Jobs Starting with S

Last updated: Mar 10, 2023


Secretary provides administrative support such as managing emails and phone calls.


Surveyor collects and analyses data about land, property, and other facts about an area.


Scanner reads bar codes and scans items for sale.


Screener assesses applicants to determine if they meet certain criteria.


Singer uses their voice to make music and entertain.

Supplemental Instructor

Supplemental Instructor assists students in understanding course materials.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves a website's visibility in search engine results.


Shipper arranges shipment of goods and packages.


Shopper searches for products and items to purchase.


Scout searches for and evaluates talent.


Sculptor creates artwork using methods such as carving, casting, and welding.


Server provides food and drink to customers.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer creates and develops software programs.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering applies principles of engineering to the design and development of software programs.


Sponsor provides financial and/or resources to support an event, program, or organization.


Scientist researches and develops hypotheses and theories to better understand the natural world.

Screen Printer

Screen Printer produces prints on garments and other materials.

Scrum Master

Scrum Master facilitates Scrum teams and helps them improve their process.


Sheriff enforces laws and maintains order in a county.

Spray Painter

Spray Painter applies paint and other coatings using a spray gun.

Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer ensures a website or application is stable and reliable.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing creates content and strategies to engage customers on social media.

Social Scientist

Social Scientist studies relationships between people and society.

Social Worker

Social Worker helps people cope with issues in their everyday lives.


Sonographer produces images of organs and tissues used for medical diagnosis.


Stenographer transcribes speech from shorthand to standard English.


Steward manages staff and resources in an organization.

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager plans and coordinates the flow of goods from suppliers to customers.


Scribe records legal proceedings and other documents.

Software Developer

Software Developer designs, tests and develops software.


Solicitor provides legal advice and represents clients in court.

Sous Chef

Sous Chef assists the head chef in the day-to-day operations of a kitchen.


Starter prepares and plate food dishes for the main course of a meal.


Surgeon performs surgical operations.

Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker prepares sandwiches for consumption.


Sanitizer cleans and disinfects surfaces.

Security Guard

Security Guard protects property and people.


Sewer installs and repairs water, sewage and drainage systems.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager creates and manages social media campaigns and strategies.

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist helps people with speech and communication impairments.

Stock Broker

Stock Broker buys and sells securities on behalf of clients.

Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer designs and inspects structures.


Seamstress alters and repairs garments.

Strategic Planner

Strategic Planner develops strategies and plans for businesses.


Superintendent oversees and manages buildings and other personnel.


Sandblaster cleans and removes rust from surfaces.

School Teacher

School Teacher educates students and prepares them for life.


Stylist provides advice on fashion and beauty.

Sales Manager

Sales Manager sets sales goals and works to meet them.

Software Tester

Software Tester tests software for bugs and other issues.

Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologist helps people with speech and swallowing disorders.

Strategy Manager

Strategy Manager develops strategies to achieve organizational goals.

System Engineer

System Engineer designs and develops computer systems.

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer designs, tests and maintains computer systems.

Sales Executive

Sales Executive sells products and services to customers.

Script Writer

Script Writer writes scripts for plays, films, and television.

Skip Tracer

Skip Tracer locates people who have skipped out on their debt.

Solar Panel Installer

Solar Panel Installer installs and maintains solar panels and systems.

Special Educator

Special educator provides specialized instruction to help students with special needs succeed in the classroom.


Stacker arranges materials, products, or merchandise in an orderly manner.

Sales Representative

Sales representative sells products and services to customers.

Software Architect

Software architect designs and develops software systems.

Solution Architect

Solution architect designs and develops IT solutions.

Speech Writer

Speech writer writes speeches to be delivered by public figures.


Stitcher performs sewing duties such as hemming, mending, and repairing garments.

Sales Associate

Sales associate assists customers in finding the products and services they need.

Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developer creates and implements software solutions for customers using Salesforce.


Salesman sells products or services to customers.


Scheduler creates and maintains schedules for staff, events, and activities.

School Principal

School principal oversees the day-to-day operations of the school.


Seismologist studies the structure and movement of the Earth's crust.

Servicenow Developer

ServiceNow developer builds and maintains systems using ServiceNow technology.

Sports Psychologist

Sports psychologist helps athletes and other physically active individuals improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Statistical Analyst

Statistical analyst interprets data and produces reports to inform decisions.


Stocker stocks shelves with merchandise in a store.

Stone Mason

Stone mason cuts, shapes and assembles stone to create buildings and other structures.


Strategist develops plans to help organizations achieve their goals.

System Administrator

System administrator maintains and troubleshoots computer networks and systems.

System Analyst

System analyst studies the needs of an organization and designs computer systems to meet those needs.

Systems Administrator

Systems administrator installs, configures and maintains systems.

Systems Analyst

Systems analyst designs, implements and evaluates systems for organizations.

Sales Coach

Sales coach provides guidance and training to sales staff to help them reach their goals.

Sales Trainer

Sales trainer delivers training courses to sales staff.


Selector fills orders for products and materials.

Speech Language Pathologist

Speech language pathologist evaluates and treats speech, language, and swallowing disorders.


Spotter assists workers with lifting heavy objects to prevent injury.

Stakeholder Manager

Stakeholder manager builds relationships with stakeholders to ensure the successful completion of projects.

State Trooper

State trooper enforces laws, provides assistance, and promotes safety on highways and in communities.

Substitute Teacher

Substitute teacher teaches classes in the absence of the regular teacher.

Sales Assistant

Sales assistant provides customer service and helps customers make purchase decisions.

Sales Engineer

Sales engineer works to promote a company's products and services to potential customers.

Sas Programmer

SAS programmer analyzes, troubleshoots and designs software applications using SAS programming language.

