Jobs Starting with B

Last updated: Mar 10, 2023

Dive into our list of jobs that start with B and you might uncover potential professions you never dreamt of.

Should you come across a job title that begins with B whose role is unclear, our list contains the answers you need.


Brewer creates beer, cider, and other beverages.


Banker provides financial services to customers.


Barber cuts, styles, and shapes hair.


Bookstore sells books, magazines, and other printed materials.


Blogger creates and publishes online content.


Boxer competes in the sport of boxing.


Blender mixes, chops, and purees food and drinks.


Butcher cuts, prepares, and sells meat.


Busser assists waitstaff in a restaurant.


Baker creates breads, cakes, and other baked goods.


Barista prepares and serves coffee-based drinks.


Biologist studies living organisms.


Bodyguard protects people from physical harm.


Broker buys and sells stocks, bonds, and other investments.


Bartender creates and serves drinks to customers.

Business Manager

Business Manager oversees the operations of businesses.


Butler provides assistance to employers in a private home.


Buyer purchases goods and services for a company.


Bishop leads a Christian church.


Botanist studies plants and their environment.


Builder constructs and repairs buildings.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst assesses and evaluates business processes.


Bookkeeper manages financial records and transactions.

Bread Baker

Bread Baker bakes bread, rolls, and other baked goods.


Biochemist studies the chemical and physical processes in living organisms.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical Engineer combines engineering principles with medical sciences to design and develop healthcare equipment and systems.


Blacksmith shapes metal objects with heat and hammering.

Basketball Referee

Basketball referee officiates games to ensure fair play.


Bilingual speaks two languages fluently.


Barman mixes and serves drinks in a bar.

Book Reviewer

Book reviewer reads and evaluates books.

Business Administrator

Business administrator manages day-to-day operations of a business.


Bagger packs groceries for customers.


Bioinformatician analyzes and interprets biological data.


Bioinformatics combines computer science, statistics, and biology to analyze and interpret large data sets.


Bouncer enforces security policies at a venue.

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassador promotes products and services.


Beautician provides beauty treatments, such as haircuts, styling, and makeup application.

Biomedical Scientist

Biomedical scientist researches biological processes and diseases.

Board Of Directors

Board of directors oversees the management of a company.


Boilermaker installs and repairs boilers.

Business Consultant

Business consultant provides advice to businesses to help them improve their performance.

Business Partner

Business partner works with another person to co-manage a business.

Backend Developer

Backend developer builds the server-side of web applications.


Bailiff ensures courtrooms are orderly and secure during legal proceedings.


BCBA designs and monitors behavioral health plans.

Behavioral Therapist

Behavioral therapist assists clients in managing mental health issues.

Behaviour Therapist

Behaviour therapist helps clients modify their behavior to better cope with life.


Biostatistician uses statistical methods to analyze data.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Board certified behavior analyst evaluates, diagnoses, and treats mental health issues.


Bricklayer builds walls, chimneys, and other structures out of bricks.

Business Development Manager

Business development manager identifies and pursues new business opportunities.


Babysitter cares for children when their parents are away.

Brand Manager

Brand manager develops and maintains a brand’s image.


Bellhop assists hotel guests with their luggage.


Bookseller sells books.

Bus Driver

Bus driver safely transports passengers from one location to another.

Bank Teller

Bank teller assists customers in managing their financial transactions.


Barback stocks and replenishes bar supplies and inventory.


Bellman assists guests with luggage and provides them with information about the area.

Bike Mechanic

Bike mechanic repairs and maintains bicycles.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer designs and implements distributed ledger technology solutions.


Bursar processes student payments and financial aid.


Busboy cleans and sets tables in a restaurant.

Business Banker

Business banker provides banking services to businesses.

Business Developer

Business developer identifies and develops new business opportunities.

Business Development Executive

Business development executive develops and implements strategic plans to grow a business.

Behavior Analyst

Behavior analyst assesses, diagnoses, and develops behavior intervention plans.


Biller prepares invoices and checks for payment.

Building Inspector

Building inspector evaluates the safety and legality of buildings and structures.

Business Process Manager

Business process manager designs and oversees the workflow of a business.

Build Engineer

Build engineer ensures the reliability and performance of software builds.

Building Engineer

Building engineer designs and maintains building systems.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business intelligence analyst identifies insights from data and provides reports.

