Jobs Starting with R

Last updated: Mar 10, 2023


Ranger leads visitors on outdoor excursions to explore and appreciate nature.


Reader reads aloud to both children and adults.


Reviewer evaluates products and services to provide feedback.

Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant helps develop and implement programs for residents of a college dormitory.


Recruiter finds and screens job candidates for companies.


Reporter gathers, writes and delivers news stories.


Receiver coordinates the storage and distribution of incoming goods.


Rheumatologist diagnoses and treats medical disorders related to joints, muscles and bones.


Roofer installs and repairs roofs on residential and commercial buildings.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Therapist helps patients with breathing difficulties.


Radiologist interprets diagnostic images to evaluate patient health.


Rancher manages livestock and agricultural activities on a ranch.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent helps people buy, sell, or rent properties.


Receptionist greets and assists visitors in an office setting.


Referee enforces the rules of a sport and makes sure the game is fair.

Report Writer

Report Writer produces reports to help organizations make decisions.

Risk Manager

Risk Manager assesses potential risks to an organization and develops strategies to mitigate them.


Replenishment ensures stores and warehouses maintain adequate stock levels.


Runner delivers mail, messages and other items.

Radiation Therapist

Radiation Therapist administers radiation treatments to cancer patients.


Registrar records and maintains student and academic records.

Registered Behavior Technician

Registered Behavior Technician implements behavior-analytic intervention plans for individuals with autism.

Retail Stores

Retail Stores provide goods and services to customers.


Rigger assembles and operates hoisting and lifting equipment.

Radiology Assistant

Radiology Assistant assists radiologists with patient care.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse provides medical care to patients in various health care settings.

Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorney provides legal advice to clients related to real estate transactions.

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker helps clients buy and sell properties.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate lawyer provides legal advice and assistance related to buying, selling, and leasing of real estate.

Reverse Engineer

Reverse engineer examines existing products and systems to identify how they work and then designs systems to improve them.

Reach Truck

Reach truck is a powered industrial truck used to move and transport materials in confined areas.

Relationship Manager

Relationship manager builds and maintains relationships with clients and other business partners.

Risk Analyst

Risk analyst identifies, evaluates, and manages risks that could potentially impact an organization.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation automates manual tasks, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineer designs, builds, tests, and maintains robots.

Real Estate Photographer

Real estate photographer takes photographs of properties for sale.

Research Scientist

Research scientist conducts research to develop new products, processes, and technologies.

Resource Manager

Resource manager coordinates and manages resources such as personnel, equipment, and materials.

Radiologic Technologist

Radiologic technologist uses imaging technology to detect and diagnose illness and injury.

Radiology Technician

Radiology technician operates imaging equipment to produce radiographs, or x-rays.

Radiology Technologist

Radiology technologist performs imaging and related procedures to diagnose and treat diseases.

Ranch Hand

Ranch hand works on a ranch, doing tasks like caring for livestock and maintaining equipment.

Recreational Therapist

Recreational therapist uses recreation and other activities to improve and maintain physical, mental, and emotional health.

Recreation Therapist

Recreation therapist uses activities and recreation to improve the overall health and quality of life for individuals and communities.

Research Assistant

Research assistant assists research staff in conducting experiments and collecting and analyzing data.

Retail Banker

Retail banker provides banking services and products to customers.

Retail Manager

Retail manager manages the daily operations of a retail store.

Real Estate Appraiser

Real estate appraiser evaluates properties to determine their market value.

Revenue Manager

Revenue manager develops and implements strategies to maximize an organization's revenue.

Rpa Developer

RPA developer designs and develops robotic process automation software and solutions.

Ramp Agent

Ramp agent helps coordinate the movement of aircraft, cargo, and passengers.

Real Estate Consultant

Real estate consultant provides advice and guidance to clients on real estate-related matters.

Records Manager

Records manager manages the maintenance, storage, retrieval, and destruction of records.

Recruiting Consultant

Recruiting consultant helps organizations identify and hire qualified candidates.

Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment consultant works with businesses to find and hire the best candidates.


Recycler collects, sorts, and processes recyclable materials.

