.

They have an ability to laugh at themselves, which shows self-confidence and humility, two essential qualities for any principled individual. They are also able show empathy by connecting with others through shared laughter.


In conclusion,being principled is about having a strong moral compass and staying true to your values.

It encompasses being respectful, honest, responsible and trustworthy. It requires taking ownership of your actions and speaking up for what you believe in.

You must be able to set boundaries, make good decisions, and have integrity.

This article has hopefully given you an insight into the characteristics of a principled person and whether or not you yourself possess them.

Reflect on these qualities and consider how they can help shape your character into someone principled.