Jobs Starting with D

Last updated: Mar 10, 2023


Driver safely operates a vehicle to transport passengers or goods.


Dentist diagnoses and treats diseases and injuries of the teeth, gums, and related oral structures.

Developmental Service Worker

Developmental Service Worker supports people with developmental disabilities to enhance their quality of life and to participate fully in their communities.


Doctor diagnoses and treats medical conditions to maintain and improve patient health.


DJ plays music for audiences in a variety of settings.


Dermatologist diagnoses and treats disorders of the skin, hair, and nails.

District Attorney

District Attorney prosecutes criminal cases on behalf of the state.


Dancer uses body movement to express ideas and emotions.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer promotes products, services, and brands using digital channels.

Dog Groomer

Dog Groomer provides services such as bathing, brushing, and trimming of pets' coats.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst collects, organizes, and interprets data to identify trends and patterns.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist applies mathematics, statistics, and computer science to gain insights from large datasets.


Decorator creates beautiful, functional interior spaces.


Dishwasher cleans dishes, glassware, and cooking utensils.


Distributor delivers products to customers.


Diver explores underwater environments and searches for objects.


Driller drills into the earth to collect samples or to construct wells.


Designer creates visual concepts to communicate ideas.


Drafter uses technical drawings to create plans for buildings and other structures.


Dealer deals cards in a casino.


Demonstrator promotes products and services to customers.


Detective investigates and solves crimes.


Developer creates computer programs and apps.

Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer teaches dogs obedience and other skills.

Digital Artist

Digital Artist creates artwork using digital tools and techniques.

Data Entry

Data Entry Operator enters data into computers for processing and storage.


Dean manages the faculty and staff at an educational institution.

Design Architect

Design Architect creates the plans and drawings for the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Dog Walker

Dog Walker provides exercise and companionship for dogs while their owners are away.

Dog Sitter

Dog Sitter provides company and care to pets in their own homes while their owners are away.

Data Engineer

Data Engineer designs, builds, maintains, and troubleshoots data systems.

Decorator Cake

Decorator Cake artistically decorates cakes for special occasions.

Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist cleans teeth, examines patients for signs of oral diseases, and provides preventive care.


Dietitian develops meal plans and nutrition programs to promote health and manage disease.

Data Modeler

Data Modeler designs and builds data models to help organizations store and extract information.

Data Collector

Data Collector gathers and records data from various sources.

Devops Engineer

DevOps Engineer automates the process of software development and deployment.

Document Scanner

Document Scanner scans, digitize, and organize documents for digital storage.

Duct Cleaner

Duct Cleaner cleans and maintains ventilation systems to improve air quality.

Data Manager

Data Manager stores, organizes, and maintains data to support decision making.

Debt Collector

Debt Collector collects overdue payments from debtors.

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant helps the dentist with patient care, treatment, and other duties.

Developmental Psychologist

Developmental Psychologist studies the different stages of psychological development in children, adolescents, and adults.


DevSecOps is responsible for the security of software development, deployment, and operations.

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanic repairs and maintains diesel engines.

Data Processor

Data Processor converts data from one form to another.

Design Engineer

Design Engineer develops systems and products for the manufacturing industry.

Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey plays music and entertains crowds.

Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor teaches people how to drive safely.

Digital Designer

Digital Designer creates visual designs for websites, apps, and other digital platforms.


Doorman provides security for buildings and businesses.

Database Administrator

Database Administrator manages and maintains organizational databases.

Director Of Education

Director of Education oversees the educational programs of an organization.

Dog Bather

Dog Bather bathes, brushes, and grooms dogs.


Draftsman prepares technical drawings and diagrams.

Data Architect

Data Architect designs data systems, data models, and databases.

Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator inputs data into computer systems and databases.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic medical sonographers use medical imaging to diagnose and treat illness and injury.

Director Of Operations

Director of Operations plan, coordinate, and direct the activities of the organization.