Requirements Engineer

Requirements engineer collects, reviews, and analyzes customer requirements for software products and systems.

Research Analyst

Research analyst collects and interprets data, evaluates results, and provides recommendations.

Residential Electrician

Residential electrician installs and repairs electrical wiring in homes.

Restaurant Chef

Restaurant chef creates delicious meals for guests to enjoy.

Restaurant Host

Restaurant host greets and seats guests at the restaurant.

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant manager ensures the restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently.

Real Estate Manager

Real estate manager oversees residential and commercial properties.

Regional Manager

Regional manager oversees business activities within a specific region.

Registered Dietitian

Registered dietitian creates tailored nutrition plans to help individuals meet their health goals.

Rig Welder

Rig welder joins metal components using a welding machine.

Room Attendant

Room attendants clean guest rooms and make sure they are in good condition.

Registered Massage Therapist

Registered massage therapist provides therapeutic massage to help clients reduce pain and stress.

Release Manager

Release manager oversees the release of software and updates.

Reliability Engineer

Reliability engineer develops processes and procedures to ensure the reliability of products and services.

Renovation Contractor

Renovation contractor remodels existing homes and buildings.

Research Nurse

Research nurse collects data and monitors patient progress for clinical studies.

Revenue Cycle Manager

Revenue cycle manager oversees billing and collections processes.

React Developer

React Developer builds user interface components with React.

Reactjs Developer

ReactJS Developer creates web applications using the ReactJS library.

Research Fellow

Research Fellow conducts research and works with a team to analyze results.

Resort Manager

Resort manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a resort.

Retail Assistant

Retail assistant assists customers with sales and inquiries in-store.

Retail Merchandiser

Retail merchandiser plans and organizes merchandise displays.

Retail Sales Associate

Retail sales associate assists customers with product selection and purchase.

Robotic Welder

Robotic welder operates automated welding machines.

Respiratory Care Practitioner

Respiratory care practitioner provides respiratory therapy to patients.

R&d Engineer

R&D Engineer designs new products and develops processes for existing products.

Research Psychologist

Research psychologist conducts scientific research on human behavior.

Residential Painter

Residential painter paints the interior and exterior of homes.

Restaurant Server

Restaurant server provides guests with friendly, efficient service.

Retail Associate

Retail associate provides customers with assistance and advice.

Rf Engineer

RF Engineer designs and implements radio frequency systems for a variety of applications.

Registered Respiratory Therapist

Registered Respiratory Therapist assesses and treats patients with breathing disorders.

Rail Engineer

Rail Engineer designs and maintains railway infrastructure.

Reach Forklift

Reach Forklift Operator safely transports goods within a warehouse.

Reach Truck Forklift

Reach Truck Forklift Operator moves goods around within a warehouse using a specialized forklift.

Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiting Coordinator assists with recruiting tasks such as interviewing, scheduling, and onboarding.

Recruitment Coordinator

Recruitment Coordinator assists with creating job postings, sourcing candidates, and tracking metrics.

Recruitment Officer

Recruitment Officer develops and executes recruitment strategies to attract and hire top talent.

Release Train Engineer

Release Train Engineer coordinates the integration and delivery of software updates and features.

Reading Tutor

Reading Tutor helps students improve their reading comprehension and fluency.

Recruiting Manager

Recruiting Manager manages staff and processes related to recruitment, onboarding, and retention.

Recruiting Specialist

Recruiting Specialist sources, screens, and interviews applicants for open positions.

Recruitment Manager

Recruitment Manager plans, directs, and reviews recruitment activities.

Recruitment Specialist

Recruitment Specialist develops and implements strategies to attract and hire top talent.

Reference Librarian

Reference Librarian helps patrons find, use, and interpret information from library resources.

Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Manager leads a team of sales reps to achieve sales targets in a designated region.

Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner uses their hands to transmit healing energy and reduce stress.

Relationship Banker

Relationship Banker provides personalized banking services to customers.

Research Engineer

Research Engineer develops and tests new technologies for use in a variety of applications.

Resident Engineer

Resident Engineer provides engineering services for a specific project or area of responsibility.

