Jobs Starting with U

Last updated: Mar 10, 2023


Urologist diagnoses and treats diseases of the urinary tract and reproductive organs.


Usher greets, assists, and seats guests in theaters, auditoriums, and other entertainment venues.

Ux Designer

UX Designer creates user-friendly and visually pleasing products and services.


Underwriter assesses and evaluates the risk of insuring individuals and businesses.


Upholsterer creates and repairs furniture coverings and cushions.

Ui Ux Designer

UI UX Designer creates user interfaces, visual designs, and user experiences for digital products.

Ux Ui Designer

UX UI Designer creates a cohesive user experience across different user interfaces.

Ui Designer

UI Designer creates user-friendly interfaces for digital products.

User Experience

User Experience focuses on improving user satisfaction and loyalty through usability, accessibility, and pleasure.

Universal Banker

Universal Banker provides a range of banking services to customers, including deposits, withdrawals, and loans.

Urban Planner

Urban Planner designs, plans, and manages the development of urban areas.

Ux Researcher

UX Researcher gathers data and insights to improve the user experience.

Uat Tester

UAT Tester validates the software's accuracy and reliability in a real-world environment.

Ux Writer

UX Writer creates content and copy for user interfaces to improve user experience.

Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound Technician uses sound waves to create images of organs, vessels, and tissues.

Unit Controller

Unit Controller coordinates activities of a production unit to ensure efficiency.

Urban Designer

Urban Designer plans and designs urban spaces with the goal of creating liveable and sustainable cities.

User Experience Designer

User Experience Designer designs digital products to improve and enhance user experience.

Union Carpenter

Union Carpenter constructs, installs, and repairs buildings, structures, and fixtures.

User Interface Designer

User Interface Designer creates user interface designs and interactions.

Ups Driver

UPS Driver delivers packages and documents to customers.

Underground Miner

Underground Miner extracts minerals and metals from the earth.

User Researcher

User Researcher gathers user data and insights to inform product design and development decisions.

Utility Locator

Utility Locator locates underground utility lines.

Ui Developer

UI Developer designs and develops user interface components.

Unity Developer

Unity Developer creates games and other real-time 3D interactive experiences.

Unity Game Developer

Unity Game Developer creates games using the Unity game engine.

User Experience Researcher

User Experience Researcher identifies user needs and behaviors to inform product design decisions.

Utilization Review Nurse

Utilization review nurse evaluates medical services for cost efficiency.

Ux Engineer

UX Engineer designs user interfaces.

Ux Strategist

UX Strategist creates strategies for user experiences.

Utility Worker

Utility worker performs maintenance on utility systems.

Ux Developer

UX Developer creates user experience software applications.

Ultrasound Technologist

Ultrasound Technologist produces diagnostic images.

Unit Manager

Unit Manager oversees administrative operations at the unit level.

Unit Clerk

Unit Clerk performs clerical tasks.

Usability Engineer

Usability Engineer evaluates user-experience designs.

Ui Engineer

UI Engineer creates user interface designs.

Underwriting Assistant

Underwriting Assistant reviews, evaluates, and processes insurance applications.

Unit Secretary

Unit Secretary provides administrative support to a department.


Unloader unloads freight from vehicles.

Utility Engineer

Utility Engineer designs, operates, and maintains utility systems.

Ux Consultant

UX Consultant provides advice on user experience design.

Ux Copywriter

UX Copywriter crafts content for user experience designs.

Unarmed Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guard monitors premises for security and safety.

Union Organizer

Union Organizer unites workers to form labor unions.

Ux Architect

UX Architect designs user experience architecture.

Ux Manager

UX Manager oversees user experience design projects.

Ui Artist

UI Artist creates user interface designs.

Utilities Operator

Utilities Operator operates and maintains utility systems.

Utility Operator

Utility Operator maintains the operations of utility systems.

Uc Engineer

UC Engineer designs and develops unified communication systems.


Ultrasonographer uses ultrasound to diagnose diseases.

University Counselor

University Counselor provides mental health services to college students.

Ui Architect

UI Architect creates user interface designs.

Unit Coordinator

Unit Coordinator coordinates the activities of a unit.

University Internship

University Internship provides real-world work experience to students.

User Acquisition Manager

User Acquisition Manager develops user acquisition programs.

Ux Lead

UX Lead designs a website's user experience to ensure a great user experience.

