Jobs Starting with H

Last updated: Mar 10, 2023


Hacker uses their technical expertise to exploit weaknesses in computer systems and networks.


Hairdresser cuts, colours and styles hair to create a desired look.


Host is the welcoming face of an event or establishment, ensuring visitors have a pleasant experience.


Herbalist utilises medicinal plants to treat and prevent illness.


Handyman provides repairs and other services to improve or maintain a home or building.


Horticulturist cultivates and maintains flowers, plants, trees and shrubs.


Headhunter finds and recruits talented individuals to fill job openings.

Hot Shot

Hot shot delivers urgent goods or documents in a timely manner.


Housekeeper cleans, organises and maintains the interior of a home.

Human Resources Manager

Human Resource Manager oversees recruitment, staffing and personnel management in an organisation.

Home Carer

Human Capital Manager maximises the value of an organisation's human resources.

Human Capital Manager

Home Carer provides assistance to elderly, ill or disabled people in their own homes.

Home Builder

Home Builder specialises in constructing, remodelling or repairing houses.


Homemaker manages the household, organises finances and provides essential services.

House Cleaner

House Cleaner cleans and tidies an interior space, ensuring it is presentable.

Home Inspector

Home Inspector evaluates the condition of a property prior to purchase or sale.

Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist creates hairstyles for clients to enhance their appearance.


Helper provides assistance with tasks to support someone in need.

Home Health Care

Home Health Care provides medical care to patients in their home.

Hospitality Manager

Hospitality Manager oversees the hospitality services of an organisation.

Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager manages staff, operations and guests of a hotel.

House Sitter

House Sitter looks after a residence while the owners are away.

House Painter

House Painter decorates and finishes the interior and exterior of a property.

Hr Manager

HR Manager administers and manages the personnel within an organisation.


Hydrologist studies the properties, occurrence and circulation of water.

Home Renovator

Home Renovator improves the existing condition of a property.

Health Educator

Health Educator promotes healthy lifestyles through education and health promotion activities.

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide provides in-home care for individuals with health problems.


HRBP (or HR Business Partner) works to align the human resources strategies with the organization’s goals and objectives.


Hygienist provides preventive dental care and educates patients about oral health.

Hr Business Partner

HR Business Partners are the link between the company and its employees, providing the human connection within the company.

Hr Consultant

HR Consultant works with organizations to improve their HR functions and processes.

Hvac Technician

HVAC Technician installs and repairs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistant provides assistance to medical staff in a health care facility.

Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare Assistant provides assistance to patients in a health care facility.

Health Psychologist

Health Psychologist studies the relationship between mental and physical health.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator operates heavy machinery to move earth and other materials.


Historian studies and interprets the past through written records, artifacts, and oral accounts.

Home Care Assistant

Home Care Assistant provides assistance to seniors and people with disabilities in their homes.

Home Solutions

Home Solutions provides home assistance to people with disabilities, elderly, and other special needs.


Hospitalist provides inpatient care in a hospital setting.

Hotel Receptionist

Hotel Receptionist greets guests and assists them with check-in and check-out.

Health Care Administrator

Health Care Administrator oversees the day-to-day operations of a health care facility.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management works to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of health services.

Healthcare Manager

Healthcare Manager manages the delivery of health care services in a health care facility.

Health Coach

Health Coach helps people to set and reach their health and wellness goals.

Health Insurance Agent

Health Insurance Agent assists clients with selecting and purchasing health insurance plans.

Hospital Manager

Hospital Manager manages the day-to-day operations of a hospital.

Hospital Pharmacist

Hospital Pharmacist dispenses and counsels on medications prescribed by healthcare providers.


Hostess provides customer service in a restaurant setting.


Houseman performs a variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks in a hotel.

Hr Generalist

HR Generalist provides human resources services such as benefits administration, compliance, recruitment and training.

Hr Recruiter

HR Recruiter works to source, interview and hire qualified candidates for job openings.

Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare Consultant works with healthcare organizations to improve efficiencies and outcomes.

Health Economist

Health Economist focuses on economic issues related to health care and health policy.

Health Information Manager

Health Information Manager manages the collection, storage, and security of health information.

Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer designs, develops, tests and maintains hardware components for electronic systems.

Health Inspector

Health Inspector inspects establishments for compliance with health codes and regulations.

Health Professional

Health Professional provides care, diagnosis and treatment to patients with physical or mental illness.

Hedge Fund Manager

Hedge Fund Manager coordinates investments and develops strategies to maximize a fund's return.

Hospital Administrator

Hospital Administrator manages the overall operations of hospitals, including patient services and staff.