School Counselor

School counselor provides students with guidance and support to help them achieve academic, social, and career goals.


Scullery cleans and maintains kitchen equipment and utensils, unloads and stores supplies, and prepares food items.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing plans and implements strategies to increase visibility of a website on search engine results.

Security Officer

Security officer patrols and monitors premises to prevent theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity.

Service Designer

Service designer creates services that are delightful, meaningful, and effective for customers.

Solar Installer

Solar installer installs and maintains solar energy systems on residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Sound Engineer

Sound engineer records and mixes music and sound for films, television, radio, and other media.

Stage Manager

Stage manager coordinates and facilitates the rehearsal and performance of theatrical productions.


Statistician collects, analyzes, and interprets data to draw meaningful conclusions.

Steel Worker

Steel worker produces steel beams, plates, and other products by operating heavy machinery.

Sterile Processing Technician

Sterile processing technician decontaminates and sterilizes medical equipment for reuse.

Studio Photographer

Studio photographer takes photographs for a variety of purposes such as fashion, advertising, and commercial media.

Style Guide

Style guide creates rules for how a website, document, or other content should be written and formatted.

Subject Matter Expert

Subject matter expert provides specialized knowledge and advice related to a specific domain.

Support Technician

Support technician provides technical support and assistance to customers.

Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologist assists surgeons before, during, and after operations by setting up instruments and equipment.

Sales Consultant

Sales consultant advises and assists clients in making purchasing decisions.

Seo Analyst

SEO analyst works to ensure that a website ranks high in search engine results.

Service Client

Service client provides customer service to clients.

Service Consultant

Service consultant provides advice and assistance to organizations to help them improve their services.

Sound Designer

Sound designer creates sound effects and designs soundscapes for films, television, and video games.

Sports Physical Therapist

Sports physical therapist evaluates, diagnoses, and treats injuries and disabilities related to physical activities.

Store Manager

Store manager oversees the daily operations of a retail store.

Street Sweeper

Street sweeper keeps streets and sidewalks clean by sweeping up debris and trash.


Sushiman prepares sushi dishes for customers.

System Architect

System Architect designs and maintains computer systems for organizations.

Systems Architect

Systems Architect designs and develops computer systems to meet the needs of the organization.

System Tester

System Tester tests computer systems to ensure they are functioning properly.

Safety Officer

Safety Officer monitors safety procedures and implements safety measures in the workplace.

Seo Specialist

SEO Specialist optimizes websites for search engine visibility.

Service Advisor

Service Advisor provides advice and assistance to customers in resolving product and service issues.

Service Worker

Service Worker provides customer service and support to customers.

Support Worker

Support Worker provides assistance and support to individuals in need.

Sushi Chef

Sushi Chef prepares and cooks sushi dishes for customers.

School Social Worker

School Social Worker provides social and emotional support to students and their families.

Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative works to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Sap Consultant

SAP Consultant provides business process and technology consulting services.

School Psychologist

School Psychologist provides psychological services to children, adolescents, and their families.

Service Manager

Service Manager manages staff and client relations in a service-oriented business.

Shopify Developer

Shopify Developer builds and maintains e-commerce websites using the Shopify platform.

Site Manager

Site Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a particular site or location.

Soc Analyst

Soc Analyst examines data to identify and address any potential risks or threats.

Software Designer

Software Designer creates innovative software programs and applications.

Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Speech Language Pathology Assistant provides assistance to speech and language pathologists.

Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse provides medical care to patients of all ages.

Starbucks Barista

Starbucks Barista serves customers drinks, pastries, and other food items.

Strategic Consultant

Strategic Consultant provides advice and support to companies to help them reach their goals.

Strategy Consultant

Strategy Consultant offers strategy and planning services to their clients.

Student Nurse

Student Nurse provides patient care under the supervision of registered nurses.

Sales Clerk

Sales Clerk assists customers with their purchases in a retail setting.

Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator organizes and manages customer accounts and sales activities.

Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner creates and maintains schedules for projects, events, and tasks.

School Nurse

School Nurse provides basic health services to students in a school setting.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator assesses the quality and accuracy of search engine results.

Security Agent

Security agent provides protection and security for people and places.

Security Manager

Security manager plans and implements security policies and procedures.

Site Engineer

Site engineer plans, designs, and maintains infrastructure and construction projects.

Software Engineering Internship

Software engineering internship provides hands-on experience developing software solutions.

Software Engineer In Test

Software engineer in test develops and tests software applications.

Software Test Engineer

Software test engineer designs, develops and executes software test plans.


Sorter organizes objects into specific categories.

Special Education Teacher

Special education teacher helps students with special needs reach their educational goals.

Sports Photographer

Sports photographer captures sports-related moments in photographs.

Stand Up Forklift

Stand up forklift operator safely operates a forklift to move materials.

Structural Designer

Structural designer creates designs for buildings and other structures.

Support Assistant

Support assistant provides customer service and problem resolution.

System Integrator

System integrator designs, integrates and tests hardware and software systems.

Systems Integrator

Systems integrator designs and implements solutions that combine hardware and software components.

Safety Inspector

Safety inspector ensures that safety standards are met in a workplace.

Sales Agent

Sales agent promotes and sells products and services.

Sales Planner

Sales planner develops and manages sales operations.

Security Engineer

Security engineer evaluates and implements information security solutions.

Service Delivery Manager

Service delivery manager oversees customer service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Service Engineer

Service engineer installs, repairs and maintains equipment and systems.

Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal worker fabricates, assembles and installs sheet metal products.

Shop Assistant

Shop assistant provides customer service and assists with sales.

Soccer Coach

Soccer coach trains and leads a soccer team.

Social Media Specialist

Social media specialist manages online communities and social media platforms.

Software Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance tests and evaluates software to ensure it meets quality standards.

