Jobs Starting with C

Last updated: Mar 10, 2023


Cowboy works with horses to herd livestock.


Coach trains and mentors athletes.


Chiropractor helps align the spine to alleviate pain.


Chemist studies and manipulates chemicals in a laboratory.


Caterer prepares and serves food for special events.


Cleaner keeps buildings neat and tidy.


CNA provides direct care to patients.


Communicator creates and distributes information to the public.


Cook prepares meals for people to enjoy.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaner deep cleans carpets for homes and businesses.


CEO oversees the operations of a company.


Clown brings laughter and joy to audiences.


Counselor provides guidance and advice to individuals in need.


CPA manages finances and prepares tax returns.


Carpenter builds and repairs things with wood.


Carpentry is the craft of building and repairing with wood.


Carrier transports goods by land, sea, or air.


Chef creates flavorful dishes for customers.


Collector recovers debts and tracks payments.


Canvasser visits homes to promote products or services.

Car Dealer

Car dealer sells and services vehicles.

Car Detailer

Car detailer cleans and polishes cars.

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer designs, builds, and maintains infrastructure.

Coffee Roaster

Coffee roaster roasts coffee beans for flavor and freshness.


Comic entertains audiences with jokes and humor.


Conductor leads a musical performance.


Cop enforces laws and protects the public.


Copywriter creates written content for marketing purposes.


Courier transports goods or documents from one place to another.

Customer Service

Customer service provides assistance and support to customers.


Cardiologist diagnoses and treats heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems.


CSR is responsible for handling customer relations.


Captain is in charge of a vessel and the crew onboard.


Companion provides companionship and support to elderly and disabled persons.


Craftsman makes handmade works of art and other objects.


Curator is responsible for the care and management of collections in a museum or library.


Chauffeur drives a passenger vehicle, such as a limousine or taxi.


Concierge provides special services and assistance to guests at a hotel.


Controller oversees the financial activities of a business.


CFO is responsible for the financial strategy of the company.

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Medical Officer leads the medical staff in a healthcare organization.


Clerk assists customers and performs administrative tasks.

Court Clerk

Court Clerk is responsible for providing administrative support to the court system.


CTO oversees the development and implementation of technology for a business.

Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic diagnoses and repairs automotive vehicles.

Community Manager

Community Manager develops, manages and maintains relationships with key stakeholders.


Cosmetologist offers beauty services, such as hair styling and skincare.


Caregiver provides care and support to individuals with special needs.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Certified Nurse Midwife provides maternity care to pregnant women.

Change Manager

Change Manager leads change initiatives in an organization.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer designs and develops processes for making chemicals and other products.


Choreographer creates and arranges dance performances.


Cinematographer is responsible for capturing the images used in films.

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist assesses and treats mental health issues.

Computer Engineer

Computer Engineer designs and develops computer systems.


Conveyancer coordinates property transfers between buyers and sellers.


Cardiologues diagnose and treat heart-related medical conditions, helping to ensure their patients' well-being.

Car Driver

Car driver provides a safe and comfortable transport service.


Cashier processes transactions at a store or other business.

Content Creator

Content creator develops ideas and produces original content for various platforms.

Content Writer

Content writer creates written materials for websites, magazines, and other digital platforms.


Coroner investigates the cause of death in suspicious or unnatural cases.


CRNA administers anesthesia and other medications during medical procedures.

Cake Decorator

Cake decorator adds decorations and icing to cakes for special occasions.


Cartographer creates maps for navigation, for geographical reference, and for other uses.

Cbt Therapist

CBT therapist helps individuals identify and modify dysfunctional thought patterns.


Chairman provides guidance and oversight for an organization.

Cherry Picker

Cherry picker operates a lift truck to pick fruit from trees.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Chief Human Resources Officer manages the human resources department of a company.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmer creates and maintains computer code.


Conservator preserves artifacts and other items of cultural, historical and artistic importance.


Constable serves as a law enforcement officer.

Content Marketer

Content Marketer creates and promotes content to increase brand awareness.

Creative Writer

Creative Writer produces original material for books, plays, movies, television shows, and other creative outlets.

Cabinet Maker

Cabinet Maker builds and installs cabinets, shelving, and other furniture pieces.

Chief Nursing Officer

Chief Nursing Officer oversees the day-to-day operations of a nursing department.


Chiropodist provides diagnosis and treatment for foot-related ailments.


Compositor sets and prepares type for printing in books and other publications.

Construction Worker

Construction worker builds, repairs, and maintains structures such as roads, buildings, and bridges.

Content Manager

Content Manager evaluates, creates, and publishes content across various digital platforms.


Custodian maintains a clean and orderly environment in a variety of settings.

Customer Relations Manager

Customer Relations Officer handles customer inquiries and complaints in a professional manner.

Child Psychologist

Child Psychologist helps children and adolescents cope with mental, emotional, and social issues.

Career Counselor

Career Counselor assists individuals in determining their career goals and provides guidance on how to achieve them.


Carer provides physical, emotional, and social support to individuals who are unable to care for themselves.


Caretaker maintains and repairs residential and commercial properties.


Chaplain provides spiritual guidance and support to a community.

Chief Of Staff

Chief of Staff runs daily operations of an organization and ensures goals are met.

Client Advisor

Client Advisor provides clients with knowledgeable advice and guidance on their financial options.

Client Representative

Client Representative serves as the main point of contact for customer inquiries and manages customer relations.

Coal Miner

Coal Miner extracts coal from beneath the earth's surface with heavy machinery.

Consulting Manager

Consulting Manager provides advice and guidance on key business decisions.

Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax creates and implements tax strategies that maximize an organization's profits.

Cost Accountant

Cost Accountant monitors and analyzes costs and expenditures to ensure organizations operate within their financial budgets.

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative addresses customer needs and resolves customer inquiries in a timely manner.

Case Manager

Case Manager coordinates and manages care plans for individuals with medical and/or social needs.

Construction Manager

Construction Manager plans and oversees construction projects from start to finish.

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate Lawyer provides legal advice to corporations on a variety of topics.

Correctional Officer

Correctional Officer enforces the rules and regulations at a correctional facility.

Correction Officer

Correction Officer supervises the rehabilitation of offenders in correctional institutions.

Child Psychiatrist

Child Psychiatrist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders in children.

Cabinet Designer

Cabinet Designer creates custom cabinetry designs according to customer specifications.

Career Coach

Career Coach assists individuals in finding meaningful employment and developing their career paths.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer oversees the operations of an organization and formulates its overall strategy.

Company Secretary

Company Secretary ensures the efficient running of corporate administration and compliance with relevant law.

Consulting Engineer

Consulting Engineer provides technical advice to businesses and organizations on engineering matters.

Counseling Psychologist

Counseling Psychologist assists individuals in addressing their psychological and emotional issues.

Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager helps customers to successfully utilize products and services.

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Cardiothoracic Surgeon specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and lung diseases.

Cash Manager

Cash Manager oversees an organization's cash flow and manages its financial assets.

Certified Medical Assistant

Certified Medical Assistant performs medical tasks and supports the work of physicians and nurses.

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer designs and implements fitness programs to help clients reach their health goals.

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer oversees the day-to-day operations of an organization.

Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer ensures the successful execution of operations within the organization.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer designs and implements cloud computing solutions.

Coach Sportif

Coach Sportif helps clients achieve their fitness goals through individualized exercise programs.

Commercial Cleaner

Commercial cleaner provides cleaning services for businesses and public spaces.

Creative Designer

Creative designer creates visuals for digital and print media.

Creative Director

Creative director oversees the creative process and provides creative guidance.


Caller conducts telephone-based surveys and other research.

Certified Public Accountant

Certified public accountant provides accounting services, performs audits, and prepares financial statements.

Certified Welding Inspector

Certified welding inspector ensures welding operations are performed safely and efficiently.

Clinical Researcher

Clinical researcher conducts research to improve health care.


Clinician provides patient care, diagnosis, and treatment.

Cloud Architect

Cloud architect designs, builds, and manages cloud-based systems and applications.

Community Developer

Community developer creates programs and initiatives to improve the quality of life in a community.

Compliance Officer

Compliance officer ensures that a company is following the laws and regulations that apply to its operations.

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigator collects evidence, interviews witnesses, and analyzes data.

Customs Broker

Customs broker facilitates the import and export of goods between countries.

Career Advisor

Career advisor provides guidance and advice to individuals on their professional development.

Category Manager

Category manager develops and executes strategies to increase sales and profits in a product category.

Cnc Programmer

CNC programmer designs and tests programs to control machine tools.

Collection Agent

Collection agent recovers debt payments.

Community Health Nurse

Community health nurse provides health care to members of a community.

Computer Operator

Computer operator runs computer applications and programs.

Construction Engineer

Construction engineer oversees construction projects to ensure safety and quality.

Construction Project Manager

Construction project manager plans, organizes, and manages construction projects.

Contract Manager

Contract manager ensures that contracts are properly administered.

Contracts Manager

Contracts manager negotiates and administers contracts.