Residential Cleaner

Residential Cleaner cleans houses and other residential dwellings.

Residential Property Manager

Residential Property Manager oversees the daily operations of a residential property.

Restaurant Busser

Restaurant Busser clears and resets tables in a timely manner.


Retoucher digitally manipulates photographs to produce desired effects.

Revenue Officer

Revenue Officer collects taxes and other government revenue.

Roofing Estimator

Roofing Estimator evaluates roofing jobs and develops cost estimates.

Rpo Recruiter

RPO Recruiter sources and interviews candidates for roles within an organization.

R&d Manager

R&D Manager leads research and development teams to create new products and services.

Real Estate Accountant

Real Estate Accountant maintains financial records and prepares financial statements for real estate companies.

Regional Director

Regional Director oversees multiple branches and operations in a specified region.

Registered General Nurses

Registered General Nurses provide healthcare to patients in a variety of settings.

Rental Agent

Rental Agent assists customers to find and rent appropriate properties.

Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant Consultant advises restaurant owners on how to improve their businesses.

Restaurant Staff

Restaurant Staff provides customers with exceptional service and food.

Retail Pharmacist

Retail Pharmacist dispenses prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and other health-related items.

Rope Access Technician

Rope Access Technician performs work in hard-to-reach places using a system of ropes and harnesses.

Radio Host

Radio Host entertains and informs listeners through a radio show.

Radio Operator

Radio Operator uses radio equipment to communicate with other stations and operators.

React Native Developer

React Native Developer creates mobile applications using the React Native JavaScript framework.

Refrigeration Engineer

Refrigeration Engineer designs, installs, and maintains commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration Technician

Refrigeration Technician installs, repairs, and maintains refrigeration systems.

Registered Medical Assistant

Registered Medical Assistant performs clinical and administrative duties under the supervision of a physician or other healthcare provider.

Report Analyst

Report Analyst collects, interprets and analyzes data to create reports.

Reporting Analyst

Reporting Analyst examines data and produces reports in a timely manner.

Research Manager

Research Manager organizes and directs research activities within an organization.

Residential Plumber

Residential Plumber installs, repairs, and maintains plumbing and water systems within homes and other residences.

Retail Strategist

Retail Strategist creates strategies to enhance sales and profitability in retail environments.

React Js Developer

React JS Developer creates web applications using the React JavaScript framework.

Real Estate Analyst

Real Estate Analyst researches and evaluates real estate markets, investment opportunities, and other financial data.

Real Estate Assistant

Real Estate Assistant provides administrative and marketing support to real estate agents and brokers.

Receiving Clerk

Receiving Clerk handles the receiving, storing, and distributing of goods and supplies.

Recording Engineer

Recording Engineer operates recording equipment to capture sound and create audio recordings.

Refrigeration Mechanic

Refrigeration Mechanic performs maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems.

Reporting Manager

Reporting Manager creates reports, analyzes data, and presents findings to management.

Research Consultant

Research Consultant provides research, advice, and recommendations on a variety of topics.

Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator assists with the planning, organizing, and conducting of research projects.

Reservation Agent

Reservation Agent assists customers in making hotel, airline, and other travel reservations.

Reservoir Engineer

Reservoir Engineer develops strategies to manage and extract oil and gas from reservoirs.

Residence Manager

Residence Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of apartment buildings, condominiums, and other residential properties.

Residential Manager

Residential manager coordinates the day-to-day operations of a residential facility.

Restaurant Cashier

Restaurant cashier operates a cash register, processes payments and provides customer service.

Retail Consultant

Retail consultant provides advice and assistance to customers in choosing products and services.

Retail Customer Service

Retail customer service resolves customer complaints and issues, provides information about products and services.

Ruby On Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails developer builds web applications with Ruby on Rails.

Reading Specialist

Reading specialist designs and implements instructional strategies for students with reading difficulties.

Reading Teacher

Reading teacher plans and teaches reading courses in a school setting.

Registered Dental Assistant

Registered dental assistant assists the dentist with patient care and administrative duties.