Business Management Consultant

Business management consultant provides advice and guidance to businesses.

Business Professional

Business professional works within an organization, utilizing business knowledge and expertise.

Banking Manager

Banking manager oversees the operations of a banking or financial institution.

Bank Manager

Bank manager manages a bank and its personnel.

Basketball Coach

Basketball coach develops and leads a basketball team.

Behavioral Technician

Behavioral technician implements behavior modification plans in home and school settings.

Behavior Technician

Behavior technician assists in behavior modification plans implemented in home and school settings.

Branch Manager

Branch manager manages the daily operations of a branch office.

Building Surveyor

Building surveyor inspects and makes reports on the condition of buildings.

Business Development Associate

Business development associate identifies and develops new business opportunities.

Biochemical Engineer

Biochemical engineer develops processes and products in the chemical and biological sciences.

Brake Press

Brake press sets up and operates machinery used in the production of parts and components.

Brick Mason

Brick mason constructs and repairs walls, floors, and other structures.

Business Advisor

Business advisor helps organizations identify improvement opportunities and develop strategies to reach their goals.

Bim Manager

BIM Manager creates and maintains 3D models from design to construction.

Booking Agent

Booking agent works to get performers, speakers, and other talent booked for events.

Business Architect

Business Architect designs and maintains an organization’s business structure.

Business Continuity Manager

Business Continuity Manager develops plans to prepare for and recover from unexpected disruptions.

Business Controller

Business Controller oversees an organization’s financial activities and ensures compliance with regulations.

Business Leader

Business Leader leads teams and drives business initiatives to maximize success.

Bi Developer

BI Developer develops and implements business intelligence solutions.

Bid Manager

Bid Manager develops and submits bids for contracts, services, and products.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer develops and implements systems to manage and analyze large datasets.

Blog Writer

Blog Writer creates engaging content that informs and entertains readers.

Book Editor

Book Editor edits manuscripts, reviews proposals, and provides feedback to authors.

Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol Agent monitors and protects the boundaries of the U.S.

Budget Manager

Budget Manager develops and monitors budgets to support organizational goals.


Budtender provides knowledgeable and friendly customer service to marijuana customers.

Building Manager

Building Manager oversees the maintenance, repair, and security of a building.

Business Development Representative

Business Development Representative identifies and cultivates relationships with potential clients.

Business Support

Business Support provides administrative support to an organization’s staff.

Business Systems Analyst

Business Systems Analyst designs and maintains business systems to optimize their performance.

Banquet Server

Banquet Server sets up and serves food and drinks at events.

Behavioral Specialist

Behavioral Specialist works with individuals to improve their behaviors and social skills.

Behavior Specialist

Behavior Specialist develops a plan to address challenging behaviors.

Blackjack Dealer

Blackjack Dealer deals cards and collects bets in a casino.

Broadcast Journalist

Broadcast Journalist produces news stories for television and radio.

Business Analyst Intern

Business Analyst Intern analyzes business data and trends to inform decision-making.

Business Associate

Business Associate provides support to a business or office.

Business Data Analyst

Business Data Analyst collects and organizes data to identify patterns and trends.

Backend Engineer

Backend Engineer develops and maintains the backend of a software system.

Baggage Handler

Baggage Handler safely loads and unloads luggage from aircraft and vehicles.

Beauty Advisor

Beauty Advisor offers advice and assistance to help customers choose beauty products.

Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral health technician provides therapeutic care and support to patients with mental health issues.

Bi Analyst

BI Analyst helps businesses organize data and draw insights from it to make better decisions.

Biological Scientist

Biological Scientist studies living organisms and their relationship with the environment.

Boat Detailer

Boat Detailer cleans and maintains the exterior and interior of boats.

Breakfast Cook

Breakfast Cook prepares meals for the morning hours.

Business Development Director

Business Development Director creates strategies to increase profitability and expand the company’s reach.

Business Development Officer

Business Development Officer helps promote the company’s products and services.

Business Operations Manager

Business Operations Manager coordinates and oversees the day-to-day activities of a business.

Baseball Coach

Baseball Coach instructs and leads team players towards game success.

Behavioral Interventionist

Behavioral Interventionist works with individuals to help reduce challenging behaviors.

Behaviour Interventionist

Behaviour Interventionist uses various therapeutic techniques to help individuals modify their behavior.