Hospital Porter

Hospital Porter assists patients and transport medical equipment, supplies, and waste throughout the hospital.

Hotel Concierge

Hotel Concierge helps guests with any requests or needs they may have during their stay.

Hotel Housekeeping

Hotel Housekeeping cleans and maintains hotel rooms and public areas.

Hvac Installer

HVAC Installer installs, services and repairs heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Head Chef

Head Chef oversees the kitchen staff and creates menus for the restaurant.

Head Coach

Head Coach plans and implements training and strategies for an athletic team.

Health Aide

Health Aide provides assistance to patients in their homes and supports other health professionals.

Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic Nutritionist assesses and creates nutrition plans for clients based on their individual needs.

Hr Assistant

HR Assistant provides administrative support to HR staff, such as managing files and records.

Hr Specialist

HR Specialist focuses on designing and implementing human resource policies and processes.

Human Resource Consultant

Human Resource Consultant advises businesses on the best practices for managing their human resources.

Human Resources Consultant

Human Resources Consultant provides advice, guidance, and support for businesses in the areas of recruitment, training, and employee relations.

High School Counselor

High School Counselor assists and advises students on personal and academic issues.

Home Helper

Home Helper provides assistance to individuals with tasks such as housekeeping, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.

Hospital Volunteer

Hospital Volunteer assists with patient care, office work, and other duties in a hospital setting.


Hostler assists with the loading and unloading of trucks at warehouses and distribution centers.

Hr Executive

HR Executive manages the day-to-day operations of the HR department, such as recruiting and employee relations.


Hydrogeologist studies the movements and characteristics of underground water sources.

High School Principal

High School Principal leads the school in setting and meeting educational standards, as well as maintaining a safe environment.

Head Of Marketing

Head of Marketing creates marketing strategies and plans for the organization, and works to increase customer engagement.

Head Of Operations

Head of Operations oversees the daily operations of a business, ensuring all departments are running smoothly.

Head Of Sales

Head of Sales develops and implements strategies to maximize sales and revenue.

Healthcare Recruiter

Healthcare Recruiter works to fill job openings in healthcare organizations with qualified candidates.

Hgv Driver

HGV Driver transports goods safely and efficiently over long distances.

High School Teacher

High School Teacher instructs students on a variety of subjects while helping them develop important skills.

Hotel Front Desk

Hotel front desk staff welcome guests, answer phone calls and check guests in and out.

Hr Administrator

HR Administrator manages employee recruitment and onboarding, oversees payroll and records, and ensures compliance with labor laws.

Hr Coordinator

HR Coordinator helps manage the recruitment process, job postings, and onboarding of new hires.

Hr Partner

HR Partner develops strategies to maximize employee performance and engagement.

Hse Manager

HSE Manager oversees health, safety, and environmental compliance.

Human Resource Administrator

Human Resource Administrator tracks employee performance, maintains employee records, and assists with recruitment.

Human Resources Administrator

Human Resources Administrator manages employee benefits and payroll, supports the recruitment process, and advises management on HR issues.

Hvac Apprentice

HVAC Apprentice learns and assists in the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. HVAC Engineer designs, maintains and installs HVAC systems.

Hydraulic Engineer

Hydraulic Engineer designs, builds and maintains hydraulic systems.

Health Services Manager

Health Services Manager develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure quality health care.

Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter Pilot operates helicopters for transport, search and rescue, or other purposes.

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support provides technical assistance to customers or employees.


Histotechnologist prepares and examines tissue samples for use in medical diagnosis.

Hitch Installer

Hitch Installer installs trailer hitches on cars and other vehicles.

Hospice Nurse

Hospice Nurse provides end-of-life care to terminally ill patients and their families.

Hospital Receptionist

Hospital Receptionist greets visitors and answers telephone calls.

Hotel Porter

Hotel Porter helps guests with luggage and provides other services.

Housekeeping Supervisor

Housekeeping Supervisor oversees cleaning staff and ensures that rooms meet quality standards.

House Manager

House Manager manages staff and operations in a residential setting.

Hr Director

HR Director develops and implements HR strategies and initiatives.

Human Factors Engineer

Human Factors Engineer designs products and systems for user-friendly interfaces.

Human Resources Internship

Human Resources Internship provides hands-on experience in Human Resources departments.

Human Resource Specialist

Human Resource Specialist manages employee relations, recruitment, and onboarding.

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Specialist assists with recruitment, HR policies, and payroll.

Hunting Outfitter

Hunting Outfitter leads hunting expeditions and provides advice to hunters.