Database Designer

Database Designers create, maintain and improve databases to store and retrieve company information.

Database Manager

Database Managers are responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of databases.

Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Clerks collect, enter, and verify data to maintain accurate records.

Defense Attorney

Defense Attorneys represent defendants in criminal or civil cases.

Delivery Driver

Delivery Drivers transport goods from one location to another.

Document Controller

Document Controllers manage the production and distribution of documents.

Data Analyst Intern

Data Analyst Interns analyze data to uncover trends and insights.

Data Science Intern

Data Science Interns analyze large data sets to find meaningful trends and insights.

Data Steward

Data Stewards ensure the accuracy and completeness of data.

Data Warehouse Architect

Data Warehouse Architects design and build data warehouses.


Deaconesses provide spiritual and pastoral care in a religious setting.

Deputy Manager

Deputy Managers provide support to their supervisors and manage operations.

Desktop Publisher

Desktop Publishers use computer software to design page layouts for newspapers and magazines.


Detailers clean, wax, polish, and repair vehicles.

Disability Support Worker

Disability Support Workers help people with disabilities live independently.

Data Planner

Data Planners develop and execute strategies to store, organize, and manage data.


Deckhands perform maintenance and repairs of vessels.

Demand Manager

Demand Managers analyze demand and develop forecasts.

Demand Planner

Demand Planners use forecasting and inventory management to anticipate customer demand.

Dental Technician

Dental Technicians construct dental prosthetics.

Deputy Director

Deputy Directors provide guidance and instruction to staff.

Deputy Sheriff

Deputy Sheriffs enforce the law and keep order.

Director Of Marketing

Director of Marketing develops marketing strategies to promote products and services.

Diversity Manager

Diversity Managers develop and implement diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Drywall Installer

Drywall Installers prepare and hang drywall on interior walls and ceilings.

Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officers advise on data security and compliance to protect data and privacy.

Delivery Manager

Delivery Managers oversee the timely delivery of goods and services.

Design Manager

Design Manager plans, coordinates and manages the production of graphic design materials.

Dialysis Technician

Dialysis Technician operates and maintains dialysis equipment and helps patients understand their treatment.

Dietary Aide

Dietary Aide prepares and serves meals and snacks in a healthcare or residential setting.

Digital Marketing Intern

Digital Marketing Intern assists in the creation of digital marketing materials and campaigns.

Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Internship provides the opportunity to gain experience in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager develops and implements digital marketing strategies to promote products and services.

Directional Driller

Directional Driller sets up and operates directional drilling equipment to bore holes for laying underground pipes and cables.

Director Of Photography

Director of Photography is responsible for shooting, lighting and composition of a film or video production.

Drone Pilot

Drone Pilot operates a drone to capture aerial photos and videos.

Database Architect

Database Architect designs and builds the databases used to store an organization’s data.

Development Manager

Development Manager oversees the development of projects and works to ensure deadlines are met.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist creates and executes digital marketing plans and campaigns.

Direct Support Professional

Direct Support Professional provides assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Dock Worker

Dock Worker loads and unloads freight from trucks and ships.

Document Processor

Document Processor scans and indexes documents.

Drywall Finisher

Drywall Finisher covers interior walls and ceilings with plaster or drywall material.

Database Engineer

Database Engineer designs, builds, maintains and troubleshoots databases.

Data Business Analyst

Data Business Analyst collects, organizes and analyses data to identify patterns and trends.

Diamond Driller

Diamond Driller operates specialized drilling machines to drill holes in concrete and other surfaces.

Digital Manager

Digital Manager oversees the development and implementation of digital campaigns and strategies.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant provides advice and expertise on digital marketing projects.

Director Of It

Director of IT oversees the development and maintenance of an organization’s IT systems.


Dispatcher organizes the dispatch of personnel, vehicles, and goods to ensure efficient operations.

Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager coordinates the movement of goods from suppliers to customers.

District Manager

District Manager oversees the operations of several stores in a specific region.