Court Reporter

Court reporter creates a written record of court proceedings.

Crane Operator

Crane operator operates cranes to lift and move heavy loads.

Cad Designer

CAD designer creates computer-aided designs for products and structures.

Call Center Agent

Call center agent provides customer service and technical support by phone.

Campaign Manager

Campaign manager develops and executes marketing and advertising campaigns.

Certified Nurse Assistant

Certified nurse assistant provides basic patient care and assistance with activities of daily living.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistant provides supportive care to patients in a healthcare setting.

Channel Manager

Channel manager maintains relationships with existing and potential clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Chef De Cuisine

Chef de cuisine is responsible for managing the kitchen staff and developing menus in restaurants.

Chief Architect

Chief architect is responsible for the design and implementation of building plans and structures.

Chief Financial Officer

Chief financial officer is responsible for financial strategies and operations of a company.

Child Life Specialist

Child life specialist supports children and families to cope with the challenges associated with hospitalization and health care.

City Planner

City planner designs, plans and implements urban development projects.

Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical pharmacist provides pharmaceutical care to patients in medical settings.

Commercial Lawyer

Commercial lawyer provides legal advice for businesses and organizations.

Commercial Roofer

Commercial roofer installs and repairs roofs for commercial properties.

Computational Biologist

Computational biologist uses mathematics and computer programming to analyze biological data.

Concrete Cutter

Concrete cutter cuts and removes concrete in construction and renovation projects.

Contact Tracer

Contact tracer gathers and records contacts of people who have been exposed to a contagious disease.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing identifies and monitors the contacts of people who have tested positive for a communicable disease.

Content Strategist

Content strategist creates and implements plans to increase engagement with website content.

Copy Editor

Copy editor corrects errors in written material, improves style and consistency, and ensures accuracy of content.

Cost Controller

Cost controller analyses costs and plans budgets to ensure efficient use of resources.

Costume Designer

Costume designer designs and creates clothing and accessories for theatrical or cinematic productions.

Criminal Investigator

Criminal investigator collects evidence and follows leads to solve crimes.

Curriculum Developer

Curriculum developer produces educational materials and programs to meet students' needs.

Child Advocate

Child advocate represents the best interests of children in court, school and other settings.

Camp Counselor

Camp counselor provides guidance and mentorship to campers in a safe and fun environment.

Carpenter Apprentice

Carpenter apprentice gains knowledge and experience while working under a qualified carpenter.

Certified Pharmacy Technician

Certified pharmacy technician assists pharmacists in preparing and dispensing medications in a pharmacy.

Chief Engineer

Chief engineer is responsible for project design, budgeting, and construction of engineering projects.

Class B Cdl

Class B CDL drivers transport goods and people in vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 pounds or more.

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical research associate works with doctors and researchers to provide patient care and manage clinical trials.

Cnc Operator

CNC operator operates Computer Numerical Control machines to create precision parts.


Colorist applies color correction and color grading to videos and films.


Columnist writes opinion columns for newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Communications Intern

Communications Intern assists with developing and implementing communications strategies.

Communications Manager

Communications Manager directs and manages internal and external communications.

Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager ensures that the organization is adhering to laws and regulations.

Computer Technician

Computer Technician troubleshoots and repairs computer hardware and software.

Concrete Finisher

Concrete Finisher prepares and finishes concrete according to specifications.


Conservationist works to protect and manage the environment and natural resources.

Corporate Accountant

Corporate Accountant maintains financial records for a company.

Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator evaluates materials, labor and other costs associated with a project.

Credit Controller

Credit Controller monitors and collects payments from customers.

Credit Manager

Credit Manager oversees payment and credit terms for customers.

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst assesses and mitigates cyber security risks.

Child Care Provider

Child Care Provider cares for and educates children.

Cargo Agent

Cargo Agent assists in transporting and loading cargo.

Car Salesman

Car Salesman helps customers find the right car and negotiates prices.

Certified Teacher

Certified Teacher provides educational instruction and assessment.

Charge Nurse

Charge Nurse supervises and coordinates patient care.

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer develops and manages an organization's information technology strategy.

Chief Of Police

Chief of Police oversees a police department.

Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer develops and implements technical strategies.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer develops and implements technology strategies.

Childcare Assistant

Childcare Assistant provides support to childcare workers.

City Manager

City Manager oversees the operations of a city or town.

Cnc Machinist

CNC Machinist operates computer numerically controlled machine tools.

Commercial Driver

Commercial Driver transports goods and people safely between locations.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Commercial Real Estate Agent assists clients with buying, selling, and leasing commercial properties.

Communications Designer

Communications Designer creates visual designs for marketing and communications materials.

Community Organizer

Community Organizer works to build and sustain local communities.

Computational Linguist

Computational Linguist develops and applies computer science methods to language data.

Computer Scientist

Computer Scientist researches and develops algorithms and applications.

Control Engineer

Control Engineer designs, modifies and maintains industrial control systems.

Credit Analyst

Credit analyst evaluates credit data to determine creditworthiness.

Curriculum Designer

Curriculum designer develops instructional materials for educational programs.

Customer Experience Manager

Customer experience manager ensures customers have a positive experience with a company.

Case Worker

Case worker provides social services to individuals and families.

Cdl Driver

CDL driver operates large commercial vehicles.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief marketing officer develops the overall marketing strategy for a company.

Claim Adjuster

Claim adjuster investigates and evaluates claims for insurance companies.

Claims Adjuster

Claims adjuster processes and pays out insurance claims.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Clinical nurse specialist provides expert consultation to other nurses.

Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical research coordinator oversees clinical trials.

Clinical Social Worker

Clinical social worker helps people cope with mental and emotional issues.

Combat Engineer

Combat engineer builds structures to support military operations.

Commercial Painter

Commercial painter applies paint to interior and exterior surfaces.

Community Health Worker

Community health worker provides public health education in the community.


Compounder prepares pharmaceuticals according to prescriptions.

Computer Assembler

Computer assembler builds computers according to customer specifications.

Computer Teacher

Computer teacher instructs students on how to use computers.

Concept Artist

Concept artist creates detailed drawings that are used to illustrate ideas.

Control Systems Engineer

Control systems engineer designs and installs computer systems to control industrial processes.

Cost Manager

Cost manager plans and manages budgets.

Critical Care Nurse

Critical care nurse provides advanced nursing care to critically ill patients.

Crm Manager

CRM manager manages customer relationships and develops CRM strategies.

Crossing Guard

Crossing guard assists pedestrians with navigating hazardous roadways.

Customer Service Manager

Customer service manager oversees customer service representatives.

Customer Services Manager

Customer services manager provides customers with product and service information.

Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber security engineer develops and implements security measures for computer networks.

Cycle Counter

Cycle counter keeps track of inventory levels in a warehouse.

Cabinet Installer

Cabinet installer installs cabinets and shelving according to plans.

Cardiovascular Technologist

Cardiovascular technologist performs tests and treatments to diagnose and monitor heart conditions.

Care Coordinator

Care coordinator helps coordinate care for individuals with medical needs.

Career Consultant

Career consultant assists clients to make informed career decisions.

Care Manager

Care manager coordinates and monitors patient care services.

Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Commercial Officer leads the commercial strategy of an organization.

Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer ensures a positive employment experience for all staff.

Chief Revenue Officer

Chief Revenue Officer develops and implements strategies to maximize revenue.

Church Organist

Church organist plays music to enhance the church's services.

City Clerk

City Clerk oversees the records and administrative processes of a city.

Clinical Data Manager

Clinical Data Manager collects and organizes clinical data for reporting and analysis.

Cobol Programmer

COBOL Programmer develops, tests and maintains programs using COBOL language.

College Counselor

College Counselor provides advice and guidance to help students plan their academic and career goals.

Commercial Manager

Commercial Manager is responsible for driving and managing sales activity.

Compliance Auditor

Compliance Auditor evaluates compliance with policies, procedures and regulations.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineer designs, develops and tests computer hardware components.

Construction Estimator

Construction Estimator prepares cost estimates for construction projects.

Content Curator

Content Curator researches and selects content for inclusion in a digital publication.

Content Designer

Content Designer creates and communicates content experiences for digital products.

Contract Administrator

Contract Administrator ensures that all contractual obligations are met.

Contracts Administrator

Contracts Administrator maintains records and negotiates contracts and agreements.

Country Manager

Country Manager develops and implements strategies to increase market share in a particular country.

Credit Associate

Credit Associate evaluates potential credit risks and provides credit services.

Credit Counselor

Credit Counselor provides advice and guidance to help clients manage their financial obligations.

Crew Chief

Crew Chief oversees and coordinates day-to-day activities of a crew.

Crew Member

Crew Member performs duties as assigned to support the crew.

Customer Service Associate

Customer Service Associate responds to customer inquiries and complaints.

Customer Service Work From Home

Customer Service Work from Home assists customers by providing product and service information.

Cyber Security Consultant

Cyber Security Consultant provides advice and guidance on security strategies and implementation.


Cytotechnologist examines cell samples to identify abnormalities in diagnosis and treatment.