Heavy Duty Mechanic

Heavy Duty Mechanic repairs and maintains large trucks and machinery.

Highway Engineer

Highway Engineer designs and builds roads, bridges, and related infrastructure.

Home Health Nurse

Home Health Nurse provides nursing care to patients in their homes.

Hospital Social Worker

Hospital Social Worker assists patients and their families with emotional and practical support.

Hr Advisor

HR Advisor provides strategic and operational HR advice to the organization.

Hr Officer

HR Officer is responsible for managing processes related to HR policies and procedures.

Hub Driver

Hub Driver transports goods between different locations.

Human Resource Assistant

Human Resource Assistant supports the HR department by performing administrative tasks.

Human Resource Generalist

Human Resource Generalist is an all-rounder in the HR department, responsible for recruitment, training, and employee relations.

Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Assistant assists with the day-to-day operations of the HR department.

Human Resources Director

Human Resources Director leads the HR department, ensuring it meets the strategic goals of the organization.

Human Resources Generalist

Human Resources Generalist is responsible for a range of HR activities, from recruitment to employee relations.

Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Officer is responsible for managing HR processes and policies.

Hunting Guide

Hunting Guide assists customers with hunting activities.

Head Of Finance

Head of Finance is in charge of the financial operations of the organization.

Head Of Hr

Head of HR is responsible for the overall HR strategy and managing the HR team.

Head Of Product

Head of Product is responsible for the planning, design, and development of a company's products.

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Mechanic repairs and maintains heavy machinery.


Histologist studies cells, tissues, and organs of humans and animals.

History Teacher

History Teacher educates students on the past and its impact on the present.

Hospice Volunteer

Hospice Volunteer provides emotional and practical support to those approaching the end of life.

Hospital Chaplain

Hospital Chaplain provides spiritual counseling and support to patients and staff.

Hospital Cleaner

Hospital Cleaner ensures a clean and safe environment in medical facilities.

Hr Analyst

HR Analyst collects data and provides analysis to support the HR department.

Hr Associate

HR Associate provides support and advice to the HR department.

Hr Intern

HR Intern supports the HR department with administrative tasks.

Human Resource Business Partner

Human Resource Business Partner works with the business to identify solutions to support the business goals.

Human Resources Business Partner

Human Resources Business Partner manages HR programs and activities to support the organization's goals.

Health And Safety Officer

Health and Safety Officer is responsible for the health and safety of employees in the workplace.

Health Assistant

Health Assistant assists medical staff with administrative tasks and patient care.

Health Care Aide

Health Care Aide provides care and assistance to patients.

Healthcare Project Manager

Healthcare Project Manager oversees the delivery of projects in the healthcare sector.

Health Safety Environment

Health Safety Environment Officer is responsible for assessing and mitigating safety and environmental risks in the workplace.

Hearing Aid Specialist

Hearing Aid Specialist helps those with hearing impairments by fitting and adjusting hearing aids.

Histology Technician

Histology technician prepares tissue specimens for microscopic examination.

Home Attendant

Home attendant provides in-home care for elderly, disabled, or ill individuals.

Hotel Night Auditor

Hotel night auditor performs audits and verifies accuracy of guest accounts.

Housekeeping Manager

Housekeeping manager supervises and coordinates staff in housekeeping activities.

Hr Data Analyst

HR data analyst collects and evaluates employee data.

Human Resource Coordinator

Human resource coordinator assists with recruitment and employee relations.

Human Resources Coordinator

Human resources coordinator implements HR initiatives and policies.

High School English Teacher

High school english teacher instructs students in the English language.

Head Of Business Development

Head of business development leads strategic planning and growth of a company.

Head Of Communications

Head of communications manages company messaging and relationships with media.

Head Of Engineering

Head of engineering directs a team of engineers and design projects.

Health And Safety Consultant

Health and safety consultant assesses and advises on workplace safety measures.

Healthcare Data Analyst

Healthcare data analyst uses data to improve healthcare operations and outcomes.

Health Physicist

Health physicist evaluates the impact of radiation on people and the environment.

Help Desk Technician

Help desk technician provides technical assistance to computer users.


Histotechnician prepares tissue specimens for microscopic examination.

Hospital Housekeeping

Hospital housekeeping performs cleaning and sanitizing of hospital facilities.

Housekeeping Attendant

Housekeeping attendant cleans and maintains hotel rooms and common areas.

Hr Apprentice

HR apprentice provides administrative support to the HR department.

Hris Analyst

HRIS analyst maintains and updates employee records in the HRIS system.

Hr Support

HR support assists with recruitment, onboarding, and employment policies.