Benefits Manager

Benefits Manager administers employee benefits programs and ensures compliance with government regulations.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer designs and implements distributed ledger technology solutions.

Boat Captain

Boat Captain operates and maintains a vessel and its crew.

Brand Strategist

Brand Strategist develops solutions to increase brand visibility, customer engagement, and customer loyalty.

Beauty Consultant

Beauty Consultant advises customers on beauty products and services.

Big Data Architect

Big Data Architect designs and develops big data solutions.

Boiler Operator

Boiler Operator operates, maintains, and repairs boilers.

Bridge Engineer

Bridge Engineer designs and inspects bridges and other structures.

Budget Analyst

Budget Analyst develops plans and forecasts to help organizations manage their finances.

Building Official

Building Official inspects and approves the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings.

Business Process Analyst

Business Process Analyst designs, documents and optimizes business processes.

Business Relationship Manager

Business Relationship Manager develops and maintains relationships between businesses.

Background Investigator

Background Investigator researches and verifies information related to job candidates.

Banking Officer

Banking Officer works in a bank and assists customers.


Batcher produces batches of products with precision and accuracy.

Benefits Administrator

Benefits Administrator administers employee benefits programs.

Bi Consultant

BI Consultant implements and maintains business intelligence solutions.

Bim Coordinator

BIM Coordinator develops and implements Building Information Modeling solutions.

Biology Teacher

Biology teacher educates students on the fundamentals of biology.

Biomedical Technician

Biomedical technician repairs, maintains, and calibrates medical equipment.

Brake Press Operator

Brake press operator produces precision-cut parts in a manufacturing environment.

Business Development Consultant

Business development consultant provides advice to companies on how to grow their business.

Business Development Specialist

Business development specialist focuses on creating and implementing strategies to increase revenue.

Business Unit Manager

Business unit manager oversees the staff and operations of a company's business unit.

Background Actor

Background actor appears in the background of movies, TV shows, and other productions.

Bi Engineer

Bi engineer develops and maintains tools and systems to analyze business data.

Billing Specialist

Billing specialist processes and records payment information for a variety of services.

Biomedical Equipment Technician

Biomedical equipment technician installs, repairs and maintains medical equipment.

Business Development Intern

Business development intern supports the development and growth of a business.

Business Director

Business director manages the operations and staff of a company's business division.

Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence developer designs and implements software solutions to analyze data.

Business Intelligence Engineer

Business intelligence engineer creates and manages systems to help businesses make decisions.

Business Strategist

Business strategist develops plans to improve the success of a company.

Backend Java Developer

Backend java developer creates server-side applications for websites and web-based applications.

Backhoe Operator

Backhoe operator operates heavy machinery to excavate and move earth.

Banking Consultant

Banking consultant assists banks in developing and improving their services.

Bid Writer

Bid writer prepares proposals and bids for prospective clients.

Bim Specialist

Bim specialist designs and creates digital models for buildings and other structures.

Biological Technician

Biological technician assists with laboratory research and experiments.

Biology Tutor

Biology tutor helps students understand biology concepts and improve their performance.

Brand Director

Brand director develops and manages a company's brand identity.

Brand Specialist

Brand specialist ensures that a company's brand is effectively communicated to customers.

Broadcast Engineer

Broadcast engineer sets up, operates, and maintains broadcast systems.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Business intelligence consultant provides advice on how to use data to make business decisions.

Business Project Manager

Business project manager plans, leads, and organizes projects within a company.

Business Strategy Manager

Business strategy manager creates and implements strategies to increase profitability.

Backend Software Engineer

Backend software engineer develops server-side applications and components.

Benefits Specialist

Benefits specialist provides assistance to employees on changes to their benefits packages.

Bicycle Mechanic

Bicycle mechanic repairs and maintains bicycles.

Box Truck Driver

Box truck driver transports goods from one location to another.

Brand Marketing Manager

Brand marketing manager plans and implements marketing campaigns for a brand.

Brand Representative

Brand representative promotes a company or product publicly.

Business Assistant

Business assistant provides administrative and clerical support to a business.

Business Coordinator

Business coordinator manages and organizes daily business operations.

Business Development Analyst

Business development analyst researches and identifies business opportunities.