Soil Scientist

Soil scientist studies the composition, structure and other characteristics of soil.

Solution Engineer

Solution engineer designs, develops and implements business solutions.

Solutions Engineer

Solutions engineer designs and implements technical solutions.

Specialist Procurement

Specialist procurement procures goods and services for an organization.

Staff Accountant

Staff accountant records and maintains financial transactions.

Staff Engineer

Staff engineer develops and designs systems to improve the efficiency of production operations.

Stay Connected

Stay connected provides a platform that helps people stay connected with friends and family.

Stock Manager

Stock manager oversees the inventory of goods and materials in order to meet customer demand.

Student Counselor

Student counselor provides psychological therapy and guidance to students.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Substance abuse counselor helps people struggling with substance abuse to find ways to cope with addiction.

Supply Chain Analyst

Supply chain analyst analyzes the entire supply chain process to identify inefficiencies and optimize operations.

Supply Manager

Supply manager ensures an adequate supply of materials and equipment in order to meet production requirements.

Sustainability Manager

Sustainability manager develops strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.

Systems Manager

Systems manager directs the installation, configuration, and maintenance of computer systems.

Systems Programmer

Systems programmer designs and develops computer systems and networks.

School Administrator

School administrator manages the day-to-day operations of a school.

Safety Engineer

Safety engineer designs systems, procedures, and policies to ensure workplace safety standards are met.

Sales Advisor

Sales advisor provides advice and guidance to customers in order to encourage sales.

Sales Director

Sales director oversees the sales team and develops strategies to increase sales.

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce administrator ensures the effective use of the Salesforce platform.

Sales Person

Sales person promotes the sale of products and services.

Security Analyst

Security analyst evaluates and monitors the security systems of an organization.

Seo Copywriter

SEO copywriter creates content that boosts search engine rankings.

Shipping Manager

Shipping manager oversees and coordinates the shipping of goods.

Siding Installer

Siding installer installs and repairs siding on various structures.

Ski Patrol

Ski patrol ensures the safety of skiers and snowboarders on the slopes.

Soil Sampler

Soil sampler collects and analyzes soil samples in order to assess the quality of the land.

Space Planner

Space planner designs and arranges interior spaces to maximize their efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Spanish Teacher

Spanish teacher instructs students in the Spanish language and culture.

Special Agent

Special agent investigates criminal activity on behalf of the government.

Sports Medicine Physician

Sports medicine physician diagnoses and treats injuries and illnesses related to sports.

Stage Hand

Stage hand assists in the setup and tear down of stages for live events.


Stagehand sets up and operates sound and lighting equipment for live performances.


Storekeeper manages the inventory of goods and materials.

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultant provides advice and guidance to organizations on how to reduce their environmental impact.

Swim Instructor

Swim Instructor teaches individuals or groups swimming techniques and water safety.

Systems Business Analyst

Systems Business Analyst analyzes business processes and systems to identify areas of improvement and develop solutions.

School Crossing Guard

School Crossing Guard assists children crossing the street safely during school hours.

Sales Support

Sales Support provides support to customers and sales staff during the sales process.

Science Teacher

Science Teacher educates students in specific areas of science.

Scientific Writer

Scientific Writer develops complex content in the field of science.

Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Product Owner manages and directs the product backlog and prioritizes requirements.

Security Architect

Security Architect designs, implements and maintains a secure system environment.

Security Controller

Security Controller oversees the security of a company's physical and digital assets.

Seo Manager

SEO Manager executes strategies to increase website rankings and visibility in search engines.

Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreter converts spoken or written language into sign language for communication.

Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor supervises a specific site in order to ensure that all operations are running smoothly.

Software Consultant

Software Consultant offers advice and assistance to organizations on the use and implementation of software solutions.


Sourcer identifies potential job candidates for organizations.

Spanish Tutor

Spanish Tutor teaches Spanish language and culture to students.

Specimen Collector

Specimen Collector collects biological samples for medical tests and research.

Sports Reporter

Sports Reporter reports on sports events and provides analysis.

Sre Engineer

SRE Engineer develops and implements solutions to improve system reliability and scalability.


Steamfitter installs and repairs pipes, valves and other components of steam systems.

Stock Controller

Stock Controller monitors stock levels and coordinates replenishment of inventory.

Store Clerk

Store Clerk assists customers and processes sales transactions in a store.

Supply Planner

Supply Planner develops and implements plans to manage supply chain operations.

Surgical Assistant

Surgical Assistant assists surgeons in preparing for and carrying out surgical procedures.

Surgical Nurse

Surgical Nurse provides nursing care to patients before, during and after surgery.

Switchboard Operator

Switchboard Operator answers incoming calls and routes calls to the appropriate departments.

Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consultant leverages Salesforce tools to implement business solutions for clients.

Sales Officer

Sales Officer develops and implements strategies to meet sales targets.

Sanitation Worker

Sanitation Worker collects, transports and disposes of waste materials in an efficient manner.

School Bus Driver

School Bus Driver safely transports students to and from school and other activities.

Scientific Illustrator

Scientific illustrator creates accurate visual representations of scientific data.

Security Consultant

Security consultant provides security advice to protect sensitive data and information.

Service Desk Analyst

Service desk analyst assists customers with technical issues.

Service Technician

Service technician performs repairs, maintenance and installation of products.

Sharepoint Developer

SharePoint developer designs and customizes SharePoint applications.

Shift Leader

Shift leader manages staff and ensures tasks are completed.

Shift Manager

Shift manager oversees staff and operations during a shift.

Shipping And Receiving

Shipping and receiving receives, inspects, and stores inventory.

Social Media Content Creator

Social media content creator creates content to promote products and services on social media.

Software Configuration Manager

Software configuration manager configures and maintains software applications.