Divemaster supervises and assists divers with underwater activities.

Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher instructs students in the art of dance.

Data Entry Specialist

Data Entry Specialist inputs data into computer systems or databases.

Design Consultant

Design Consultant provides creative solutions to business challenges.

Design Strategist

Design Strategist develops plans and strategies to help organizations reach their goals.

Desktop Support Engineer

Desktop Support Engineer provides technical support to computer users.

Digital Content Creator

Digital Content Creator creates content for websites, apps, and social media.

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Digital Marketing Apprentice assists in marketing campaigns and data analysis.

Director Of Business Development

Director of Business Development builds relationships and networks with stakeholders to drive business growth.

Director Of Communications

Director of Communications develops and implements communication strategies and initiatives.

Director Of Programs

Director of Programs plans, directs, and coordinates programs and services.

Discharge Planner

Discharge Planner facilitates patient’s transition from hospital to home.

Doctor Assistant

Doctor Assistant provides administrative and clinical support to physicians and other healthcare staff.

Data Administrator

Data Administrator oversees and manages databases.

Data Technician

Data Technician provides technical support to collect, analyze, and interpret data.

Dental Lab Technician

Dental Lab Technician designs and fabricates dental prosthetics.

Developer Advocate

Developer Advocate promotes and supports the use of a software developer’s products.

Development Engineer

Development Engineer designs, develops, and tests software and hardware products.

Digital Consultant

Digital Consultant advises clients on digital strategies and solutions.

Digital Editor

Digital Editor reviews, edits, and curates digital content.

Digital Project Manager

Digital Project Manager plans, coordinates, and oversees digital projects.

Director Engineering

Director Engineering directs, designs, and implements engineering strategies.

Director Of Engineering

Director of Engineering manages development engineering teams.

Director Of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources creates and implements HR policies and procedures.

Dot Net Developer

Dot Net Developer designs, develops, and maintains software applications.

Drug And Alcohol Counselor

Drug and Alcohol Counselor provides assessment, counseling, and referral services.


Drywaller installs and repairs interior wall panels and other structures.

Database Developer

Database Developer designs, develops, and maintains databases.

Data Science Engineer

Data Science Engineer combines data engineering and data analytics to develop models and algorithms.

Data Scientist Intern

Data Scientist Intern supports data science projects and performs advanced analytics.

Data Specialist

Data Specialist designs, develops, and maintains data systems.

Daycare Attendant

Daycare Attendant supervises children and enforces safety regulations.

Dental Receptionist

Dental Receptionist greets patients and assists with their needs.

Department Manager

Department Manager oversees and directs the operations of a department.

Dialysis Nurse

Dialysis Nurse provides nursing care for patients receiving dialysis treatments.

Digital Graphic Designer

Digital graphic designers create visuals to communicate ideas and messages through digital media.

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital marketing executives use digital channels to promote products, services and brands.

Digital Product Manager

Digital product managers work with teams to design, develop and manage digital products.

Direct Care Staff

Direct care staff provide support and care to individuals in need.

Director Of Finance

A director of finance oversees an organization's financial planning, reporting and budgeting.

Director Of Nursing

A director of nursing provides leadership and oversight to nursing teams in a healthcare setting.

Dispensing Optician

Dispensing opticians help fit and dispense eyewear according to a customer's prescription.

Dog Handler

Dog handlers train, care for and handle dogs in a professional setting.

Driver Recruiter

Driver recruiters oversee the recruitment and hiring of drivers for a variety of industries.

Drupal Developer

Drupal developers create and maintain websites using the Drupal content management system.

Data Center Technician

Data center technicians maintain and troubleshoot computer systems and networks in a data center.

Data Consultant

Data consultants provide advice on how to store, analyze and interpret data.

Day Trader

Day traders buy and sell securities within the same day in order to make a profit.

Desktop Support

Desktop support personnel provide technical assistance to computer users.

Detention Officer

Detention officers supervise inmates in correctional facilities.