Cardiac Sonographer

Cardiac Sonographer uses ultrasound equipment to create images of the heart to diagnose medical conditions.

Care Assistant

Care Assistant helps with everyday tasks such as housekeeping, meal prep, and companionship for those in need.

Care Worker

Care worker provides support and assistance to individuals with special needs.

Casino Dealer

Casino dealer runs and manages casino table games such as blackjack and roulette.

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Administrative Officer oversees the day-to-day operations and management of an organization.

Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer is responsible for the organization's data-related initiatives, strategies, and programs.

Chief Product Officer

Chief Product Officer designs, develops, and delivers innovative products and services.

Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Strategy Officer leads the strategic planning, implementation, and execution of the organization's long-term goals.

Cleaning Technician

Cleaning Technician cleans and maintains structures and equipment.

Client Manager

Client Manager provides customer service, marketing, and business development support.

Client Relationship Manager

Client Relationship Manager builds and maintains relationships with clients.

Client Relations Manager

Client Relations Manager manages the relationships between a company and their clients.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Clinical Laboratory Scientist performs laboratory tests and analyses to diagnose and treat disease.

Cnc Machine Operator

CNC Machine Operator operates computer numerical control (CNC) machines to produce precision parts and products.

Commercial Property Manager

Commercial Property Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of commercial real estate properties.

Compensation Manager

Compensation Manager develops, administers, and maintains compensation programs and policies.

Construction Foreman

Construction Foreman directs and coordinates construction activities on assigned projects.

Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary provides administrative and legal assistance to the organization.

Customer Service Agent

Customer Service Agent provides customer service and assistance to customers.

Customer Service Executive

Customer Service Executive handles customer inquiries, complaints, and issues.

Customer Services Executive

Customer Services Executive ensures the satisfaction of customers with services provided.

Customer Service Trainer

Customer Service Trainer develops, implements, and evaluates customer service training programs.

Car Washer

Car Washer cleans the exterior and interior of vehicles.

Cab Driver

Cab Driver transports passengers for a fee within a specific area or route.

Cad Engineer

CAD Engineer designs products and components using computer aided design (CAD) software.

Certified Dental Assistant

Certified Dental Assistant assists a dentist in providing patient care, taking x-rays, making impressions, and performing other dental procedures.

Certified Surgical Technologist

Certified Surgical Technologist assists in the preparation of patients and operating room for surgical procedures.

City Driver

City Driver drives a truck or other vehicle within a city or metropolitan area.

Clinical Assistant

Clinical Assistant provides assistance to clinical staff with patient care and administrative tasks.

Clinical Associate

Clinical Associate provides direct patient care under the supervision of a physician.

Clinical Nurse

Clinical Nurse provides direct patient care and nursing services.

Clinic Assistant

Clinic Assistant assists in the daily operations of a medical clinic.

Cloud Developer

Cloud developer creates applications and services which are hosted in the cloud.

College Advisor

College advisor provides guidance to students in college admissions and career decisions.

Commercial Director

Commercial director oversees the commercial activities of a company.

Commercial Lender

Commercial lender provides financial services to businesses.

Communications Director

Communications director plans and implements communication strategies.

Communications Officer

Communications officer manages incoming and outgoing communication.

Communications Specialist

Communications specialist designs and implements public relations and media campaigns.

Community Worker

Community worker works to improve the quality of life in a local community.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analyst evaluates, designs, and maintains computer systems.

Conservation Officer

Conservation officer protects natural resources and wildlife.

Construction Consultant

Construction consultant provides advice on construction projects.

Construction Superintendent

Construction superintendent oversees and coordinates building activities.

Content Developer

Content developer creates content for websites, publications, and other platforms.

Content Editor

Content editor reviews and edits content for accuracy and clarity.

Contract Negotiator

Contract negotiator negotiates and drafts contracts.

Cost Engineer

Cost engineer calculates and estimates the costs of a project.

Credit Risk Manager

Credit risk manager assesses and mitigates credit risk.

Customer Support Executive

Customer support executive provides customer service and support.

Cyber Security Specialist

Cyber security specialist secures computer networks and systems.

Camera Operator

Camera operator operates cameras and other recording devices.

Campus Recruiter

Campus recruiter sources and recruits prospective students.

Casual Employee

Casual employee performs casual, short-term tasks.

Center Manager

Center manager runs and maintains a center or facility.

Centre Manager

Centre manager manages staff and operations at a center.

Certified Home Health Aide

Certified home health aide provides personal and health care for the elderly in their homes.

Certified Medication Aide

Certified medication aide administers medications and treatments in health care settings.

Chemistry Tutor

Chemistry tutor teaches chemistry to students.

Chief Accountant

Chief accountant oversees the financial records of an organisation.

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief compliance officer monitors and ensures compliance with laws and regulations.

Clerk Courtesy

Clerk assists with administrative tasks in an office.

Clinical Engineer

Clinical engineer designs and develops medical technology, equipment, and systems to improve patient care.

Clinical Supervisor

Clinical supervisor oversees the operations of a clinical facility and provides guidance to staff.

Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial real estate broker helps clients buy, sell, and lease commercial real estate.

Commercial Sedentaire

Commercial sedentaire researches and identifies customer needs and develops promotional strategies to increase sales.

Commissioning Engineer

Commissioning engineer plans and executes the installation, testing, and commissioning of process plants and systems.

Community Planner

Community planner develops plans for the development of communities and for the use of land.

Compliance Analyst

Compliance analyst assesses and monitors compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

Construction Apprentice

Construction apprentice works under a skilled tradesman to learn the basics of construction.

Content Reviewer

Content reviewer checks content for accuracy and compliance with standards.

Courtesy Clerk

Courtesy clerk assists customers with their purchases in a retail setting.

Court Officer

Court officer enforces court orders and maintains order in courtrooms.

Creative Manager

Creative manager leads a creative team to create successful campaigns and projects.

Creative Producer

Creative producer develops creative concepts and oversees the production of creative projects.

Crime Analyst

Crime analyst collects and evaluates data to identify patterns and trends in criminal activities.

Crm Strategist

CRM Strategist designs and implements customer relationship management strategies to improve customer satisfaction.

Customer Advocate

Customer advocate represents customers in disputes and ensures customer needs are met.

Customer Service Officer

Customer service officer handles customer inquiries and complaints in a professional manner.

Customer Service Specialist

Customer service specialist provides customer service and support to customers.

Cad Drafter

CAD Drafter creates detailed technical drawings to support the design and construction of products.

Cad Technician

CAD Technician assists engineers in the design and development of products using CAD software.

Call Center Representative

Call center representative responds to customer inquiries and resolves customer issues.

Canine Coach

Canine coach trains dogs to perform specific tasks and behaviors.

Care Provider

Care provider assists individuals with daily activities and provides emotional support.

Cargo Handler

Cargo handler unloads and loads cargo from ships, trucks, and other modes of transportation.

Catering Assistant

Catering assistant sets up and serves food at catering events and functions.

Certified Diabetes Educator

Certified diabetes educator provides education and support to individuals with diabetes.

Certified Teacher Online

Certified teacher online delivers instruction to students and provides feedback on their progress.

Cfd Engineer

CFD Engineer designs and develops CFD models to analyze and solve fluid dynamics problems.

Chef Assistant

Chef assistant helps the chef prepare meals and ensures the kitchen is clean and sanitary.

Chief Information Security Officer

Chief Information Security Officer develops and enforces security policies to protect data and systems.

Chief Risk Officer

Chief risk officer identifies and manages the risks associated with an organization's operations.

Chief Security Officer

Chief security officer protects an organization's assets from potential security threats.

Chinese Teacher

Chinese teacher instructs students in the Chinese language and culture.

Civil Project Engineer

Civil project engineer plans and develops projects related to civil engineering.

Claims Manager

Claims manager evaluates and processes claims for an organization.

Claims Processing

Claims processing involves researching and evaluating claims for accuracy and validity.

Claims Processor

Claims processor reviews and processes submitted claims.

Class 1 Driver

Class 1 driver operates large commercial vehicles.

Cleaning Contractor

Cleaning contractor provides professional cleaning services for clients.

Clerical Assistant

Clerical assistant provides administrative and organizational support.

Clerk Grocery

Clerk grocery stocks shelves and assists customers.

Clinical Documentation Specialist

Clinical documentation specialist reviews and manages medical records.

Clinical Manager

Clinical manager oversees the medical staff and procedures of a healthcare facility.

Clinical Medical Assistant

Clinical medical assistant assists physicians and other medical staff with patient care.

Clinical Scientist

Clinical scientist conducts scientific research related to clinical medicine.

Clinic Manager

Clinic manager directs and coordinates the operations of a healthcare clinic.

Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud solution architect designs cloud-based solutions to meet an organization's needs.

Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud solutions architect designs and implements cloud-based solutions.

Cocktail Waitress

Cocktail waitress serves drinks and food to customers in a bar or restaurant.

Commercial Insurance Broker

Commercial insurance broker sells commercial insurance policies to clients.