Business Intelligence Manager

Business intelligence manager develops strategies for utilizing data to gain business insights.

Business Operations Analyst

Business operations analyst evaluates existing business operations and identifies areas for improvement.

Business Process Consultant

Business process consultant analyses an organization's processes and recommends solutions.

Business Process Engineer

Business process engineer designs and implements business processes.

Business Processes Consultant

Business processes consultant provides advice to an organization on improving its processes.

Bus Monitor

Bus monitor ensures passengers adhere to safety regulations while on the bus.

Bus Operator

Bus operator drives buses and other public transport vehicles.

Buyer Planner

Buyer planner creates and maintains purchasing plans for a company.

Bakers Assistant

Bakers assistant assists bakers in preparing ingredients and baking products.

Bakery Assistant

Bakery assistant ensures the cleanliness and organization of a bakery.

Banquet Manager

Banquet manager organizes and oversees special events such as banquets.

Barn Manager

Barn manager cares for and maintains farm animals and facilities.

Batch Mixer

Batch mixer combines ingredients for mass production.

Beauty Specialist

Beauty specialist provides beauty treatments and services to clients.

Bench Jeweler

Bench jeweler designs, fabricates, and repairs jewelry.

Benefits Coordinator

Benefits coordinator administers and assists employees with benefits packages.

Beverage Cart Attendant

Beverage cart attendant provides customer service to golfers on the course.

Big Data Developer

Big data developer designs and develops software to analyze large amounts of data.

Billing Clerk

Billing clerk processes invoices and other billing records.

Billing Manager

Billing manager monitors billing activities and ensures accuracy.


Botones provides assistance to hotel guests with their luggage.

Building Superintendent

Building superintendent oversees the maintenance and upkeep of a building.

Business Analytics Consultant

Business Analytics Consultant analyzes data to help businesses make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence Architect

Business Intelligence Architect designs and implements systems for data warehousing, reporting and analytics for an organization.

Bakery Associate

Bakery Associate prepares and serves bakery goods to customers.

Ballet Teacher

Ballet Teacher teaches ballet technique to students of all ages.

Banking Advisor

Banking Advisor provides advice and financial guidance to customers.

Banking Analyst

Banking Analyst researches and examines financial data for banks and other financial institutions.

Bar Server

Bar Server serves drinks and food to customers in a bar.

Behavioral Health Counselor

Behavioral Health Counselor helps people manage their mental and emotional health.

Billing Analyst

Billing Analyst reviews and processes billing transactions.

Body Shop Estimator

Body Shop Estimator evaluates vehicle damage and prepares repair estimates.

Business Analyst Manager

Business Analyst Manager oversees and coordinates the work of business analysts.

Business Analytics Manager

Business Analytics Manager develops and implements analytics strategies.

Business Development Coordinator

Business Development Coordinator creates and implements business growth strategies.

Business Financial Advisor

Business Financial Advisor provides advice on investments and financial planning.

Business Operations Specialist

Business Operations Specialist coordinates and oversees business operations.

Business Support Manager

Business Support Manager assists with financial, administrative and operational tasks.

Bakery Clerk

Bakery Clerk stocks shelves and assists customers with their orders.

Band Director

Band Director leads practices and performances with a school band.

Bell Attendant

Bell Attendant greets and assists guests in hotels.

Benefits Consultant

Benefits Consultant provides advice on employee benefits and compensation.

Billing Coordinator

Billing Coordinator reviews invoices, creates and sends statements, and tracks payments.

Bim Technician

BIM Technician uses Building Information Modeling software to develop 3D models.

Bioinformatics Scientist

Bioinformatics Scientist develops and applies computational methods for the analysis of biological data.

Booking Assistant

Booking Assistant helps arrange reservations for clients.

Bridge Inspector

Bridge Inspector examines bridges for structural integrity and safety.

Build Project Manager

Build Project Manager oversees the process of building construction and remodeling.

Business Intelligence Specialist

Business Intelligence Specialist creates and implements Business Intelligence strategies.

Business Office Manager

Business Office Manager plans, organizes and manages office operations and procedures.

Business Operations Associate

Business Operations Associate supports and assists in business operations.

Business Recruiter

Business Recruiter connects employers with job seekers to fill job openings.

Business Specialist

Business specialist provides advice and solutions to businesses to help them succeed.

Business Teacher

Business teacher educates students on the principles of business.