Development Director

A development director oversees fundraising, communications, donor relations and other development activities.

Digital Architect

Digital architects design and develop digital systems and structures.

Digital Strategist

Digital strategists develop strategies and plans to achieve digital goals.

Director Of Development

Directors of development plan, coordinate and oversee development activities.

Drilling Engineer

Drilling engineers design and direct drilling operations for oil, gas and mineral exploration.

Dance Instructor

Dance instructors teach and choreograph different styles of dance.

Data Analytics Consultant

Data analytics consultants analyze data to help businesses make informed decisions.

Database Analyst

Database analysts design, build, maintain and test databases.

Database Programmer

Database programmers develop and maintain databases for businesses.

Data Lead

Data leads manage and oversee data operations for companies.

Data Product Manager

Data product managers work with teams to develop, maintain and improve data products.

Data Quality Manager

Data quality managers ensure the accuracy and reliability of data.

Data Science Consultant

Data science consultants use data to identify trends and develop solutions.

Day Porter

Day porters provide janitorial, cleaning and general maintenance services.

Delivery Associate

Delivery Associate delivers goods to customers.

Design Director

Design Director oversees the design team and ensures the success of design projects.

Design Lead

Design Lead creates and executes design strategies.

Development Officer

Development Officer is responsible for the development of policies and programs.

Devops Architect

DevOps Architect designs and builds infrastructure solutions.

Diesel Technician

Diesel Technician maintains and repairs diesel engines.

Digital Analyst

Digital Analyst collects and interprets data to understand user behaviour.

Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Analyst researches and implements digital marketing strategies.

Digital Media Manager

Digital Media Manager creates and manages digital media campaigns.

Digital Producer

Digital Producer organizes the production of digital content.

Digital Product Designer

Digital Product Designer creates and designs digital products.

Dining Room Server

Dining Room Server provides customer service in a restaurant.

Display Manager

Display Manager plans, oversees and evaluates the display of merchandise.

Documentation Specialist

Documentation Specialist creates user manuals and other technical documents.

Document Specialist

Document Specialist creates, edits, and stores documents.


Draftsperson creates technical drawings for architecture and engineering projects.

Drama Teacher

Drama Teacher educates students in theatre and related performance arts.

Dump Truck Driver

Dump Truck Driver transports materials such as gravel and dirt.

Data Center Manager

Data Center Manager oversees the operation of an organization's data center.

Daycare Teacher

Daycare Teacher provides educational and social activities for young children.

Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

Dermatology Nurse Practitioner diagnoses and treats skin conditions.

Desktop Engineer

Desktop Engineer installs and maintains computer systems.

Development Tester

Development Tester evaluates the suitability of software for release.

Devops Developer

DevOps Developer designs and deploys cloud infrastructure.

Die Maker

Die Maker creates and maintains metal molds used in manufacturing.

Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager manages and creates digital content.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Digital Marketing Strategist designs and implements digital marketing campaigns.

Director Of Product

Director of Product oversees the development of products and services.

Director Of Sales

Director of Sales leads sales strategy and execution to maximize revenue.

Director Of Strategy

Director of strategy creates and implements strategies to achieve company goals.

Domestic Violence Advocate

Domestic violence advocates assist victims of domestic violence and help them build safe, independent lives.

Data Center Engineer

Data center engineer monitors and maintains the hardware and software of a data center.

Data Internship

Data internship offers students the opportunity to gain experience in data analysis, programming, and visualization.

Data Quality Analyst

Data quality analyst ensures the accuracy and integrity of data for a company.

Data Science Manager

Data science manager leads and coordinates the data science team to develop data-driven solutions.

Daycare Worker

Daycare worker cares for and educates young children at a daycare center.

Deli Clerk

Deli clerk prepares and serves food and drinks to customers in a deli.

Delivery Lead

Delivery lead oversees the delivery process for a company and supervises delivery personnel.

Design Associate

Design associate assists designers in creating and developing products and services.

