Wine Tender Job Description, Skills, Interview Questions

Last updated: Mar 17, 2023

What Does a Wine Tender Do?

As a Wine Tender, you will be responsible for providing exceptional customer service and knowledgeable recommendations to customers who are interested in wine. You will have a passion for wine and the wine-making process, and be able to discuss the flavor profiles, origins, and unique features of different wines with enthusiasm. Your ability to create a welcoming and positive experience for customers, handle transactions, and ensure that the wine bar runs smoothly will be essential to success in this role.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide exceptional customer service, welcoming customers to the wine bar and guiding them through the wine selection and purchasing process.
  • Develop deep knowledge of the wine selection and be able to recommend wines to customers based on their preferences and interests.
  • Understand and use wine-related vocabulary to educate customers on the flavor profiles, origins, and unique features of different wines.
  • Encourage customers to try new wines and to engage in the wine-making experience, helping to create a positive and engaging atmosphere in the wine bar.
  • Manages inventory of wine and implements policies and procedures for wine purchases and restocking


  • Prior experience working in a wine bar, tasting room, or other setting where wine is sold and served preferred.
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Strong knowledge and interest in wine, with an ability to discuss flavor profiles, origins, and unique features of different wines.
  • Proven sales experience to promote wine sales and suggest related merchandise.
  • Ability to coordinate and manage wine bar events, such as tastings, dinners, and other wine-related experiences. 

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