Human Resources Executive

Human resources executive manages the recruitment and retention of personnel.

Human Resources Recruiter

Human resources recruiter sources and screens job applicants.

Head Of Growth

Head of growth defines and implements strategies to increase customer base.

Head Of It

Head of IT directs the development and implementation of IT initiatives.

Health And Safety Manager

Health and safety manager develops and implements safety protocols.

Hemodialysis Technician

Hemodialysis technician operates dialysis machines to treat kidney failure.

Home Caregiver

Home caregiver assists elderly with daily activities, such as bathing and dressing.

Home Care Provider

Home care provider provides in-home care for elderly, disabled, or ill individuals.

Home Health Physical Therapist

Home health physical therapist helps patients recover from injury or illness.

Hotel General Manager

Hotel General Manager oversees day-to-day operations and ensures guest satisfaction.

Hazardous Area

Hazardous Area technicians assess hazardous environments to ensure safety.

Head Of Human Resources

Head of Human Resources develops and implements HR policies and procedures.

Head Of Legal

Head of Legal is responsible for providing legal advice and guidance.

Head Of People

Head of People is responsible for maximising organisational performance through people.

Healthcare Analyst

Healthcare Analyst collects and analyses data to identify healthcare trends.

Health Information Technician

Health Information Technician processes, maintains, and compiles medical records.

Health Unit Coordinator

Health Unit Coordinator coordinates and organizes the activities of nursing units.

Help Desk Analyst

Help Desk Analyst provides technical support for computer system users.

Hilo Driver

Hilo Driver transports goods and materials between locations.

Home Care Aide

Home Care Aide provides assistance to elderly and disabled people in their homes.

Home Care Worker

Home Care Worker provides support services to individuals in their homes.

Home Support Worker

Home Support Worker performs light housekeeping tasks and provides companionship to clients.

Hr Project Manager

HR Project Manager plans and implements HR projects.

Html Developer

HTML Developer designs and develops websites using HTML.


Handyperson performs minor repairs and maintenance.

Hardware Design Engineer

Hardware Design Engineer designs, develops, tests, and evaluates electronic components.

Head Of Compliance

Head of Compliance implements and ensures compliance with government regulations.

Head Of Design

Head of Design oversees the design process of a product or service.

Head Of Security

Head of Security is responsible for developing and implementing security strategies.

Health Technician

Health Technician provides clinical and administrative support to healthcare providers.

Hearing Officer

Hearing Officer presides over hearings and makes decisions based on legal evidence.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaner cleans large commercial areas.

High School Biology Teacher

High School Biology Teacher instructs students in science and biology.

High School Math Teacher

High School Math Teacher teaches math to high school students.

Hoist Operator

Hoist Operator operates hoists and cranes to transport materials.

Hospice Social Worker

Hospice Social Worker provides emotional and practical support to terminally ill patients.

Hotel Clerk

Hotel Clerk provides administrative and customer service support in a hotel.

Hotel Operations Manager

Hotel Operations Manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of a hotel.

Housing Manager

Housing Manager develops and implements housing policies and procedures.

Hse Specialist

HSE specialist monitors workplace safety and health regulations in order to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Human Resources Associate

Human Resources Associate assists with recruiting, onboarding, and employee relations to maintain a positive workplace environment.

Human Resources Intern

Human Resources Intern provides support in carrying out HR tasks such as interviewing, recruitment, and employee development.

Hvac Mechanic

HVAC Mechanic installs, inspects, and repairs climate control systems.

High School Science Teacher

High School Science Teacher instructs students in the principles of science and helps them develop critical thinking skills.

Hardware Designer

Hardware Designer develops, tests, and maintains various types of computer-related hardware.

Hcm Consultant

HCM Consultant advises clients on how to optimize their human capital management systems.

Head Of Content

Head of Content oversees the development, production, and distribution of content across all channels.

Head Of Strategy

Head of Strategy creates and implements plans to meet business objectives and optimize organizational performance.

Head Of Talent Acquisition

Head of Talent Acquisition identifies, evaluates, and hires qualified individuals for the organization.

Head Of Technology

Head of Technology plans, implements, and manages the organization’s IT systems.

Health And Safety Advisor

Health and Safety Advisor provides expert advice and guidance on health and safety policies and procedures.

Healthcare Business Analyst

Healthcare Business Analyst evaluates data and develops solutions to improve operational efficiency in healthcare organizations.

Health Communications Specialist

Health Communications Specialist creates and maintains communications strategies for promoting public health.

Health Data Analyst

Health Data Analyst collects, organizes, and interprets health-related data to provide insights into healthcare trends.