Community Support Worker

Community support worker provides support and assistance to vulnerable communities.

Complaints Handler

Complaints handler addresses customer complaints in a professional and efficient manner.

Concrete Estimator

Concrete estimator estimates the cost of concrete projects.

Construction Labor

Construction labor performs manual labor on construction sites.

Construction Laborer

Construction laborer performs general labor duties on construction sites.

Construction Scheduler

Construction scheduler plans and organizes construction projects.

Construction Supervisor

Construction supervisor oversees the progress of construction projects.

Construction Surveyor

Construction surveyor measures and maps land for construction projects.

Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing manager creates and distributes content to engage and promote products and services.

Content Producer

Content producer creates, edits, and manages content for digital media.

Contract Attorney

Contract attorney provides legal advice and services related to contracts.

Contract Specialist

Contract specialist manages and administers contracts for an organization.

Contracts Specialist

Contracts specialist drafts and reviews contracts for an organization.

Corporate Counsel

Corporate counsel provides legal advice to an organization.

Corporate Event Planner

Corporate event planner organizes and executes corporate events.

Corporate Trainer

Corporate trainer educates employees on new concepts and processes.

Cpr Instructor

CPR instructor teaches lifesaving techniques.


Criminalist analyzes evidence for criminal investigations.

Crisis Counselor

Crisis counselor provides emotional support during traumatic events.

Curriculum Writer

Curriculum writer designs educational material for students.

Customer Representative

Customer representative assists customers with their inquiries.

Customer Service Advisor

Customer service advisor provides advice and guidance to customers.

Customer Service Assistant

Customer service assistant assists customers with their inquiries.

Customer Services Assistant

Customer services assistant assists customers with their inquiries.

Customer Success Specialist

Customer success specialist helps customers achieve success with the products and services they use.

Customer Support Specialist

Customer support specialist provides technical support to customers.

Cable Assembler

Cable assembler builds and repairs cables and wires.

Career Mentor

Career mentor advises and guides students to successful career paths.

Certified Payroll

Certified payroll specialist processes and verifies payroll information.

Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry teacher educates students on the principles of chemistry.

Chief Development Officer

Chief development officer leads fundraising and development efforts.

Chief Investment Officer

Chief investment officer oversees investment strategies and decisions.

Child Care Worker

Child care worker provides care and supervision to children.

City Administrator

City administrator manages the operations of a city.

City Carrier Assistant

City carrier assistant delivers mail and packages for the Postal Service.

Civil Structural Engineer

Civil structural engineer designs and inspects civil engineering projects.

Classroom Teacher

Classroom teacher instructs students and facilitates learning.

Client Service Manager

Client service manager provides customer service and support to clients.

Client Services Manager

Client services manager provides customer service and support to clients.

Client Success Manager

Client success manager helps clients achieve success with the products and services they use.

Clinical Counsellor

Clinical counsellor provides professional support to help people manage their mental health issues.

Clinical Dietitian

Clinical dietitian creates nutrition plans and educates people on healthy eating habits.

Clinical Therapist

Clinical therapist helps people process and understand their feelings.

Clinical Trial Assistant

Clinical trial assistant supports clinical trials by organizing data, scheduling appointments, and more.

Cloud Consultant

Cloud consultant helps clients use cloud-based technology to maximize their efficiency and productivity.

Code Enforcement Officer

Code enforcement officer ensures that public and private properties comply with local laws and regulations.

Collection Manager

Collection manager organizes and maintains a company's debt collections.

Collection Officer

Collection officer works with customers to recover overdue payments.

Collections Manager

Collections manager oversees all aspects of the collections process.

Collections Officer

Collections officer contacts debtors to arrange payment plans.

Commodity Manager

Commodity manager procures goods and services to support a business.

Commodity Trader

Commodity trader buys and sells goods in order to turn a profit.

Community Association Manager

Community association manager coordinates the day-to-day operations of a community association.

Compliance Specialist

Compliance specialist ensures that a company is operating within laws, regulations, and guidelines.

Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialist provides technical assistance to computer users.

Construction Accountant

Construction accountant prepares financial documents and reports related to construction projects.

Construction Labourer

Construction labourer performs manual labour such as digging and carrying materials.

Consulting Architect

Consulting architect provides advice and feedback on architectural designs.

Content Specialist

Content specialist creates content for websites, blogs, and other platforms.

Control Room Operator

Control room operator monitors and manages the operations of a facility.

Corporate Attorney

Corporate attorney provides legal advice to businesses and represents them in court.

Corporate Recruiter

Corporate recruiter identifies and attracts potential employees to the company.

Corporate Travel Agent

Corporate travel agent arranges and coordinates travel for businesses.

Counter Sales

Counter sales assists customers with product selection and purchase.

Courier Driver

Courier driver delivers packages and other items from one location to another.

Creative Developer

Creative developer combines creative design skills with software development expertise.

Credentialing Specialist

Credentialing specialist verifies that healthcare professionals meet certain qualifications.

Credit Officer

Credit officer evaluates credit applications and sets credit limits.

Crime Scene Technician

Crime scene technician gathers evidence, photographs the scene, and more.

Customer Assistant

Customer assistant provides customer support, resolves customer issues, and ensures customer satisfaction.

Customer Care Representative

Customer Care Representative provides customer support and assistance.

Customer Experience Specialist

Customer Experience Specialist focuses on providing excellent customer service.

Customer Relations Executive

Customer Relations Executive builds relationships with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Executive

Customer Relationship Executive works to ensure customer relationships are maintained.

Customer Service Support

Customer Service Support provides technical and customer service assistance to customers.

Cyber Security Architect

Cyber Security Architect designs, develops and implements security measures for computer systems.

Cyber Security Manager

Cyber Security Manager oversees security measures to protect computer systems from cyber attacks.

Child Caregiver

Child Caregiver looks after and provides care to children.

Care Taker

Care Taker provides care and support to individuals who require assistance.

Child Care Assistant

Child Care Assistant assists the primary Child Caregiver in the day-to-day care of children.

Cad Operator

CAD Operator creates and manipulates computer-aided design (CAD) files.

Call Center Customer Service

Call Center Customer Service responds to customer inquiries and provides customer support.

Catering Manager

Catering Manager plans and coordinates catering services for events.

Cement Finisher

Cement Finisher uses a variety of tools to finish and texture concrete surfaces.

Certified Nurse Aide

Certified Nurse Aide assists patients with healthcare needs and personal care activities.

Certified Phlebotomy Technician

Certified Phlebotomy Technician collects and processes blood samples for laboratory testing.

Certified Professional Coder

Certified Professional Coder reviews medical records to accurately assign codes for billing.

Change Management Consultant

Change Management Consultant works with clients to identify change needs and manage the transition process.

Chemical Technician

Chemical Technician performs laboratory tests and analyses to ensure the quality of chemical products.

Childcare Worker

Childcare Worker provides care and guidance to children in a safe and nurturing environment.

Chiropractic Assistant

Chiropractic Assistant assists chiropractors in providing patient care.

City Engineer

City Engineer designs and oversees the construction of engineering projects for a municipality.

Civil Design Engineer

Civil Design Engineer designs, develops and evaluates plans for civil engineering projects.

Civil Designer

Civil Designer drafts plans for civil engineering projects.

Civil Engineering Technologist

Civil Engineering Technologist assists with the design and construction of civil engineering projects.

Class A Driver

Class A Driver operates commercial motor vehicles to transport cargo and goods.

Cleaning Manager

Cleaning Manager oversees and coordinates staff responsible for cleaning and maintaining a facility.

Client Service Associate

Client Service Associate manages client accounts and provides customer service.

Client Services Associate

Client Services Associate provides customer service and support to clients.

Clinical Coordinator

Clinical Coordinator works with healthcare professionals to coordinate patient care.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Clinical Execise Physiologist designs and implements exercise programs to improve patient's physical wellness.

Clinical Laboratory Technician

Clinical Laboratory Technician performs laboratory tests on patient samples for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Clinical Lab Scientist

Clinical Lab Scientist examines and tests body fluids, tissue, and other substances to diagnose or treat disease.

Clinical Research Assistant

Clinical Research Assistant assists in the setup, conduct, and reporting of clinical research studies.

Clinical Research Nurse

Clinical Research Nurse provides nursing care to patients participating in research studies.

Clinical Specialist

Clinical Specialist provides expertise on the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

Clinical Trial Manager

Clinical Trial Manager plans and oversees clinical trials to assess the effectiveness and safety of experimental treatments.

Clothing Outfitter

Clothing outfitter helps customers find the right clothes and accessories to suit their individual style and needs.

Collection Specialist

Collections Specialist collects payments and resolves delinquent accounts.

Collections Specialist

Communications Consultant provides expert advice to help organizations communicate effectively.

Communications Consultant

Community Associate facilitates engagement and connection between members of a community.

Community Associate

Construction Inspector inspects construction projects to ensure they meet building codes and regulations.

Construction Inspector

Contractor provides services or supplies to a company or individual as per an agreed-upon contract.