Designer Ux

Designer UX creates user interfaces for websites and applications that are visually appealing and easy to use.

Designer Web

Designer web designs and develops websites for businesses and organizations.

Devops Consultant

DevOps consultant advises and assists organizations with the integration of their software development and operations teams.

Dft Engineer

DFT engineer designs, implements and tests digital logic circuits.

Direct Care Worker

Direct care worker provides support and assistance to people with physical and mental challenges.

Director Of Facilities

Director of facilities manages the maintenance and upkeep of a facility.

Director Of Product Management

Director of product management oversees the planning, development, and delivery of a company's products and services.

Director Of Supply Chain

Director of supply chain manages the procurement, production, and distribution of goods and services.

Director Product Management

Director product management develops and implements product plans to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

Dispatch Logistician

Dispatch logistician manages shipping and receiving operations in a company.

Domain Architect

Domain architect designs and builds secure information systems for a company.

Drainage Engineer

Drainage engineer develops and implements drainage systems for construction projects.

Data Clerk

Data clerk enters, maintains, and stores data for a company.

Data Research Analyst

Data research analyst collects and analyzes data to identify trends and correlations for research projects.

Delivery Dispatcher

Delivery dispatcher assigns orders to delivery personnel and tracks delivery progress.

Dental Practice Manager

Dental practice manager oversees the operations of a dental practice, including staff management, budgeting, and financial reporting.

Deployment Manager

Deployment manager oversees the deployment of software applications and ensures their smooth operation.

Deputy Clerk

Deputy clerk performs administrative tasks and assists the clerk in maintaining court records.

Desk Clerk

Desk clerk provides customer service at a hotel front desk, including checking in and out guests.

Desktop Support Technician

Desktop support technician assists computer users in troubleshooting hardware and software issues.

Developer Associate

Developer Associate designs, builds, and maintains software applications.

Developer Relations

Developer Relations establishes relationships with software developers and assists them with development projects.

Development Specialist

Development Specialist oversees the development process of a product or service.

Devops Cloud Engineer

DevOps Cloud Engineer maintains cloud-based applications and software.

Digital Copywriter

Digital Copywriter creates compelling and persuasive content for websites, email campaigns, and other digital media.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketing Assistant helps to plan, coordinate, and execute digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Digital Marketing Coordinator creates and implements marketing strategies for digital platforms.

Digital Marketing Director

Digital Marketing Director develops digital campaigns to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Digital Media Planner

Digital Media Planner develops effective media plans to reach target audiences on digital channels.

Digital Merchandiser

Digital Merchandiser promotes products on digital platforms through various tactics such as dynamic pricing and content curation.

Director Of Admissions

Director of Admissions manages the admissions process for a school or college.

Director Of Digital Marketing

Director of Digital Marketing leads the digital marketing team and develops strategies to increase customer engagement.

Director Of Events

Director of Events plans and executes events from inception to completion.

Director Of Food And Beverage

Director of Food and Beverage ensures food and beverage services are provided in a safe, efficient, and profitable manner.

Director Of Marketing And Sales

Director of Marketing and Sales develops and implements marketing and sales strategies to increase revenue.

Director Of Research

Director of Research leads the research activities of a company or organization.

Director Of Rooms

Director of Rooms oversees the operations of a hotel's rooms division.

Director Of Sales And Marketing

Director of Sales and Marketing develops and implements sales and marketing strategies to increase revenue.

Director Of Security

Director of Security develops and implements security protocols and procedures.

Director Of Technology

Director of Technology oversees the technology operations of a company or organization.

Distribution Driver

Distribution Driver delivers goods to customers in a timely and professional manner.

Dozer Operator

Dozer Operator operates a dozer to move and level earth, gravel, and other materials.

Driver Helper

Driver Helper assists with the loading and delivery of goods.

Drug Safety Associate

Drug Safety Associate monitors and evaluates the safety of pharmaceutical products.