Registered Psychologist

Registered psychologist assesses, diagnoses and treats mental health issues.

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Regulatory affairs manager ensures compliance with government regulations.

Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Regulatory affairs specialist researches and applies for regulatory approvals.

Rehabilitation Nurse

Rehabilitation nurse provides specialised nursing care to patients with physical disabilities.

Research Intern

Research intern assists with research projects, data analysis and report writing.

Research Officer

Research officer plans and carries out research projects.

Research Technician

Research technician performs laboratory experiments and analyses data.

Restaurant Assistant Manager

Restaurant assistant manager provides leadership, guidance and support to staff.

Restaurant Cook

Restaurant cook prepares meals according to recipes and standards.

Retail Buyer

Retail buyer selects and purchases merchandise for retail stores.

Returns Processor

Returns processor processes returned merchandise and refunds.

Route Driver

Route driver delivers goods to customers within a specified area.

Radio Announcer

Radio announcer presents and produces radio programs.

Radio Producer

Radio producer plans, organises and produces radio programs.

Reach Truck Operator

Reach truck operator operates a reach truck to move materials within a warehouse.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Registered dental hygienist cleans teeth, provides preventive care and educates patients on oral hygiene.

Registry Agent

Registry agent processes applications, issues licences and administers programs.

Residential Surveyor

Residential surveyor surveys residential properties.

Restaurant Worker

Restaurant worker performs various duties such as taking orders, serving food, and cleaning.

Retail Sales Assistant

Retail sales assistant assists customers with purchasing products and provides advice.

Retail Store Management

Retail store management oversees the daily operations of a retail store.

Retail Store Manager

Retail store manager plans and directs the day-to-day operations of a retail store.

Rn Case Manager

RN case manager provides comprehensive assessment, care planning, and coordination of services to meet an individual's health needs.

Rpg Programmer

RPG programmer develops programs for role-playing video games.

Ruby Developer

Ruby developer builds websites and applications with the Ruby programming language.

Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehabilitation counselor assists individuals in overcoming physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.

Radiation Safety Officer

Radiation safety officer monitors and manages radiation exposure in the workplace.

Real Estate Associate

Real estate associate assists clients in buying, selling, and renting real estate properties.

Real Estate Conveyancer

Real estate conveyancer facilitates the legal transfer of ownership of real estate.

Real Estate Paralegal

Real estate paralegal supports attorneys with legal documents, contracts, and research.

Real Estate Project Manager

Real estate project manager oversees the entire real estate project life cycle.

Real Estate Salesperson

Real estate salesperson advises clients on the purchase and sale of properties.

Recruiting Assistant

Recruiting assistant helps recruiters source, screen, and hire candidates.

Recruiting Associate

Recruiting associate supports the recruiting team in identifying, interviewing and onboarding new employees.

Recruitment Assistant

Recruitment assistant assists recruiters with tasks such as scheduling interviews and managing job postings.

Recruitment Partner

Recruitment partner works with recruiters to develop recruitment strategies.

Referral Coordinator

Referral coordinator facilitates the referral process for patients seeking care.

Registered Pharmacy Technician

Registered pharmacy technician prepares and dispenses prescription medications.

Registered Practical Nurse

Registered practical nurse provides basic nursing care to patients in a variety of settings.

Rehabilitation Specialist

Rehabilitation specialist helps individuals with disabilities develop and reach their goals.

Release Engineer

Release engineer builds and maintains software systems for use in production environments.

Religion Teacher

Religion teacher educates students about the beliefs and practices of different religious traditions.

Research And Development Engineer

Research and development engineer creates new technologies and products through research and development.

Research Director

Research director leads research teams and develops strategies to achieve research goals.

Research Project Manager

Research project manager plans and oversees research projects to ensure successful completion.


Reservationist books and manages reservations for guests.

Reservation Manager

Reservation manager oversees the reservations department.

Residence Counselor

Residence counselor provides emotional, social, and educational support to residents in a group home setting.

Reservations Manager

Reservations manager develops and implements policies and procedures related to reservations.

Residential Counselor

Residential counselor assists individuals living in residential facilities to reach their personal goals.