Corporate Controller oversees the accounting department and related financial activities of an organization.

Corporate Controller

Court Interpreter translates spoken and written language in legal proceedings.

Court Interpreter

Creative Strategist develops innovative and effective strategies for marketing and communication initiatives.

Creative Strategist

Credit Risk Analyst assesses and evaluates credit risks for individuals and businesses.

Credit Risk Analyst

CT Technologist operates CT scanners to capture cross-sectional, high-resolution images of the body.

Ct Technologist

Customer Advisor provides advice to customers on products, services, and other related issues.

Customer Advisor

Customer Service Call Center provides customer service, sales, and technical support over the phone.

Customer Service Call Center

Customer Service Consultant develops and implements customer service strategies for organizations.

Customer Service Consultant

Customer Success Associate builds relationships with customers and helps them get the most value out of a product or service.

Customer Success Associate

Call Center Manager oversees all operational activities in a call center.

Call Center Manager

Category Analyst analyzes product categories to determine optimal placement and pricing.

Category Analyst

CG Animator creates animated visuals using computers and specialized software.

Cg Animator

Character Artist designs and creates characters for video games, movies, and other media.

Character Artist

Chartered Secretary helps companies meet governance and legal compliance requirements.

Chartered Secretary

Chief Communications Officer leads an organization's internal and external communication strategies.

Chief Communications Officer

Chief communications officer is responsible for setting, executing and maintaining the organization's communications strategy.

Civil Engineering Technician

Civil engineering technician works with engineers to plan, design and inspect civil engineering projects.

Claim Specialist

Claim specialist investigates insurance claims and determines the amount of coverage owed.

Claims Specialist

Claims specialist processes and evaluates insurance claims and decides whether the claim should be approved or denied.

Cleaning Crew

Cleaning crew is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the premises of an organization or business.

Cleaning Staff

Cleaning staff ensures the cleanliness of a business or organization by performing general cleaning duties.

Clinical Consultant

Clinical consultant uses their knowledge and expertise to provide guidance to health care professionals.

Clinical Data Analyst

Clinical data analyst reviews, interprets and evaluates clinical data to provide insights into patient care plans.

Clinical Educator

Clinical educator develops and delivers educational programs to healthcare professionals and patients.

Clinical Instructor

Clinical instructor provides instruction in the clinical setting to healthcare students and medical professionals.

Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud security engineer designs, implements and maintains secure cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Support Engineer

Cloud support engineer provides technical assistance and troubleshooting for cloud computing solutions.

Cmm Programmer

CMM programmer develops and maintains computer programs to operate Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Co Manager

Co manager oversees daily operations alongside the main manager and assists with making decisions.

Commercial Analyst

Commercial analyst researches market trends and provides insights and analysis to inform business decisions.

Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

Commercial real estate appraiser assesses the value of commercial real estate properties.

Commodity Buyer

Commodity buyer sources and purchases products for an organization to use in production or resell.

Communications Coordinator

Communications coordinator creates and implements initiatives to promote a company or organization's message.

Community Liaison

Community liaison works to build relationships between organizations, businesses and the local community.

Community Service Officer

Community service officer works to improve the quality of life in their community by enforcing laws and regulations.

Compensation Analyst

Compensation analyst researches and analyses jobs, salaries and benefits to ensure fair and competitive pay.

Compliance Consultant

Compliance consultant provides advice and guidance to help organizations meet relevant regulations and laws.

Computer Analyst

Computer analyst designs and maintains computer systems, networks and databases to meet organizational needs.

Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineer develops and implements algorithms to enable computers to interpret visual data.

Construction Carpenter

Construction carpenter builds and repair wooden structures such as walls, floors and roofs of buildings.

Construction Painter

Construction painter applies paint and other finishes to the interior and exterior of buildings.

Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialist develops content and promotional materials to increase brand visibility and engagement.

Continuous Improvement Manager

Continuous improvement manager identifies areas of improvement and implements changes to increase efficiency.

Contract Designer

Contract designer creates visual layouts, designs and illustrations to be used in company or client contracts.

Corporate Pilot

Corporate pilot operates aircraft for business executives and other personnel in a corporate environment.

Corrosion Engineer

Corrosion engineer develops strategies to prevent corrosion and identify materials that are resistant to corrosion.


Cosmetician provides beauty treatments to clients.

Cosmetic Injector

Cosmetic injector administers medical cosmetic treatments to clients.

Court Administrator

Court administrator manages the administrative activities of the court.

Creative Copywriter

Creative copywriter writes advertising or promotional text for various media.

Creative Project Manager

Creative project manager plans, organizes and executes creative projects.

Credit Specialist

Credit specialist assesses, reviews and manages credit applications.

Credit Underwriter

Credit underwriter evaluates, approves and monitors credit risk.

Crm Specialist

CRM specialist maintains and implements customer relationship management systems.

Customer Care Specialist

Customer care specialist assists customers in resolving their issues.

Customer Engineer

Customer engineer installs and troubleshoots customer products.

Customer Service Professional

Customer service professional provides assistance to customers.

Customer Support Representative

Customer support representative provides technical support to clients.

Child Care Teacher

Child care teacher provides care and education to children.

Commercial Banker

Commercial banker provides financial services to businesses.

Cabinet Finisher

Cabinet finisher applies coats of varnish, paint, or other finishes to cabinets.

Cable Technician

Cable technician installs and repairs cables for communication systems.

C Developer

C Developer creates software applications using the C programming language.

Certified Dietary Manager

Certified dietary manager plans and coordinates meal planning and preparation.

Chemical Process Engineer

Chemical process engineer designs and oversees chemical processes.

Chief Diversity Officer

Chief diversity officer develops and implements diversity strategies.

Chief Learning Officer

Chief learning officer oversees the organization's learning and development.

Clerk Deli

Clerk deli provides customer service and stocks the deli with food.

Clerk Produce

Clerk produce assists customers, stocks shelves and rotates produce stock.

Client Associate

Client associate supports the client-related activities of a financial services firm.

Client Service Representative

Client service representative provides customer service to clients.

Client Services Representative

Client services representative manages client accounts and provides customer support.

Clinical Director

Clinical director provides leadership and guidance to clinical staff.

Clinical Project Manager

Clinical project manager plans, organizes and oversees clinical projects.

Clinical Technician

Clinical technician performs laboratory tests and procedures on patients.

Cloud Data Engineer

Cloud data engineer designs, develops and maintains data systems in the cloud.

Communications Assistant

Communications assistant helps to plan, coordinate, and execute communications and marketing activities.

Company Driver

Company driver transports goods, materials, and people safely from point A to point B.

Component Engineer

Component engineer designs and tests components for use in industrial applications.

Computer Science Tutor

Computer science tutor provides one-on-one teaching of computer science concepts and programming languages.

Concrete Worker

Concrete worker specializes in preparing, pouring, and finishing concrete surfaces.

Construction Administrator

Construction administrator ensures projects are completed on time and within budget.

Consulting Analyst

Consulting analyst provides data-driven business advice to clients.

Container Unloader

Container unloader moves goods from shipping containers to storage or truck beds.

Contract Recruiter

Contract recruiter locates and screens job candidates for employers.

Creative Technologist

Creative technologist develops technology solutions that are both creative and functional.

Crm Developer

CRM developer builds and maintains customer relationship management systems.

Customer Experience Associate

Customer experience associate provides excellent customer service and support.

Customer Service Coordinator

Customer service coordinator coordinates customer service activities and resolves customer issues.

Customer Support Associate

Customer support associate provides technical support to customers.

Computer Repair Technician

Computer repair technician repairs and maintains computer hardware and software.

Calibration Technician

Calibration technician calibrates measuring equipment used in industrial settings.

Campaign Marketing Manager

Campaign marketing manager plans and implements marketing strategies for campaigns.

Car Porter

Car porter cleans and services vehicles.

Cart Attendant

Cart attendant collects carts from customers and assists with shopping needs.

Case Packer

Case packer packs and seals products into packages.

C Engineer

C engineer develops software using the C programming language.

Central Service Technician

Central service technician sterilizes medical equipment.

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Certified occupational therapy assistant assists with the rehabilitation of injured and disabled patients.

Certified Plumber

Certified plumber installs, repairs, and maintains plumbing systems.

Channel Marketing Manager

Channel marketing manager develops and implements marketing plans for a product channel.

Chemical Operator

Chemical operator operates chemical processing and production equipment.

Child And Youth Worker

Child and youth worker provides support and guidance to children and adolescents.

Church Administrator

Church administrator manages the day-to-day operations of a church.

City Attorney

City attorney provides legal advice to municipal governments and represents them in court.

Clerk General

Clerk general provides administrative support to an office or organization.

Client Advocate

Client Advocate assists clients with their needs and provides them with support.

Client Partner

Client Partner works to develop relationships with clients and help them find solutions to their issues.

Client Service Officer

Client Service Officer is responsible for providing customer service and helping to resolve customer inquiries.

Client Services Executive

Client Services Executive oversees customer service teams and assists with customer inquiries.