Buying Assistant

Buying assistant assists with the purchase of products or services.

Banquet Captain

Banquet captain leads and supervises banquet staff.

Banquet Chef

Banquet chef crafts delicious and attractive menus for banquets.

Bdc Representative

BDC representative manages customer inquiries and works to increase customer satisfaction.

Benefit Analyst

Benefit analyst evaluates benefits packages and recommends changes.

Benefits Analyst

Benefits analyst administers and evaluates employee benefit plans.

Beverage Manager

Beverage manager oversees the ordering and stocking of beverages.

Bid Coordinator

Bid coordinator facilitates the bidding process.

Bindery Operator

Bindery operator sets up and operates binding machines.

Boom Truck Operator

Boom truck operator operates and maintains boom trucks.

Branch Operations Manager

Branch operations manager oversees daily operations of the branch.

Brand Copywriter

Brand copywriter develops creative copy for brands.

Bridal Consultant

Bridal consultant helps customers find the perfect wedding dress.

Building Operator

Building operator maintains building systems.

Business Account Manager

Business account manager builds and maintains relationships with clients.

Business Development Assistant

Business development assistant assists with the planning and implementation of business development initiatives.

Business Development Engineer

Business development engineer evaluates and implements new business opportunities.

Business Solutions Consultant

Business solutions consultant helps organizations develop solutions to their business problems.

Brand Designer

Brand designer creates designs for brands.

Bakery Manager

Bakery manager oversees the production of baked goods.

Bank Examiner

Bank examiner evaluates the financial health of banks.

Banking Specialist

Banking specialist provides tailored banking services for clients.

Bar Supervisor

Bar supervisor oversees the bar staff.

Behavior Intervention Specialist

Behavior intervention specialist works with students to improve behavior.

Bench Scientist

Bench scientist conducts research in a laboratory setting.

Beverage Server

Beverage server serves beverages to customers.

Billing Assistant

Billing assistant processes customer invoices.

Boutique Manager

Boutique manager oversees daily operations within the boutique.

Brand Associate

Brand associate helps promote the brand through marketing and advertising.

Brand Coordinator

Brand coordinator works closely with the brand team to ensure brand consistency.

Breakfast Attendant

Breakfast attendant sets up and serves breakfast to guests.

Breakfast Chef

Breakfast chef prepares breakfast food for guests.

Broadcast Technician

Broadcast technician sets up and operates equipment used in radio and TV broadcasting.

Brokerage Assistant

Brokerage assistant performs administrative tasks related to stock trading.

Broker Assistant

Broker assistant provides support to stockbrokers.

Budget Officer

Budget officer ensures that a business or organization stays within budget.

Building Technician

Building technician performs maintenance and repairs on buildings.

Bus Aide

Bus aide assists school bus drivers in providing a safe ride to students.

Business Development Agent

Business development agent works to increase revenue and promote growth for a business.

Business Development Lead

Business development lead spearheads business development initiatives.

Batch Maker

Batch maker prepares batches of product for manufacturing.

Bilingual Teacher

Bilingual teacher educates students in two languages.

Billing Administrator

Billing administrator processes customer invoices and payments.

Biology Professor

Biology professor teaches college students about biology.

Booking Clerk

Booking clerk makes travel or accommodation arrangements for customers.

Brick And Stone Mason

Brick and stone mason constructs structures out of brick and stone.

Buffet Attendant

Buffet attendant sets up and maintains a buffet area.

Business Operations Executive

Business operations executive oversees the day-to-day operations of a business.

Business Process Associate

Business process associate identifies and improves inefficient business processes.

Business Program Manager

Business program manager oversees multiple projects and ensures they meet deadlines.

Business Solutions Architect

Business solutions architect designs technical solutions for business.

Business Solutions Manager

Business solutions manager oversees the implementation of business solutions.

Business Support Analyst

Business support analyst provides customer service and troubleshoots technical issues.

Business Support Specialist

Business support specialist provides technical and administrative assistance to customers.

Backend Php Developer

Backend PHP Developer builds and maintains back-end components of web applications.

Backend Software Developer

Backend software developer designs, tests and implements software solutions.

Banking Administrator

Banking administrator oversees the operations of a banking institution.

Beach Attendant

Beach attendant ensures the safety and comfort of beach-goers.

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