Software Developer Engineer

Software developer engineer designs, develops, tests and deploys software applications.

Software Development Engineer

Software development engineer builds, tests and maintains software applications.

Software Engineering Intern

Software engineering intern assists software developers and engineers with coding, testing and maintenance.

Software Engineer Intern

Software engineer intern designs, develops, tests and maintains software applications.

Spanish Interpreter

Spanish interpreter translates spoken and written Spanish.

Sterilization Technician

Sterilization technician prepares and sterilizes medical equipment and instruments.

Storyboard Artist

Storyboard artist creates visual storyboards for films, animations and other media.

Strength And Conditioning Coach

Strength and conditioning coach develops strength and conditioning programs for athletes.

Supply Chain Planner

Supply chain planner forecasts and plans supply chain operations.

Support Engineer

Support engineer provides technical support to customers.

Support Staff

Support staff provides general administrative and customer service assistance.

Surgical Technician

Surgical technician supports the medical team during surgical procedures.

School Secretary

School secretary provides administrative support to the school.

Sales Administrator

Sales administrator coordinates sales operations and activities.

Salesforce Architect

Salesforce architect designs and develops Salesforce applications.

Sales Lead

Sales lead manages and motivates sales team.

Sales Specialist

Sales specialist promotes and sells products or services.

Sap Developer

SAP developer designs, builds and implements SAP solutions.

Sat Tutor

SAT tutor provides guidance and assistance to students preparing for the SAT.

Script Reader

Script reader reads scripts and makes notes and recommendations.

Security Supervisor

Security supervisor oversees security operations to ensure the safety of personnel and assets.

Sen Teacher

Sen Teacher educates and supports students with special educational needs.

Service Coordinator

Service Coordinator organises and coordinates service delivery for clients.

Services Coordinator

Services Coordinator plans, directs, and coordinates client services.

Skilled Labourer

Skilled Labourer performs skilled manual labour tasks.

Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant advises clients on effective strategies for utilising social media.

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator manages a company's social media presence.

Software Developer Intern

Software Developer Intern develops and tests software under the guidance of experienced developers.

Software Programmer

Software Programmer develops, tests, and maintains software applications.

Software Staff Engineer

Software Staff Engineer designs, builds, and tests software components.

Solution Consultant

Solution Consultant provides technical expertise to identify, develop, and implement solutions.

Solutions Consultant

Solutions Consultant develops and implements effective solutions to customer issues.

Sports Writer

Sports Writer covers and reports on sports news.

Staff Software Engineer

Staff Software Engineer develops and maintains software systems and applications.

Storage Manager

Storage Manager ensures the safe storage of materials, products, and information.

Store Associate

Store Associate provides customer service and stocks shelves in a retail store.

Student Advisor

Student Advisor provides advice and guidance to students.

Support Coordinator

Support Coordinator provides support to clients, including problem resolution and training.

Safety Manager

Safety Manager develops and implements safety policies, procedures, and protocols.

Safety Watch

Safety Watch maintains safety and security of personnel and property.

Salad Maker

Salad Maker prepares and serves salads.

Sales Account Manager

Sales Account Manager develops relationships with clients and works to increase sales.

Salesforce Business Analyst

Salesforce Business Analyst designs and implements Salesforce solutions for clients.

School Photographer

School Photographer takes photographs of students and staff.

Science Writer

Science Writer communicates complex scientific information to a variety of audiences.

Secondary School Teacher

Secondary School Teacher educates and supports students in secondary education.

Security Administrator

Security Administrator safeguards information systems against unauthorized access.

Shop Manager

Shop Manager manages the daily operations of a retail store.

Short Order Cook

Short Order Cook prepares and cooks meals quickly and efficiently.

Signing Agent

Signing Agent facilitates legally-binding agreements by verifying documents and witnessing signatures.

Sign Installer

Sign installer installs signage and graphics in a variety of locations.

Ski Instructor

Ski instructor teaches skiing to students of all ages and abilities.

Small Business Consultant

Small business consultant provides advice and guidance to small businesses to help them grow and succeed.

Snowflake Architect

Snowflake Architect designs, builds and maintains databases on Snowflake cloud infrastructure.

Social Media Intern

Social media intern supports the development and execution of social media campaigns.

Social Media Strategist

Social media strategist creates and implements an overarching social media strategy to boost brand awareness and engagement.

Social Service Worker

Social service worker helps individuals in need access resources and services to improve their quality of life.

Software Intern

Software intern provides technical assistance to software developers and is responsible for writing code.

Software Manager

Software manager oversees the software development process, including designing, coding, testing and deploying applications.

Solution Designer

Solution designer designs efficient and effective solutions to technical problems.

Solutions Designer

Solutions designer works with clients to develop software solutions that meet their needs.

Spanish Professor

Spanish professor teaches students the Spanish language, as well as its culture, history and literature.

Specialist Quality Assurance

Specialist quality assurance performs a range of activities related to ensuring quality standards are met.

Squad Lead

Squad lead oversees a team and is responsible for its performance and development.

Stationary Engineer

Stationary engineer is responsible for operating and maintaining heavy equipment and machinery.

Steel Stud Framer

Steel stud framer builds walls and partitions using steel studs.

Stock Clerk

Stock clerk is responsible for stocking shelves and ensuring inventory is properly tracked.

Store Assistant

Store assistant supports customers and provides assistance in the store.

Stucco Plasterer

Stucco plasterer applies a mixture of sand and cement to interior and exterior walls.

Student Assistant

Student assistant provides assistance to faculty and staff in a variety of tasks.

Student Manager

Student manager oversees student activities and ensures they are conducted in accordance with school policies.

Student Recruiter

Student recruiter reaches out to potential students and helps them understand the opportunities available at the school.