Underwriting Analyst

Underwriting Analyst reviews applications and assesses risk to determine the acceptability of insurance policies.

Unit Assistant

Unit Assistant provides administrative and clerical support to a group of people or a unit.

User Experience Manager

User Experience Manager plans, coordinates and implements the user experience of a website or product.

Utility Consultant

Utility Consultant provides advice on the best ways to use energy and other resources efficiently.

Ux Content Strategist

UX Content Strategist develops the strategy for content on a website or product in order to optimize the user experience.

Ux Product Designer

UX Product Designer creates the look and feel of a product or website for end users.

Underwriting Associate

Underwriting Associate reviews applications for insurance policies and evaluates risks.

Unix Administrator

Unix Administrator oversees the implementation, maintenance and support of Unix-based systems.

User Support Technician

User Support Technician provides technical support to users of a product or system.

Utilities Technician

Utilities Technician installs, inspects, repairs and maintains utilities such as gas, water, and electricity.

Utility Technician

Utility Technician provides maintenance and repairs of utility systems.

Underwriting Manager

Underwriting Manager oversees the underwriting process and operations of an insurance company.

Unix Systems Administrator

Unix Systems Administrator configures, maintains, and supports Unix-based systems.

Unreal Developer

Unreal Developer creates interactive 3D applications using Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine Programmer

Unreal Engine Programmer designs and develops software applications with Unreal Engine.

Unqualified Nursery Assistant

Unqualified Nursery Assistant provides basic care and support to children in a nursery setting.

User Experience Writer

User Experience Writer develops the copy and content to provide an excellent user experience.

Unarmed Security Officer

Unarmed Security Officer monitors and patrols an area to maintain security and safety.

Uniform Attendant

Uniform Attendant maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of uniforms and other garments.

Utilities Specialist

Utilities Specialist evaluates and manages the usage of utility services.

Unified Communications Engineer

Unified Communications Engineer designs and implements communication systems.

Unit Aide

Unit Aide assists a unit of people with their daily needs and activities.

Used Car Manager

Used Car Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a used car business.

User Experience Architect

User Experience Architect designs and develops the user experience of a website or product.

Underwriter Financial Lines

Underwriter Financial Lines assesses risks and approves or denies insurance policies for financial lines.

Underwriting Specialist

Underwriting Specialist reviews applications for insurance policies and determines terms of coverage.

Unix Engineer

Unix Engineer designs, installs and maintains Unix-based systems.

Ux Design Manager

UX Design Manager oversees the user experience design of a website or product.

Underground Electrician

Underground Electrician installs, inspects, and repairs underground electrical systems.

Underwriting Technician

Underwriting Technician evaluates potential risks when deciding whether to provide insurance.

Utilization Review Specialist

Utilization Review Specialist monitors the medical necessity, appropriateness, and efficiency of health care services.

Ux Design Lead

UX Design Lead develops strategies for user experience and designs user interfaces.

Ui Software Engineer

UI Software Engineer designs and develops user interface features, functionality, and applications.

Underwriting Service Assistant

Underwriting Service Assistant assists underwriters by providing customer service and administrative support.

Ux Research Manager

UX Research Manager oversees research initiatives in order to improve user experience.

Underground Mechanic

Underground Mechanic repairs and maintains underground pipes, cables, and machinery.

Underwriting Consultant

Underwriting Consultant provides advice to insurance companies on underwriting risk and strategy.

Unit Deployment Manager

Unit Deployment Manager plans and coordinates the deployment of personnel in military units.

Utility Employee

Utility Employee operates and maintains utility systems such as water, gas, or electric.

Underwriting Director

Underwriting Director manages the underwriting staff and evaluates potential risks when providing insurance.

Ux Research Associate

UX Research Associate collects and analyzes data to improve user experience.

Unreal Technical Artist

Unreal Technical Artist creates stunning real-time 3D visuals for video games and other interactive applications.

Unrepresented Casualty Adjuster

Unrepresented Casualty Adjuster investigates and evaluates casualty claims in cases where no legal representation is present.

Urgent Care Assistant

Urgent Care Assistant assists physicians by providing patient care, scheduling appointments, and documenting medical information.

Utility Steward

Utility Steward inspects, maintains, and repairs utility systems and equipment.

Utility Laborer

Utility Laborer installs and repairs utility systems and equipment.

Ux Executive

UX Executive develops strategies for user experience, designs user interfaces, and evaluates customer feedback.

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