Client Services Officer

Client Services Officer provides customer support and handles customer complaints.

Clinical Application Specialist

Clinical Application Specialist works to develop and support medical applications and software.

Clinical Applications Specialist

Clinical Applications Specialist evaluates and tests medical software and applications.

Clinical Liaison

Clinical Liaison serves as a bridge between medical staff and patients.

Clinical Sas Programmer

Clinical SAS Programmer designs software for clinical data analysis.

Cloud Devops Engineer

Cloud DevOps Engineer manages cloud-based applications and platforms.

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer builds and maintains cloud-based systems.

Coach Agile

Coach Agile helps organizations improve their processes and increase efficiency.

Cocktail Server

Cocktail Server serves drinks to customers.

Collection Assistant

Collection Assistant assists with collecting debts and maintaining accounts.

Commercial Assistant

Commercial Assistant provides administrative support to a business or organization.

Commercial Itinerant

Commercial Itinerant travels between offices to provide customer service and sales support.

Community Health Educator

Community Health Educator works to promote health education in the community.

Compensation Consultant

Compensation Consultant advises employers on compensation strategies and programs.

Compliance Engineer

Compliance Engineer ensures that companies comply with regulations and standards.

Computer Science Teacher

Computer Science Teacher educates students on computer science concepts.

Contact Center Agent

Contact Center Agent provides customer service to clients over the phone.

Contact Centre Agent

Contact Centre Agent provides customer service to clients over the phone.

Content Analyst

Content Analyst reviews, evaluates, and analyzes content.

Control And Automation Engineer

Control and Automation Engineer designs and develops automated systems.

Cost Analyst

Cost Analyst assesses and manages expenses.

Counter Manager

Counter Manager supervises and coordinates customer service activities.

Criminal Intelligence Analyst

Criminal Intelligence Analyst gathers and analyzes data for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Crm Analyst

CRM Analyst monitors customer data and assists with customer relationship management.

Crm Executive

CRM Executive develops strategies and plans for customer relationship management.

Curatorial Assistant

Curatorial Assistant assists with managing and maintaining the collection of an art gallery or museum.

Custodial Worker

Custodial worker provides cleaning and maintenance services to keep buildings and other spaces in order.

Customer Care Manager

Customer Care Manager coordinates customer service activities and ensures customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Agent

Customer experience agent provides exceptional customer service to ensure customer loyalty.

Customer Service Supervisor

Customer service supervisor oversees customer service representatives and ensures customer satisfaction.

Customer Support Engineer

Customer support engineer solves technical issues for customers and provides technical support.

Customer Support Manager

Customer support manager manages customer support staff and ensures customer satisfaction.

Cabinet Assembler

Cabinet assembler puts together cabinets according to plans and specifications.

Call Center Operator

Call center operator answers customer inquiries and assists with customer issues.

Casino Host

Casino host provides superior customer service to casino patrons.

Catering Server

Catering server serves guests food and beverages at events and functions.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Certified veterinary technician provides medical care to animals under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Channel Sales Manager

Channel sales manager develops and manages sales channels to increase revenue.

Choir Director

Choir director leads and instructs a choir and coordinates performances.

Civil Drafter

Civil drafter creates technical drawings and plans for civil engineering projects.

Civil Foreman

Civil foreman supervises and leads a civil construction crew.

Claim Analyst

Claim analyst investigates and evaluates insurance claims.

Claims Administrator

Claims administrator manages and processes insurance claims.

Claims Analyst

Claims analyst evaluates claims and recommends appropriate courses of action.

Claims Associate

Claims associate processes and investigates insurance claims.

Classroom Assistant

Classroom assistant supports teachers and assists students in the classroom.

Cleaning Supervisor

Cleaning supervisor directs and oversees the work of cleaning personnel.

Client Accounting Manager

Client accounting manager oversees client accounting operations and ensures accuracy.

Client Account Manager

Client account manager builds strong relationships with clients and maintains account records.

Client Service Coordinator

Client service coordinator handles customer inquiries and resolves customer issues.

Client Service Director

Client service director develops and implements strategies for providing excellent customer service.

Client Services Coordinator

Client services coordinator assists clients with inquiries and service requests.

Client Services Director

Client services director plans and implements strategies to improve customer service.

Clinical Analyst

Clinical analyst designs and develops clinical applications and databases.

Clinical Informatics Specialist

Clinical informatics specialist develops clinical information systems and ensures data accuracy.

Clinical Laboratory Technologist

Clinical laboratory technologist performs medical tests and analyses to aid physicians in diagnosis and treatment.

Clinical Nurse Educator

Clinical nurse educator teaches and trains nurses and other medical professionals in clinical practices.

Clinical Operations Manager

Clinical operations manager oversees operations in a clinical healthcare environment.

Clinical Trial Associate

Clinical trial associate assists in the coordination of clinical trials.

Clinic Receptionist

Clinic receptionist greets and assists patients and visitors at a medical clinic.

Cloud Network Engineer

Cloud network engineer designs, creates, and maintains cloud networks.

Cobol Developer

COBOL developer creates applications and solutions using the COBOL programming language.

College Instructor

College instructor teaches and mentors college students.

Commercial Executive

Commercial executive develops, manages, and oversees commercial operations.

Commercial Project Manager

Commercial project manager plans, coordinates, and oversees commercial projects.

Commercial Underwriter

Commercial underwriter evaluates risk and insurance policies for businesses.

Community Director

Community director leads and manages community initiatives.

Compliance Coordinator

Compliance coordinator ensures compliance with internal and external regulations.

Construction Flagger

Construction flagger directs traffic around construction sites.

Continuing Care Assistant

Continuing care assistant provides support and assistance to people with long-term health needs.

Contract Analyst

Contract analyst evaluates contracts for accuracy and completeness.

Contracts Analyst

Contracts analyst manages and administers contracts.

Co Op Engineer

Co-op engineer works on engineering projects in cooperation with an employer.

Corporate Communications Manager

Corporate communications manager creates effective communication strategies for a company.

Corporate Paralegal

Corporate paralegal provides legal support to corporate lawyers.

Cost Consultant

Cost consultant evaluates and advises on cost effectiveness of projects.

Creative Content Writer

Creative content writer creates engaging content for websites, blogs, and other digital media.

Creative Lead

Creative lead drives creative concepts, strategies, and executions.

Customer Care Agent

Customer care agent assists customers with inquiries, orders, and complaints.

Customer Sales Representative

Customer sales representative sells products or services to customers.

Customer Service Analyst

Customer service analyst analyzes customer data and finds solutions to customer problems.

Customer Success Director

Customer success director oversees customer success initiatives and strategies.

Customer Success Engineer

Customer success engineer provides technical assistance to customers.

Customer Success Executive

Customer success executive manages customer relationships and ensures customer satisfaction.

Customer Support Agent

Customer support agent assists customers with product-related inquiries.

Cytogenetic Technologist

Cytogenetic technologist examines and analyzes chromosomes to diagnose genetic disorders.

Cafeteria Worker

Cafeteria worker prepares and serves meals to customers.

Capture Manager

Capture manager oversees the capture process for buying new products or services.

Care Aide

Care aide provides support and care to individuals in need.

Cargo Driver

Cargo driver transports goods from point A to point B.

Car Wash Attendant

Car wash attendant cleans cars to a high standard.

Case Picker

Case picker is responsible for picking and packing orders.

Casino Manager

Casino manager manages the staff and operations of a casino.

Certified Athletic Trainer

Certified athletic trainer helps athletes prevent and manage injuries.

Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

Certified ophthalmic assistant assists ophthalmologists in examining and treating patients.

Certified Recovery Specialist

Certified recovery specialist supports people in their journey to recovery.

Change Consultant

Change consultant helps organizations develop strategies for successful change management.

Chef Manager

Chef manager oversees the daily operations of a kitchen and staff.

Chemical Analyst

Chemical analyst conducts tests to determine the chemical composition of various materials.

Chemical Dependency Counselor

Chemical dependency counselor provides support and guidance to people facing addiction.

Claim Representative

Claim representative assesses and processes insurance claims.

Claims Handler

Claims handler reviews and processes claims for an insurance company.

Claims Representative

Claims representative investigates insurance claims to determine validity and amount of payout.

Class B Driver

Class B driver operates vehicles with a Gross Combination Weight Rating of up to 26,000 pounds.

Clerk Bakery

Clerk bakery assists customers at the bakery counter and stocks shelves.

Clerk Typist

Clerk typist produces typed documents from handwritten or audio sources.

Client Executive

Client executive is a senior advisor to clients on business issues.

Client Service Specialist

Client service specialist ensures customer satisfaction with a product or service.

Client Services Specialist

Client services specialist provides customer service to clients.

Client Solutions Manager

Client solutions manager creates solutions tailored to a client's individual needs.

Climbing Arborist

Climbing arborist inspects, prunes, and maintains trees and other vegetation.

Clinical Administrator

Clinical administrator plans and directs clinical services in a healthcare setting.

Clinical Lab Technician

Clinical lab technician performs tests to analyze body fluids and tissue samples.