Supervision Manager

Supervision manager oversees staff and ensures that work is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Supervisor Operations

Supervisor operations ensures that operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Supply Chain Consultant

Supply chain consultant helps companies optimize their supply chains to improve productivity and efficiency.

Supply Teacher

Supply teacher stands in for regular teachers when they are absent.

School Librarian

School librarian manages the library and provides support and information to students and staff.

Safety Consultant

Safety consultant evaluates workplaces to ensure they are compliant with safety regulations.

Sales Analyst

Sales analyst gathers and interprets data to identify sales trends and opportunities.

Sales Development Manager

Sales development manager creates and implements strategies to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales Operations Manager

Sales Operations Manager plans, controls and monitors sales operations activities.

Sales Recruiter

Sales Recruiter recruits and evaluates potential sales staff.

Sales Supervisor

Sales Supervisor supervises and directs sales personnel.

Scheduling Assistant

Scheduling Assistant assists in scheduling of personnel and resources.

Scheduling Manager

Scheduling Manager manages the scheduling of personnel and resources.

Security Specialist

Security Specialist ensures the security of systems and data.

Seo Executive

SEO Executive optimizes websites for search engine performance.

Server Administrator

Server Administrator maintains and monitors server systems.

Shift Supervisor

Shift Supervisor supervises and coordinates daily shift operations.

Shuttle Driver

Shuttle Driver transports passengers to and from designated locations.

Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant assists in the maintenance and promotion of a company's social media presence.

Social Media Executive

Social Media Executive develops, implements, and evaluates social media strategies.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager creates and manages campaigns on social media networks.

Software Analyst

Software Analyst evaluates and tests software applications.

Software Engineering Manager

Software Engineering Manager oversees the development and implementation of software solutions.

Software Qa Tester

Software Quality Assurance Tester evaluates and tests software applications for quality and reliability.

Solar Engineer

Solar Engineer designs and implements solar energy systems.

Solution Manager

Solution Manager plans, designs and implements solutions.

Solutions Manager

Solutions Manager oversees solutions development and implementation.

Sourcing Manager

Sourcing Manager identifies and evaluates potential suppliers.

Sourcing Specialist

Sourcing Specialist sources products and components for production.

Spray Booth Painter

Spray Booth Painter prepares and applies paint finishes to products.

Sprinkler Fitter

Sprinkler Fitter installs, maintains and repairs fire sprinkler systems.

Staffing Recruiter

Staffing Recruiter sources, interviews and places job candidates.

Statistical Programmer

Statistical Programmer develops, documents and implements statistical programs.

Store Merchandising

Store Merchandising displays and promotes products in stores.

Strategic Project Manager

Strategic Project Manager defines, plans and implements projects.

Success Coach

Success Coach assists in setting and achieving goals.

School Bus Monitor

School Bus Monitor ensures the safety of students while they are on the bus.

School Custodian

School custodian cleans and maintains the school building.

Sales And Marketing Manager

Sales and Marketing Manager develops and implements sales and marketing strategies.

Sales Intern

Sales Intern assists in sales operations.

Sales Internship

Sales Leadership manages and motivates a sales team.

Sales Leader

Sales Lead Generator identifies and pursues potential customers.

Sales Lead Generator

Sales Merchandiser manages the sales floor.

Sales Merchandiser

Sandwich Artist prepares and serves sandwiches.

Sandwich Artist

SAP Project Manager coordinates SAP projects.

Sap Project Manager

Shipping Clerk processes shipments and prepares goods for dispatch.

Shipping Clerk

Social Media Graphic Designer creates visual content for social media platforms.

Social Media Graphic Designer

Software Development Manager organizes and oversees software development projects.

Software Development Manager

Software QA Engineer tests and evaluates software for defects.

Software Qa Engineer

Software Trainer trains users on how to use software applications.

Software Trainer

Solution Analyst designs and implements solutions to business problems.

Solution Analyst

Solutions Analyst evaluates and solves complex technical problems.

Sound Technician

Sound Technician operates sound equipment for recordings and events.

Spa Manager

Spa Manager oversees the daily operations of the spa.

Sports Director

Sports Director manages and organizes sport activities.

Sqa Engineer

SQA Engineer reviews and tests software to ensure quality.

Stock Associate

Stock Associate stocks shelves in the store.

Stocking Associate

Stocking Associate maintains merchandise in store.

Stone Fabricator

Stone Fabricator shapes and cuts stone to specified dimensions.

Strategic Account Manager

Strategic Account Manager builds relationships with key clients.

Strategic Accounts Manager

Strategic Accounts Manager develops strategies to expand customer base.

Stress Engineer

Stress Engineer performs stress analysis on components and structures.

Structural Welder

Structural Welder joins metal components with a welding machine.

Student Placement

Student Placement helps students find internships and jobs.

Studio Manager

Studio Manager coordinates the daily operations of a recording studio.

Supplier Quality Engineer

Supplier Quality Engineer evaluates the quality of incoming products.

Supply Chain Coordinator

Supply Chain Coordinator coordinates and monitors the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers.

Sw Engineer

Sw Engineer designs, develops and tests software applications.

Systems Developer

Systems Developer develops, maintains, and implements systems projects.

Software Support Specialist

Software Support Specialist provides technical assistance to customers using software applications.

Safety Coordinator

Safety Coordinator plans and implements safety protocols in the workplace.

Safety Supervisor

Safety Supervisor oversees the implementation of safety procedures to ensure that the workplace is safe.

Sales Account Executive

Sales Account Executive develops and maintains relationships with clients to generate sales.

Sales Assistant Manager

Sales Assistant Manager manages daily operations and sales activities in a retail store.

Sales Estimator

Sales Estimator evaluates customer needs and develops cost estimates for goods and services.

Sales Professional

Sales Professional develops and maintains customer relationships to increase sales.