Residential House Cleaner

Residential house cleaner cleans residential properties to maintain a clean and healthy living environment.

Residential Service Electrician

Residential service electrician installs, inspects, and repairs electrical wiring and equipment in residential buildings.

Restaurant Supervisor

Restaurant supervisor ensures that restaurant staff provide excellent customer service and uphold standards of cleanliness and safety.

Retail Clerk

Retail clerk assists customers with product selection, provides guidance on product use, and processes payments.

Retail Operations Manager

Retail operations manager plans, directs, and coordinates retail operations to improve efficiency and profitability.

Re Teacher

RE Teacher develops and implements curricula for Religious Education classes in a school or other learning environment.

Retention Specialist

Retention specialist creates and administers retention programs to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Ror Developer

ROR Developer designs and implements websites using Ruby on Rails.

Route Manager

Route manager plans and optimizes delivery routes for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

React Engineer

React Engineer builds user interfaces with React, a JavaScript library for creating interactive web applications.

Recruitment Administrator

Recruitment Administrator screens potential candidates, schedules interviews, and communicates with hiring managers.

Relocation Consultant

Relocation Consultant assists clients in relocating to new cities by providing advice on housing, transportation, and job opportunities.


Repacker ensures products are properly labeled and packaged for shipment.

Research Administrator

Research Administrator assists with the collection and analysis of research data.

Resident Director

Resident Director provides guidance and assistance to residents in a college or university dormitory.

Residential Appraiser

Residential Appraiser evaluates properties for mortgage loan and insurance purposes.

Residential Director

Residential Director supervises staff and ensures the smooth operation of a residential establishment.

Residential Support Worker

Residential Support Worker supports people in their own homes, helping them with everyday tasks such as shopping and household chores.

Restaurant General Manager

Restaurant General Manager oversees day-to-day operations and ensures customer satisfaction.

Retail Sales Manager

Retail Sales Manager is responsible for maximizing sales and revenue through team development and customer service.

Retail Salesperson

Retail Salesperson provides advice and assistance to customers, promotes products and services, and processes payments.

Retail Specialist

Retail Specialist develops and implements retail strategies to boost sales and profitability.

Retail Supervisor

Retail Supervisor oversees retail staff and operations to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction.

Revenue Analyst

Revenue Analyst monitors and analyzes revenue streams and develops strategies for optimization.

Robotics Software Engineer

Robotics Software Engineer develops software for robots and other automated systems.

Robotics Technician

Robotics Technician builds, maintains, and repairs robots, robotic systems, and automated equipment.

Robotic Technician

Robotic Technician diagnoses, troubleshoots, and repairs robotic and automated systems.

Roll Off Driver

Roll Off Driver operates heavy trucks to collect and transport waste materials for disposal.

Rehabilitation Therapist

Rehabilitation Therapist helps individuals with physical, developmental, and emotional disabilities to improve their mobility and functioning.

Records Clerk

Records Clerk maintains, organizes, and retrieves records and documents as needed.

Refinery Operator

Refinery Operator monitors, tests, and operates machinery and equipment to produce petroleum products.

Regional Operations Manager

Regional operations manager oversees the management and operations of a specific geographic area.

Registered Clinical Counselor

Registered clinical counselor provides mental health counseling services to individuals, couples and families.

Registered Psychotherapist

Registered psychotherapist provides psychological therapy to individuals, couples and families.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant provides advice and guidance on Canadian immigration laws and regulations.

Regulatory Affairs Associate

Regulatory affairs associate supports regulatory activities within a company.

Regulatory Specialist

Regulatory specialist develops policies, procedures and standards for regulatory compliance.

Relief Pharmacist

Relief pharmacist fills in for regular pharmacists during times of high demand or staffing shortages.

Research And Development Manager

Research and development manager leads research and development efforts by setting goals, managing resources and evaluating results.


Researcher conducts research to produce reliable and valid results.

Research Specialist

Research specialist plans, designs and implements research projects.

Retail Store Associate

Retail store associate assists customers with their purchases and provides excellent customer service.

Risk Specialist

Risk specialist identifies, assesses and mitigates risks to a company’s operations.