Drywall Taper

Drywall Taper applies plasterboard or drywall to walls and ceilings.

Data Analytics Engineer

Data Analytics Engineer designs and develops data analytics solutions.

Data Analytics Manager

Data Analytics Manager leads a team of data analytics professionals to develop strategies and solutions.

Data Coordinator

Data Coordinator maintains and organizes data to ensure accuracy and integrity.

Data Developer

Data Developer builds and tests database applications to meet business requirements.

Data Management Consultant

Data Management Consultant works with clients to identify, analyze, and optimize their data management strategies.

Data Privacy Officer

Data Privacy Officer safeguards data privacy and ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Data Science Analyst

Data Science Analyst uses data to identify trends and develop predictive models.

Dental Office Manager

Dental Office Manager oversees day-to-day operations of a dental office, ensuring patient satisfaction and efficient workflow.

Developer Analyst

Developer Analyst designs and develops solutions to business problems.

Development Assistant

Development Assistant provides administrative and project support to a development team.

Development Associate

Development Associate assesses and implements development strategies to meet organizational goals.

Development Coordinator

Development Coordinator coordinates and manages development activities.

Devops Manager

DevOps Manager plans, oversees, and automates the process of software development.

Dietetic Technician

Dietetic Technician counsels clients on proper nutrition and dietary plans.

Digital Account Manager

Digital Account Manager manages customer relationships and ensures customer satisfaction.

Digital Matte Painter

Digital Matte Painter creates digital backgrounds for films and television.

Digital Media Specialist

Digital Media Specialist develops and implements digital media strategies.

Director Of Content

Director of Content creates, manages, and distributes content.

Director Of Customer Success

Director of Customer Success leads customer support, provides customer service, and drives customer retention.

Director Of Ecommerce

Director of Ecommerce develops and implements ecommerce strategies.

Director Of Information Technology

Director of Information Technology leads an organization’s technology team and manages IT operations.

Director Of Logistics

Director of Logistics oversees the transport and storage of goods.

Director Of Project Management

Director of Project Management plans and executes projects for an organization.

Director Of Public Relations

Director of Public Relations develops and executes communications strategies.

Director Of Purchasing

Director of Purchasing manages the procurement of goods and services.

Director Of R&d

Director of R&D leads research and development initiatives.

Director Of Social Media

Director of Social Media develops and implements social media strategies.

Director Of Talent Acquisition

Director of Talent Acquisition leads the recruitment and selection of personnel.

Director Project Management

Director Project Management plans, directs and coordinates projects.

Document Control Specialist

Document Control Specialist organizes and maintains document databases and archives.

Data Entry Analyst

Data Entry Analyst verifies and organizes data to be entered into a database.

Data Management Analyst

Data Management Analyst evaluates and maintains databases to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Data Strategist

Data Strategist uses data-driven insights to create and implement strategies.

Dental Treatment Coordinator

Dental Treatment Coordinator coordinates dental treatments and ensures patient satisfaction.

Depot Manager

Depot Manager oversees the operations of a storage facility.

Design Coordinator

Design coordinator helps design teams achieve their goals.

Design Intern

Design intern assists designers with projects and develops their skills.

Design Verification Engineer

Design verification engineer tests and verifies designs to ensure they meet quality standards.

Devsecops Engineer

Devsecops engineer blends development, security and operations to manage organization systems and applications.

Dietary Cook

Dietary cook prepares meals for patients or guests in health care or hospitality settings.

Digital Content Producer

Digital content producer creates content for digital platforms such as websites, apps, and social media.

Digital Director

Digital director plans, develops, and oversees digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Forensics Analyst

Digital forensics analyst investigates digital evidence to uncover cybercrime.

Digital Marketing Associate

Digital marketing associate plans and runs digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Designer

Digital marketing designer creates visuals and designs for digital marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Lead

Digital marketing lead manages and guides a team of digital marketers.

Digital Marketing Officer

Digital marketing officer develops and implements digital marketing strategies.

