How I Earned $320,000 As A Teenager

Last updated: Jul 21, 2023

The video is about how the YouTuber earned $320,000 as a teenager without working a normal job or going to college, and their plan to make their first million by the time they can legally drink.

This video by Financial Wolf was published on Dec 7, 2022.
Video length: 09:47.


The video is about a teenager who started his first online business at the age of 15 and shares his journey of earning $320,000 by his 20th birthday without working a normal job or going to college.

He talks about the trial and error phase of entrepreneurship, where he tried various money-making schemes before finding a business model he liked. He then discusses how he started a YouTube channel and eventually saw success after consistently uploading videos. The teenager also mentions facing challenges, such as getting in trouble for selling candy at school, but persevering through them.

He concludes by discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic provided him with an opportunity to work even harder on his YouTube channel and build a lucrative career for himself.


  • Started YouTube channel in high school, experimented with different business models, but didn't find much success.
  • Found success through reselling electronics.
  • Started seeing success on YouTube, earning $8 in September 2019 and $2,804 in November 2019.
  • Faced challenges in high school, including backlash for selling candy and fake AirPods.
  • Used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to focus on YouTube and build a successful online business.

How I Earned $320,000 As A Teenager - YouTube

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Starting my first online business

  • Started YouTube channel during freshman year of high school.
  • Entered trial and error phase of entrepreneurship, trying out different business models.
  • Did not see major success during this phase.
  • Jumped from business to business, struggling with shiny object syndrome.
  • Only real success was through reselling electronics.
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Entering phase two of entrepreneurship

  • Uploaded over 100 YouTube videos.
  • Started seeing some success on the platform.
  • Earned $8 from YouTube AdSense in September 2019.
  • Continued to upload videos consistently.
  • Earned $2,804 in November 2019.
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Dealing with challenges in high school

  • Made a video about selling candy at school, faced backlash from the school.
  • Continued making videos and selling candy, even selling fake AirPods.
  • Reached a point where making videos at school became difficult.
  • Principal's office confiscated phone and focused on schoolwork.
  • COVID-19 pandemic led to school closures, providing an opportunity to focus on YouTube.
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How I Earned $320,000 As A Teenager - YouTube

Working hard during the pandemic

  • Used the pandemic as a chance to work hard and build a lucrative career on YouTube.
  • Posted videos consistently on various topics.
  • Believed that consistent quality content would lead to success.
  • Continued to grow YouTube channel during the pandemic.
  • Used the time to focus on building a successful online business.
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Income Progression in High School

  • The YouTuber earned $33,824.17 from YouTube ad revenue in 2020.
  • They joined a program called School to Work, which allowed them to leave school at 11AM to focus on making YouTube videos.
  • Despite their YouTube income ranging from $4,000 to $6,000 in a good month, they decided to enroll in college due to pressure from parents and teachers.
  • By this point, they had made over $83,000 from YouTube sponsorships and affiliates.
  • They also earned $120,000 from reselling electronics, shoes, and items from flea markets.
  • They eventually dropped out of college after realizing that a college degree was not necessary for their entrepreneurial pursuits.
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Starting a Turo Business

  • The YouTuber earned $180,889 from YouTube ad revenue, $280,000 from other YouTube sources, $20,000 from their high school reselling business, and $25,000 from a car rental business they started.
  • They decided to start a Turo business as a way to generate additional income while still focusing on YouTube.
  • After buying their first Turo car and learning from their initial losses, they networked with other Turo hosts and flew out to meet their business partners in Denver.
  • They now have equity in a 15-car Turo startup and have expanded to nearly 30 cars in just two months.
  • Their goal is to continue expanding the Turo business across America as quickly as possible.
  • They plan to update their audience on their journey to making their first million in the future.

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How I Earned $320,000 As A Teenager - YouTube

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