Sap Architect

SAP Architect designs and implements SAP systems and solutions.

Scheduling Coordinator

Scheduling Coordinator plans and organizes work schedules and resources.

Secondary Teacher

Secondary Teacher teaches students in grades 6-12 in academic and social subjects.

Sen Teaching Assistant

Sen Teaching Assistant provides specialised support to teachers in the provision of education to SEN students.

Service Writer

Service Writer provides customer service by facilitating the repair and maintenance of vehicles.

Sharepoint Administrator

SharePoint Administrator designs and implements SharePoint solutions to meet business requirements.

Singing Teacher

Singing Teacher provides learning and guidance to students in the practice of singing.

Social Media Account Manager

Social Media Account Manager develops and implements social media strategies to promote brands and products.

Social Media Analyst

Social Media Analyst monitors and evaluates performance of social media campaigns.

Social Media Community Manager

Social Media Community Manager grows and engages with a brand's online community.

Social Media Copywriter

Social Media Copywriter creates compelling content for social media platforms.

Social Worker Assistant

Social Worker Assistant assists with case management, community outreach and client advocacy.

Social Work Assistant

Social Work Assistant provides support to social workers in the provision of services to clients.

Social Work Case Manager

Social Work Case Manager coordinates and monitors the care and services of clients.

Software Design Engineer

Software Design Engineer designs and develops software components.

Software Engineering Lead

Software Engineering Lead manages software engineers in the development of software projects.

Software Engineer Lead

Software Engineer Lead oversees the engineering team in the development of software applications.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Software Quality Assurance Engineer tests software applications for defects.

Software Systems Engineer

Software Systems Engineer designs and implements software systems.

Special Needs Teacher

Special Needs Teacher provides individualized instruction to students with special needs.

Sql Dba

SQL DBA manages and supports database systems to ensure data availability, integrity and security.

Station Manager

Station Manager oversees the efficient operations of a train or bus station.

Stock Analyst

Stock Analyst researches and analyzes financial information to make investment decisions.

Strategy Analyst

Strategy Analyst develops and implements strategic plans to achieve long-term goals.

Strategy Director

Strategy Director sets the direction and plans of an organization's strategic initiatives.

Student Mentor

Student Mentor provides guidance, support and resources to help students achieve their personal and academic goals.

Supply Chain Engineer

Supply Chain Engineer designs and implements supply chain solutions to meet customer requirements.

Supply Chain Specialist

Supply Chain Specialist coordinates and monitors the supply chain of products and services.

Support Analyst

Support Analyst provides technical assistance and troubleshooting to customers.

System Software Engineer

System Software Engineer designs and develops computer software systems.

Systems Software Engineer

Systems Software Engineer creates and modifies software programs to meet user requirements.

Sales Operations Analyst

Sales Operations Analyst evaluates customer data and creates strategies to improve sales performance.

Salon Manager

Salon Manager manages the daily operations of a hair salon and ensures the satisfaction of customers.

Sap Analyst

SAP Analyst evaluates and implements SAP solutions for business processes.

Sap Fico Consultant

SAP FICO Consultant advises on SAP Finance and Controlling functionalities.

Security Researcher

Security Researcher discovers and investigates potential security vulnerabilities.

Service Desk Manager

Service Desk Manager oversees the operations of an IT service desk.

Service Specialist

Service Specialist provides customer service, troubleshooting and repairs of products.

Shift Engineer

Shift Engineer performs maintenance, diagnostics and repairs of industrial equipment.

Shop Foreman

Shop Foreman supervises and trains shop personnel in production processes.

Simulation Engineer

Simulation Engineer designs and develops computer simulations for various applications.

Site Administrator

Site Administrator maintains and monitors a website's performance and security.

Site Foreman

Site Foreman ensures efficient operations and compliance with safety standards on a construction site.

Soc Engineer

SOC Engineer builds, maintains and monitors Security Operations Centers.

Software Product Manager

Software Product Manager designs, develops and launches new software products.

Software Quality Engineer

Software Quality Engineer plans and implements quality assurance measures.

Spa Receptionist

Spa Receptionist welcomes guests, answers inquiries and schedules appointments.

Sports Statistician

Sports Statistician collects and analyzes data to assess sports performance.

Staffing Coordinator

Staffing Coordinator recruits, interviews and hires qualified personnel.

Staff Writer

Staff Writer creates content for a variety of publications and websites.

Stock Trader

Stock Trader buys and sells stocks to generate profits for their clients.

Store Supervisor

Store Supervisor oversees the day-to-day operations of a store.

Structural Design Engineer

Structural Design Engineer evaluates, designs, and creates plans for structures such as buildings and bridges.

Student Tutor

Student Tutor provides guidance and assistance to students with their studies.

Subway Sandwich Artist

Subway Sandwich Artist prepares and serves sandwiches and other products for customers.

Summer Camp Counselor

Summer Camp Counselor facilitates activities, builds relationships and provides a safe environment for campers.

Supply Chain Director

Supply Chain Director oversees the coordination of activities within the supply chain.

Support Agent

Support Agent provides assistance with customers' technical and product-related inquiries.

Support Manager

Support Manager is in charge of a team that provides technical assistance and customer service.

Support Specialist

Support Specialist provides technical assistance and troubleshooting for clients.


Surintendant oversees construction projects and supervises the work of contractors.

System Design Engineer

System Design Engineer creates design plans for computer and electronic systems.

Systems Design Engineer

Systems Design Engineer designs, tests, and develops integrated computer systems and networks.

Systems Support

Systems Support solves technical issues and provides support services to computer users.

Sales Pro

Sales Pro is responsible for selling products and services to customers.

Sales Support Specialist

Sales Support Specialist provides administrative and customer service support within the sales department.