Clinical Lead

Clinical lead coordinates and supervises daily clinical operations in a healthcare setting.

Clinical Research Manager

Clinical research manager develops and implements clinical research protocols.

Coating Inspector

Coating inspector evaluates the quality of materials used in coatings and paints.

Commercial Gas Engineer

Commercial gas engineer installs and services gas-related equipment and appliances.

Communications Advisor

Communications advisor provides strategic advice and support for communication activities.

Communications Associate

Communications associate assists in developing and executing communications plans.

Communications Technician

Communications technician builds and maintains communications networks.

Communication Technician

Communication technician provides technical assistance to customers in broadcasting and telecommunications.

Community Coordinator

Community coordinator develops and implements community-based initiatives.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Community outreach coordinator facilitates community partnerships and outreach programs.

Compliance Administrator

Compliance administrator oversees and enforces compliance with regulations and policies.

Compliance Associate

Compliance associate monitors and reports on compliance with internal and external requirements.

Computer Network Technician

Computer network technician designs and installs local and wide area networks.

Console Operator

Console operator manages, monitors and controls computer systems.

Construction Coordinator

Construction coordinator oversees contractors, vendors and subcontractors.

Construction Helper

Construction helper assists in the building, maintenance and repair of structures.

Construction Project Coordinator

Construction project coordinator organizes and coordinates construction projects.

Construction Safety Officer

Construction safety officer ensures the safety of personnel, equipment and materials on the worksite.

Contact Center Manager

Contact center manager oversees staff, operations and customer service in a call center.

Content Coordinator

Content coordinator creates, edits and publishes content for various platforms.

Content Copywriter

Content copywriter develops text for websites, articles and other publications.

Continuous Improvement Engineer

Continuous improvement engineer evaluates and improves organizational processes and systems.

Contract Driver

Contract driver transports goods and people on a contractual basis.

Corporate Finance Manager

Corporate finance manager oversees the financial activities of an organization.

Corporate Financial Analyst

Corporate financial analyst performs financial analysis and modeling for a company.

Corporate Sales Manager

Corporate sales manager leads a team of sales professionals to achieve goals.

Cover Supervisor

Cover supervisor provides day-to-day classroom supervision in schools.

Credit Clerk

Credit clerk processes customer payments, refunds and credits.

Crew Lead

Crew lead supervises and coordinates a team of workers.

Crew Leader

Crew leader directs and monitors the activities of a work crew.

Crm Administrator

CRM administrator manages customer relationships and data in a CRM system.

Curriculum Specialist

Curriculum specialist designs, develops and evaluates curricula.

Customer Consultant

Customer consultant provides helpful advice and solutions to customers.

Customer Service Administrator

Customer service administrator provides support to customers with their queries and complaints.

Customer Service Director

Customer service director leads the customer service team and develops customer service plans.

Customer Service Engineer

Customer service engineer designs, develops and implements customer service solutions.

Customer Service Team Lead

Customer service team lead manages and coordinates customer service team members.

Customer Service Team Leader

Customer service team leader provides guidance to customer service staff and ensures their goals are met.

Cabin Cleaner

Cabin cleaner cleans and maintains cabins and other areas within a hospitality setting.

Capital Project Manager

Capital project manager oversees large scale projects and ensures they are completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Cash Application Specialist

Cash application specialist applies customer payments to their accounts.

Category Specialist

Category specialist researches, evaluates and develops strategies for a specific product or service category.

Catering Chef

Catering chef creates and prepares culinary dishes for special occasions.

Certified Health Care Aide

Certified health care aide provides basic care and assistance to patients.

Certified Surgical Technician

Certified surgical technician assists with surgical procedures and patient care before, during and after surgery.

Channel Account Manager

Channel account manager builds and maintains relationships with partners to increase sales.

Cheerleading Coach

Cheerleading coach leads and instructs a cheerleading squad.

Chemistry Professor

Chemistry professor teaches and helps students understand the principles of chemistry.

Childcare Teacher

Childcare teacher provides care and education to young children.

Civil Engineering Intern

Civil engineering intern works alongside experienced civil engineers to gain hands-on experience.

Civil Laborer

Civil laborer performs manual labor to construct and maintain roads, buildings, bridges and other infrastructure.

Claim Examiner

Claim examiner reviews claims for accuracy and verifies insurance coverage.

Claims Examiner

Claims examiner evaluates and processes insurance claims.

Class A Cdl Driver

Class A CDL driver safely operates a commercial vehicle.

Client Relationship Executive

Client relationship executive builds and maintains relationships with key clients to promote customer retention.

Clinical Care Coordinator

Clinical care coordinator manages patient care plans and coordinates care among healthcare professionals.

Clinical Data Coordinator

Clinical data coordinator collects and maintains patient data and information.

Cloud Operations Engineer

Cloud operations engineer is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of cloud systems.

Cloud Security Architect

Cloud security architect develops, designs and implements security measures for cloud systems.

Cloud Software Engineer

Cloud software engineer designs, tests and builds applications for cloud platforms.

Cloud Specialist

Cloud specialist administers, configures and troubleshoots cloud systems.

Cnc Lathe Programmer

CNC lathe programmer creates and tests programs for computer numerical control (CNC) lathe machines.

Collateral Specialist

Collateral specialist evaluates and monitors the risk related to loan collateral.

Collections Driver

Collections driver is responsible for the pick up and delivery of payments from customers.

Collision Estimator

Collision estimator evaluates the damage to a vehicle for insurance purposes.

Commercial Finance Manager

Commercial finance manager oversees the financial aspects of commercial transactions.

Commissioning Manager

Commissioning manager ensures that systems are installed, tested and working as specified.

Communications Strategist

Communications strategist develops and implements effective communication plans.

Community Ambassador

Community ambassador builds relationships between the company and its local stakeholders.

Community Engagement Coordinator

Community engagement coordinator organizes activities and events to raise awareness of the company.

Community Engagement Manager

Community engagement manager builds relationships between the company and its local stakeholders.

Companion Caregiver

Companion caregiver provides companionship and support to elderly and disabled individuals.

Compliance Assistant

Compliance assistant assists with maintaining and monitoring compliance with regulations.

Composite Technician

Composite technician fabricates and repairs composite materials for various applications.

Concrete Pump Operator

Concrete pump operator operates large pumps to transport concrete over long distances.

Condominium Manager

Condominium manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a condominium.

Construction Director

Construction director manages the process of planning, development, and construction of projects.

Construction Project Engineer

Construction project engineer supports the engineering and construction of projects.

Construction Site Supervisor

Construction site supervisor supervises the activities of construction personnel at a job site.

Construction Technician

Construction technician performs tests and inspects construction sites and materials.

Controls Technician

Controls technician installs, services, and repairs equipment used to control processes.

Corporate Accounting Manager

Corporate accounting manager oversees the financial activities of the organization.

Corporate Account Manager

Corporate account manager develops relationships with customers and works to meet their needs.

Corporate Receptionist

Corporate receptionist greets visitors, answers calls, and performs administrative duties.

Creative Assistant

Creative assistant supports the creative process by conducting research and managing projects.

Credit Administrator

Credit administrator processes customer credit applications and manages credit limits.

Crew Manager

Crew manager coordinates the activities of crew members involved in a production.

Customer Account Manager

Customer account manager provides support for customers throughout the purchase and delivery process.

Customer Engagement Manager

Customer engagement manager works to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Experience Analyst

Customer experience analyst collects and analyzes customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

Customer Success Analyst

Customer success analyst provides support to customers to ensure their success with the product.

Customer Success Operations Manager

Customer success operations manager ensures the customer success team is working efficiently and effectively.

Call Center Supervisor

Call center supervisor monitors and evaluates the performance of call center staff.

Call Center Team Lead

Call center team lead oversees the daily operations of a call center and provides guidance to team members.

Call Center Team Leader

Call center team leader supervises the activities of a call center team and ensures customer satisfaction.

Carpenter Helper

Carpenter helper assists carpenters with construction projects and tasks.

Carpenters Helper

Carpenters helper supports carpenters with carpentry work, including measuring, cutting, and assembling materials.

Case Investigator

Case investigator collects evidence, gathers facts, and interviews witnesses to determine the authenticity of legal claims.

Catalog Manager

Catalog manager develops and maintains catalogs, databases, and product lists for a company's products and services.

Certified Nursing Assistant Cna

Certified nursing assistant (CNA) provides basic care and assistance to patients in a healthcare setting.

Certified Technician

Certified technician performs maintenance, repairs, and tests on various types of equipment and machinery.

Change Analyst

Change analyst evaluates the impact of planned changes and suggests strategies to ensure successful implementation.

Charter Pilot

Charter pilot flies passengers and cargo to destinations according to schedule and customer requests.

Chemical Lab Technician

Chemical lab technician conducts experiments, tests, and analyses in a laboratory setting.

Chemical Plant Operator

Chemical plant operator oversees the operation of chemical plants and ensures that safety protocols are followed.

Cisco Network Engineer

Cisco network engineer designs, implements, and maintains computer networks based on Cisco products and technologies.