Digital Media Buyer

Digital media buyer negotiates and purchases media space and time for digital marketing campaigns.

Director Of Customer Experience

Director of customer experience plans and implements customer experience programs.

Director Of Customer Service

Director of customer service manages customer service teams and processes.

Director Of Maintenance

Director of maintenance oversees building and equipment maintenance.

Director Of Software Engineering

Director of software engineering directs the development of software applications.

Director Of Sustainability

Director of sustainability develops and implements sustainability programs.

Dispatch Manager

Dispatch manager coordinates deliveries and resolves scheduling issues.

Dna Analyst

DNA analyst examines DNA samples to identify or link individuals to evidence.

Drilling Supervisor

Drilling supervisor oversees the drilling process in mines and quarries.

Dsp Engineer

DSP engineer designs digital signal processors for electronic systems.

Dumper Driver

Dumper driver transports materials and equipment.

Dairy Manager

Dairy manager runs dairy farms and herds.

Demand Generation Manager

Demand generation manager develops campaigns to generate leads and sales.

Dental Office Receptionist

Dental office receptionist handles patient scheduling, billing, and other administrative tasks.

Deployment Engineer

Deployment engineer implements and maintains software applications.

Deputy Editor

Deputy editor assists the editor in chief in content production.

Design Researcher

Design researcher collects data to inform design decisions.

Developer In Test

Developer in test ensures that software is functioning correctly before it's released.

Dietetic Assistant

Dietetic assistant works with dietitians to provide advice and support on food and nutrition.

Digital Business Analyst

Digital business analyst focuses on analyzing digital processes and systems to improve business performance.

Digital Content Specialist

Digital content specialist creates, manages, and publishes digital content to improve user engagement.

Digital Court Reporter

Digital court reporter uses technology to transcribe and document court proceedings.

Digital Product Owner

Digital product owner manages the development and implementation of digital products.

Director Of Analytics

Director of analytics leads a team of data analysts to optimize the use of data in decision-making.

Director Of Business Operations

Director of business operations oversees the day-to-day operations and strategies of a business.

Director Of Construction

Director of construction manages the design, development, and delivery of construction projects.

Director Of Partnerships

Director of partnerships develops and maintains relationships with external stakeholders.

Director Of People

Director of people manages the human resources department to ensure the organization meets its goals.

Director Of Social Services

Director of social services provides leadership to teams and programs related to social services.

Disability Case Manager

Disability case manager works with individuals with disabilities to provide resources and support.

District Sales Manager

District sales manager oversees the sales teams to ensure their success in a given region.

Database Specialist

Database specialist designs and develops databases to store and manage data.

Data Engineering Lead

Data engineering lead develops and manages data engineering processes and systems.

Data Entry Associate

Data entry associate enters data into computer systems to support business operations.

Data Entry Processor

Data entry processor verifies and edits data entered into computer systems.

Data Management Specialist

Data management specialist develops and maintains systems to store, organize, and secure data.

Data Platform Engineer

Data platform engineer designs and builds data platforms and systems.

Data Product Owner

Data product owner oversees the development and implementation of data products.

Data Reporting Analyst

Data reporting analyst creates and delivers reports to help with decision-making.

Data Science Director

Data science director leads a team of data scientists to use data to reach business goals.

Data Software Engineer

Data software engineer develops software solutions to support data-driven decisions.

Deli Assistant

Deli assistant serves food, takes orders, and provides customer service in a deli.

Delivery Director

Delivery director oversees the delivery of products and services to customers.

Delivery Helper

Delivery helper assists with the delivery of items to customers.

Delivery Specialist

Delivery specialist schedules, tracks, and delivers products to customers.

Demand Planning Manager

Demand planning manager creates models to forecast and plan for future demand.

Dental Ceramist

Dental ceramist creates and restores dental prostheses such as crowns and bridges.

Design Technologist

Design technologist develops systems to support the design, production, and distribution of products.

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