Sales Team Lead

Sales Team Lead manages and motivates a team to ensure customer satisfaction and sales metrics are met.

Sales Team Leader

Sales Team Leader provides direction and guidance to a sales team to meet targets.

Salon Receptionist

Salon Receptionist greets customers, schedules appointments, and provides customer service.

Sap Abap Developer

SAP ABAP Developer designs and develops programs for SAP systems.

Sap Business Analyst

SAP Business Analyst reviews business processes, identifies improvements, and implements solutions using SAP.

Sas Developer

SAS Developer designs and develops programs using the SAS programming language.

Scala Developer

Scala Developer designs and develops applications in the Scala programming language.

Scaffold Builder

Scaffold Builder assembles and erects scaffolding structures.

Seafood Processor

Seafood Processor prepares and packages seafood products.

Section Manager

Section Manager oversees a section within a larger department.

Security Director

Security Director manages the security operations of an organization.

Sem Specialist

SEM Specialist designs and implements search engine marketing strategies.

Server Assistant

Server Assistant provides customer service and food and beverage service in a restaurant.

Service Driver

Service driver provides transportation services to customers.

Sewing Machine Operator

Sewing machine operator utilizes sewing machines to produce textile products.

Shipping Receiving

Shipping receiving manages the receipt, storage, and delivery of goods.

Site Coordinator

Site coordinator organizes and oversees the daily operations of a specific job site.

Small Engine Mechanic

Small engine mechanic repairs and maintains small engines.

Smt Operator

SMT operator assembles and programs surface-mount technology products.

Social Studies Teacher

Social studies teacher educates students on history, geography, and culture.

Software Application Developer

Software application developer designs, creates, and maintains applications for mobile devices.

Software Engineer Java

Software engineer Java designs and develops software solutions using Java.

Solar Electrician

Solar electrician installs and repairs solar energy systems.

Solar Technician

Solar technician services, installs, and inspects solar energy systems.

Special Police Officer

Special police officer provides law enforcement support to a specific community.

Staff Auditor

Staff auditor verifies the accuracy of financial records.

Studio Engineer

Studio engineer operates and maintains recording equipment.

Study Coordinator

Study coordinator organizes and manages clinical research studies.

Support Teacher

Support teacher assists teachers in classroom activities and instruction.

Survey Assistant

Survey assistant collects data for research studies.

Sw Tester

SW tester evaluates and tests software programs.

System Integration Engineer

System integration engineer creates and maintains the connection between computer systems.

Systems Integration Engineer

Systems integration engineer designs, develops, and tests integrated systems.

School Director

School director oversees the operations of a school or education system.

Surgical First Assistant

Surgical first assistant assists the surgeon during medical procedures.

Safety Professional

Safety professional implements safety procedures and protocols in a work environment.

Safety Specialist

Safety specialist provides expertise and guidance on safety protocols.

Sales And Marketing Executive

Sales and marketing executive develops and implements marketing strategies.

Salesforce Solution Architect

Salesforce solution architect designs solutions that maximize a customer's Salesforce investment.

Salesforce Solutions Architect

Salesforce solutions architect creates and implements technical solutions using Salesforce.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sales & marketing manager develops and manages sales strategies and marketing plans.

Sales Trader

Sales trader facilitates the purchase and sale of financial instruments.

Sales Trainee

Sales trainee learns the sales process and techniques through hands-on experience.

Sap Basis Administrator

SAP Basis Administrator manages the technical infrastructure of SAP systems.

Sap Functional Consultant

SAP Functional Consultant provides expertise in the functional area of the SAP system.

Sap Master Data Governance

SAP Master Data Governance ensures consistency and accuracy of data across multiple applications.

Security Assistant

Security Assistant assists with the security of a business or organization.

Security Software Engineer

Security Software Engineer develops systems and software to protect a business or organization.

Sem Manager

SEM Manager oversees search engine marketing activities to increase visibility and traffic.

Server Engineer

Server Engineer installs, configures, and maintains servers and related components.

Service Desk Engineer

Service Desk Engineer provides technical support and assistance to customers.

Sharepoint Consultant

SharePoint Consultant designs, develops, and implements solutions based on the SharePoint platform.

Sheet Metal Apprentice

Sheet Metal Apprentice assists with the fabrication and installation of sheet metal products.

Shipping And Receiving Clerk

Shipping and Receiving Clerk receives, inspects, and stores incoming goods.

Shipping Coordinator

Shipping Coordinator coordinates the shipment of goods with vendors and customers.

Site Controller

Site Controller maintains financial records for a particular site.

Soc Architect

SOC Architect designs and implements security operations center processes and procedures.

Social Media Director

Social Media Director oversees the company’s social media activities.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social Media Marketing Specialist designs and executes social media marketing campaigns.

Software Project Manager

Software Project Manager plans and oversees software projects from start to finish.

Software Security Engineer

Software Security Engineer designs, implements, and maintains secure software.


Solderer joins metal parts and components with a soldering iron.

Solution Specialist

Solution Specialist provides technical advice to customers on product solutions.

Solutions Specialist

Solutions Specialist designs and implements IT solutions.

Special Education Paraprofessional

Special Education Paraprofessional assists special education teachers in the classroom.

Specimen Processor

Specimen Processor processes specimens for medical testing.

Sports Anchor

Sports Anchor presents sports stories on television or radio.

Sql Data Analyst

SQL Data Analyst analyzes data stored in SQL databases.

Staff Assistant

Staff Assistant provides administrative support to staff members.

Staffing Consultant

Staffing Consultant matches job candidates with suitable positions.

Strategic Business Consultant

Strategic Business Consultant assists clients with developing and implementing business strategies.

Strategic Buyer

Strategic Buyer evaluates vendors and negotiates contract terms for purchases.