Class 3 Driver

Class 3 driver operates vehicles of a certain size, weight, and class according to established safety standards.

Cleaning Specialist

Cleaning specialist cleans and maintains residential and commercial buildings to ensure a sanitary environment.

Client Care Coordinator

Client care coordinator provides support to clients by responding to inquiries, troubleshooting issues, and resolving problems.

Client Coordinator

Client coordinator coordinates client projects, meetings, and presentations to ensure that tasks are completed according to schedule.

Client Lead

Client lead manages the relationship between a company and its clients by providing support and resolving any issues.

Client Relations Specialist

Client relations specialist builds relationships with clients and provides customer service to ensure satisfaction.

Client Support Specialist

Client support specialist provides technical support to clients to ensure their systems and applications are operational.

Clinical Nurse Manager

Clinical nurse manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a nursing unit in a healthcare setting.

Clinical Research Scientist

Clinical research scientist designs, implements, and evaluates clinical trials to advance medical knowledge.

Cloud Application Architect

Cloud application architect designs, develops, and implements cloud-based applications that meet business requirements.

Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Cloud infrastructure architect designs and implements cloud computing systems and networks for businesses.

Cloud Systems Engineer

Cloud systems engineer designs, implements, and maintains cloud-based systems and applications.

Coding Specialist

Coding specialist reviews, organizes, and codes patient medical records according to established guidelines.

Coffee Shop Manager

Coffee shop manager oversees daily operations of a coffee shop, including staff management, inventory, and customer service.

Collection Analyst

Collection analyst contacts customers and negotiates payment arrangements to ensure collection of past-due accounts.

Collections Analyst

Collections analyst contacts customers in a friendly and respectful manner to negotiate payment arrangements for overdue accounts.

Combo Welder

Combo welder joins metal parts with welding equipment and techniques.

Commercial Associate

Commercial associate assists with the day-to-day tasks of running a commercial business.

Commercial Finance Analyst

Commercial finance analyst researches and evaluates financial data to help inform business decisions.

Commission Sales Associate

Commission sales associate assists customers with product selection and completes sales transactions.

Compliance Director

Compliance director ensures an organization is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

Configuration Analyst

Configuration analyst designs, configures, and manages IT systems and processes.

Connectivity Manager

Connectivity manager develops and maintains internet, intranet, and networking systems.

Contract Coordinator

Contract coordinator assists with the preparation and management of contracts.

Contract Review Lawyer

Contract review lawyer reviews contracts for legal sufficiency and accuracy.

Contracts Coordinator

Contracts coordinator administers and maintains contracts for customers and vendors.

Controls Specialist

Controls specialist designs, develops, and tests control systems.

Court Security Officer

Court security officer guards and secures courtrooms and court premises.

Crematory Operator

Crematory operator operates and maintains cremation ovens and equipment.

Cscs Labourer

CSCS labourer performs basic manual labour tasks on construction sites.

Curriculum Coordinator

Curriculum coordinator designs and implements educational curricula.

Customer Care Associate

Customer care associate provides assistance and support to customers.

Customer Experience Executive

Customer experience executive develops strategies to improve customer experience.

Customer Insights Analyst

Customer insights analyst collects and analyzes customer data to inform business decisions.

Customer Operations Manager

Customer operations manager oversees customer service operations and staff.

Customer Relationship Specialist

Customer relationship specialist builds relationships with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Customer Relations Specialist

Customer relations specialist manages customer feedback and complaints.

Customer Service Clerk

Customer service clerk assists customers with queries and completes transactions.

Customer Success Representative

Customer success representative helps customers succeed by providing solutions and resources.

Customer Support Analyst

Customer support analyst provides technical assistance to customers.

Customs Specialist

Customs specialist ensures compliance with customs regulations.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Cyber threat intelligence analyst researches and monitors cyber threats.

Cell Phone Repair Technician

Cell phone repair technician diagnoses and repairs mobile phones.

Cancer Registrar

Cancer registrar collects and records data on cancer patients.

Career Specialist

Career specialist helps individuals plan their career paths.

Carpenter Foreman

Carpenter foreman oversees carpentry teams and ensures efficient completion of projects.

Casting Assistant

Casting assistant helps coordinate the casting of actors for film, television and theater productions.

Chairside Dental Assistant

Chairside dental assistant assists the dentist chairside during dental procedures.

Cherry Picker Operator

Cherry picker operator operates a cherry picker to reach objects at heights.

Childrens Residential Support Worker

Children's residential support worker provides support services to children living in residential care.

Church Secretary

Church secretary provides administrative and clerical support to the church.

Cisco Engineer

Cisco engineer designs and implements computer network solutions.

Citrix Administrator

Citrix administrator configures, maintains, and troubleshoots Citrix systems.

Civil Estimator

Civil estimator estimates the cost of civil engineering projects.

Claims Advisor

Claims advisor assesses and advises on insurance claims.

Claims Investigator

Claims investigator investigates insurance claims to determine validity.

Clamp Operator

Clamp operator operates a clamp machine to form parts of a product.

Cleanroom Technician

Cleanroom technician maintains safe and clean working environment in a cleanroom.

Client Director

Client director builds and maintains relationships with clients.

Client Engagement Manager

Client engagement manager works with clients to ensure their satisfaction with products and services.

Client Engineer

Client engineer provides technical expertise and guidance to clients.

Client Service Analyst

Client service analyst assists clients with service related issues.

Client Services Analyst

Client services analyst provides customized solutions to clients.

Client Success Specialist

Client success specialist ensures client satisfaction and meets organizational goals.

Clinical Nursing Instructor

Clinical nursing instructor educates and mentors nursing students.

Clinical Research Specialist

Clinical research specialist designs and conducts clinical research studies.

Clinical Support Specialist

Clinical support specialist provides clinical support services to healthcare professionals.

Cloud Systems Administrator

Cloud systems administrator configures and maintains cloud-based systems.

Cmm Operator

CMM operator operates a coordinate measuring machine.

Cnc Lathe Operator

CNC lathe operator operates a computer numerically controlled lathe to shape and cut materials.

Collaboration Engineer

Collaboration engineer develops and maintains collaboration systems.

Collection Representative

Collection representative collects payments from customers.

Collections Representative

Collections representative recovers debts from customers.

Commercial Account Manager

Commercial account manager manages accounts with commercial clients.

Commercial Loan Officer

Commercial loan officer evaluates and approves loan applications for businesses.

Commercial Operations Manager

Commercial operations manager oversees the daily operations of a commercial business.

Commercial Sales Representative

Commercial sales representative promotes and sells products and services to businesses.

Community Lead

Community lead builds relationships with the local community and strengthens partnerships.

Community Outreach Worker

Community outreach worker connects people in need to available services and resources.

Complaint Investigator

Complaint investigator researches customer complaints and determines the cause of the issue.

Construction Assistant

Construction assistant provides administrative and operational support to the construction team.

Contact Center Representative

Contact center representative answers incoming calls and provides customer service.

Contact Centre Representative

Contact centre representative provides customer service for an organization over the phone or online.

Content Executive

Content executive develops and manages content for various digital channels.

Continuous Improvement Specialist

Continuous improvement specialist identifies areas for improvement in an organization's processes and procedures.

Core Agent

Core agent provides support for a range of IT and customer service activities.

Corporate Communications Specialist

Corporate communications specialist develops and executes public relations campaigns for a company.

Corporate Development Manager

Corporate development manager plans and implements strategies to support the growth of a business.

Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Cosmetic nurse injector performs cosmetic procedures such as injections to enhance the appearance of the face.

Counselor Assistant

Counselor assistant supports a mental health counselor by managing paperwork and scheduling appointments.

Creative Services Manager

Creative services manager oversees the production of creative materials such as videos and graphics.

Credentialing Coordinator

Credentialing coordinator verifies and maintains credentials for a healthcare organization.

Crew Team Member

Crew team member provides support for production operations in a manufacturing environment.

Cultivation Technician

Cultivation technician grows and maintains plants in a greenhouse or other controlled environment.

Customer Champion

Customer champion develops relationships with customers and provides exceptional customer service.

Customer Experience Representative

Customer experience representative interacts with customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Customer Marketing Manager

Customer marketing manager develops strategies to attract, retain, and grow customers.

Customer Relations Representative

Customer relations representative works with customers to resolve issues and ensure satisfaction.

Customer Service Advocate

Customer service advocate assists customers with inquiries and troubleshooting.

Customer Success Account Manager

Customer success account manager ensures customer success by providing guidance and support.

Customer Success Consultant

Customer success consultant provides tailored solutions for customer needs.

Cyber Security Trainee

Cyber security trainee learns about cyber security systems and protocols.

Child Care Educator

Child care educator plans and delivers activities to children to support their learning and development.

Cad Specialist

CAD specialist designs and drafts technical drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Call Center Customer Service Representative

Call center customer service representative provides customer service over the phone or online.

Camp Director

Camp director organizes and manages a summer camp for children, ensuring a safe and fun environment.

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