Route Sales Representative

Route sales representative sells products and services to customers in a designated route.

Rpa Business Analyst

RPA Business Analyst designs, implements and maintains robotic process automation (RPA) solutions.

Rv Technician

RV Technician performs maintenance and repair services on recreational vehicles.

R&d Project Manager

R&D Project Manager directs and coordinates research and development projects.

R&d Scientist

R&D Scientist performs scientific experiments and analyses to advance the field of research and development.

Real Estate Administrative Assistant

Real estate administrative assistant provides administrative and clerical support to real estate agents.

Real Estate Sales Agent

Real estate sales agent assists customers in buying and selling real estate.

Recovery Specialist

Recovery specialist helps individuals or organizations recover from financial difficulty.

Recreation Assistant

Recreation assistant plans, organizes and implements recreational activities for individuals or groups.

Registered Physiotherapist

Registered physiotherapist assists individuals with physical and mental health issues, restoring function and preventing disability.

Rehab Aide

Rehab aide assists in providing rehabilitation services to patients.

Relief Veterinarian

Relief veterinarian provides veterinary care in the absence of a regular veterinarian.

Research Chemist

Research chemist performs chemical research to produce new products or improve existing ones.

Restaurant Operations Manager

Restaurant operations manager oversees daily operations at a restaurant to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.

Retail Cashier

Retail cashier processes payments from customers and provides customer service.

Retail Sales Consultant

Retail sales consultant provides customers with product and service information to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Revenue Operations Manager

Revenue operations manager oversees and coordinates the revenue cycle for a business.

Roller Operator

Roller operator operates a roller machine to compact soil, asphalt and other materials.

Ranch Manager

Ranch Manager oversees the operations of a ranch and its staff.

Reconciliation Analyst

Reconciliation Analyst researches and resolves discrepancies in financial records.

Recreation Attendant

Recreation Attendant assists visitors in a recreational facility.

Recreation Leader

Recreation Leader plans and leads recreational activities.

Recreation Specialist

Recreation Specialist creates and implements recreational programs.

Recruitment Advisor

Recruitment Advisor identifies and recruits suitable candidates.

Referral Specialist

Referral Specialist promotes products and services to customers.

Regional Account Manager

Regional Account Manager manages and grows customer relationships in a region.

Regional Coordinator

Regional Coordinator provides support and assistance to a region.

Regional Director Of Operations

Regional Director of Operations directs and oversees the operations of a region.

Regional Operations Director

Regional Operations Director oversees and coordinates regional operations.

Regional Property Manager

Regional Property Manager manages and maintains properties in a region.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Registered Veterinary Technician provides medical care to animals under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Regulatory Manager

Regulatory Manager oversees compliance with regulations and laws.

Rehabilitation Assistant

Rehabilitation Assistant helps injured or disabled patients with activities of daily living.

Rehabilitation Consultant

Rehabilitation Consultant evaluates and provides guidance to patients recovering from injury or illness.

Requirements Analyst

Requirements Analyst documents and reviews business requirements.

Research Executive

Research Executive identifies and executes research initiatives.

Residential Care Worker

Residential Care Worker provides personal care and support to residents in a care home.

Resident Services Coordinator

Resident Services Coordinator plans, organizes, and implements resident services.

Resource Coordinator

Resource Coordinator distributes and allocates resources.

Retail Director

Retail Director oversees retail operations and personnel.

Retail Sales Representative

Retail Sales Representative promotes and sells products to customers.

Revenue Accountant

Revenue Accountant prepares, records, and analyzes financial data related to revenues.

Revenue Cycle Specialist

Revenue Cycle Specialist manages medical billing and collections.

Rigging Artist

Rigging Artist creates realistic movement for characters and objects within an animation.

Risk Management Analyst

Risk Management Analyst identifies and evaluates risks to an organization.

Road Mechanic

Road Mechanic maintains, inspects, and repairs roads and road machinery.

Roll Packer

Roll Packer operates and maintains roll packing machines.

Repair Technician

Repair Technician repairs and maintains electronic and mechanical equipment.

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