Health Specialist

Health Specialist works to improve the physical and mental health of individuals, families, and communities.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hearing Instrument Specialist fits, tests, and maintains hearing aids.

Heavy Construction

Heavy Construction involves the use of heavy machinery and equipment to build structures, roads, and other large-scale projects.

Hospice Chaplain

Hospice Chaplain provides spiritual care to individuals and families facing terminal illnesses.

Hospital Director

Hospital Director oversees the day-to-day operations of a hospital and ensures that quality healthcare services are provided.

Housekeeping Assistant

Housekeeping Assistant performs routine cleaning and maintenance tasks in a hotel or other lodging facility.


Houseperson provides support services to hotel guests, such as transporting luggage, arranging transportation, and responding to guest requests.

Housing Counselor

Housing Counselor assists individuals and families in finding affordable housing and accessing housing assistance programs.

Hr Representative

HR Representative supports the HR team with tasks such as employee onboarding, performance reviews, and HR compliance.

Hse Advisor

HSE Advisor provides advice to organizations on health, safety, and environmental management systems.

Hse Coordinator

HSE Coordinator coordinates safety, health, and environmental programs within an organization.

Human Resources Analyst

Human Resources Analyst gathers and analyzes data to identify and address HR-related issues.

Head Of Customer Service

Head of Customer Service oversees the customer service team, develops customer service strategies, and ensures customer satisfaction.

Head Of Customer Success

Head of Customer Success designs and implements processes to ensure customers are receiving value from the product or service.

Head Of Data

Head of Data optimizes data collection, storage, and analysis to provide meaningful insights and support effective decision making.

Head Of Digital Marketing

Head of Digital Marketing develops and executes strategies to promote the company's products and services online.

Head Of Partnerships

Head of Partnerships builds relationships with potential partners to strengthen the company's products and services.

Hedge Fund Accountant

Hedge Fund Accountant is responsible for preparing and analyzing financial statements for hedge fund investments.

Hospital Technician

Hospital Technician assists healthcare professionals in providing patient care in a hospital setting.

Housekeeping Room Attendant

Housekeeping Room Attendant cleans guest rooms and public areas to ensure a pleasant stay for hotel guests.

Hr Operations Manager

HR Operations Manager oversees the day-to-day administrative operations of the human resources department.

Hvac Design Engineer

HVAC Design Engineer designs, installs, maintains, and repairs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Hybris Developer

Hybris Developer designs and builds hybris-based applications to optimize customer experience.

Hydrovac Operator

Hydrovac Operator operates a hydrovac truck to safely excavate soil and debris.

Hadoop Developer

Hadoop Developer builds and maintains applications using the Hadoop framework.

Hardware Technician

Hardware Technician repairs and maintains computer hardware.

Head Cashier

Head Cashier manages cashiers, resolves customer complaints, and maintains a safe checkout area.

Head Cook

Head Cook plans and prepares meals according to health and safety regulations.

Head Football Coach

Head Football Coach leads and manages a team of football players, focuses on player development, and creates game plans.

Head Of Customer Experience

Head of Customer Experience develops, implements, and evaluates customer experience programs.

Head Of Supply Chain

Head of Supply Chain manages the procurement, warehousing, and distribution of goods.

Health Teacher

Health Teacher instructs students in health, nutrition, and wellness topics.

Heavy Equipment Technician

Heavy Equipment Technician repairs and maintains heavy construction and agricultural equipment.

Hedge Fund Analyst

Hedge Fund Analyst researches and analyzes investments for hedge funds.

Helicopter Mechanic

Helicopter Mechanic maintains and repairs helicopters.

History Tutor

History Tutor provides instruction and guidance to students in history.

Home Health Rn

Home Health RN provides nursing care in a home setting.

Hotel Sales Manager

Hotel Sales Manager develops and implements strategies to increase occupancy and revenue.

Housekeeping Coordinator

Housekeeping Coordinator coordinates housekeeping staff schedules and ensures cleanliness standards are met.

Housing Specialist

Housing Specialist assists clients with finding and obtaining housing.

Hris Manager

HRIS Manager oversees the development and implementation of Human Resources Information Systems.

Hris Specialist

HRIS Specialist maintains, updates, and administers a Human Resources Information System.

Human Resources Advisor

Human Resources Advisor provides advice and guidance to employees on a variety of HR topics.

Hvac Service Technician

HVAC Service Technician inspects, maintains, and repairs HVAC systems.

Hydraulic Technician

Hydraulic Technician inspects, repairs, and maintains hydraulic systems.

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