Student Worker

Student Worker assists with tasks related to their studies or other relevant work experience.

Substation Electrician

Substation electrician installs, maintains, and repairs electrical equipment in power substations.

Summer Associate

Summer associate provides support to staff members and assists with projects for a set period, typically during the summer.

Survey Technician

Survey technician collects field data and prepares survey drawings for projects such as new roads, bridges, and pipelines.

Safety Technician

Safety technician monitors and inspects workplaces to identify and mitigate potential safety issues.

Sales Enablement Manager

Sales enablement manager helps sales teams to learn and use new technologies and products to improve the sales process.

Salesforce Technical Architect

Salesforce technical architect designs and implements solutions using Salesforce products while providing technical guidance and expertise.

Sales & Marketing Executive

Sales & marketing executive promotes products or services by developing and executing marketing strategies.

Sales Operations Specialist

Sales operations specialist facilitates sales teams by providing data, insights, and analytics to help optimize sales performance.

Sap Administrator

SAP administrator manages, configures, and supports SAP systems and related software.

Satellite Engineer

Satellite engineer designs, builds, and tests satellites and their components.

Saute Cook

Saute cook prepares and cooks food using a variety of techniques and equipment.

Sdr Manager

SDR manager leads and manages a team of sales development representatives to drive customer acquisition.

Security Technician

Security technician installs, maintains, and repairs security systems, such as alarm systems, CCTV, and access control systems.

Seo Strategist

SEO strategist optimizes content and website structure to improve the visibility of websites on search engine results.

Service Administrator

Service administrator coordinates service activities and oversees service staff.

Service Representative

Service representative provides customer service and assists with inquiries, orders, and complaints.

Site Superintendent

Site superintendent oversees the construction of a building at the site and ensures that it is completed on time and within budget.

Skid Steer Operator

Skid steer operator operates a skid steer machine to excavate or move materials on construction sites.

Sleep Technician

Sleep technician performs sleep studies, collects and evaluates data, and provides diagnoses to patients with sleep-related disorders.

Social Media Editor

Social media editor manages a company's social media accounts, posts content, and engages with followers.

Social Services Assistant

Social services assistant provides administrative and clerical support to social workers.

Software Automation Engineer

Software automation engineer develops and maintains automated systems and software solutions.

Software Program Manager

Software program manager oversees the development, maintenance, and launch of software programs.

Software Specialist

Software specialist designs and maintains software applications and systems tailored to customer needs.

Spa Attendant

Spa attendant assists guests with spa treatments and ensures that their experience is relaxing and enjoyable.

Sql Database Administrator

SQL database administrator manages, maintains, and troubleshoots databases using SQL.

Staff Attorney

Staff attorney provides legal advice to organizations and represents them in court.

Strata Manager

Strata manager oversees the administration and management of strata properties.

Success Engineer

Success engineer provides technical guidance and customer success strategies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Intern

Supply chain intern supports the daily operations of the supply chain management team.

Surgical Nurse Practitioner

Surgical Nurse Practitioners provide advanced nursing care for patients in surgical settings.

Sustainability Specialist

Sustainability Specialists develop and implement strategies to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

System Security Engineer

System Security Engineers design, install, and manage security software to protect a company's data and networks.

Systems Specialist

Systems Specialists oversee and maintain computer systems and networks to ensure smooth operation.

Safety Advisor

Safety Advisors provide advice and guidance on health and safety in the workplace.

Sailpoint Developer

Sailpoint Developers create and maintain Sailpoint IdentityIQ software applications.

Sales Ambassador

Sales Ambassadors create relationships with potential customers to promote a product or service.

Sales And Marketing Specialist

Sales and Marketing Specialists develop sales strategies and marketing initiatives to grow a business.

Salesforce Engineer

Salesforce Engineers design and build custom Salesforce applications.

Sales Porter

Sales Porters provide assistance to customers in retail stores.

Sdk Developer

SDK Developers create and maintain software development kits.

Seasonal Sales Associate

Seasonal Sales Associates help customers find the right product and complete transactions.

Security Concierge

Security Concierges protect people and property in a facility.

Security Operations Manager

Security Operations Managers supervise a team of security personnel and monitor security systems.

Service Analyst

Service Analysts provide data-driven insights to increase service performance.

Service Desk Agent

Service Desk Agents provide technical assistance to customers.

Service Director

Service Directors coordinate service delivery teams to ensure exceptional customer service.

Servicenow Administrator

Servicenow Administrators manage the Servicenow platform to ensure system efficiency.

Sharepoint Architect

Sharepoint Architects create and maintain Sharepoint applications.

Shunt Driver

Shunt Drivers transport goods between warehouses.

Site Director

Site Directors oversee the daily operations of a business.

Slitter Operator

Slitter Operators use machines to cut and slit materials according to customer specifications.

Slot Attendant

Slot Attendants provide assistance to customers in casinos.

Social Science Teacher

Social Science Teachers educate students in sociology, psychology, political science and other related fields.

Software Developer In Test

Software Developers in Test create and maintain automated tests to ensure software quality.

Software Integration Engineer

Software Integration Engineers integrate multiple software components into a single system.

Software Release Manager

Software Release Managers coordinate the software release process while ensuring quality and reliability.

Solutions Developer

Solutions Developers create innovative software solutions to meet customer needs.

Sourcing Recruiter

Sourcing Recruiters find and recruit qualified candidates for open positions.

Special Projects Manager

Special Projects Managers oversee and manage special projects to ensure successful completion.

Specification Writer

Specification Writer writes technical specifications for products, services and processes.

Speech Pathologist Assistant

Speech Pathology Assistant administers speech and language therapy programs and provides support to Speech Pathologists.

Splunk Engineer

Splunk Engineer designs, implements and maintains Splunk solutions.

Sql Server Dba

SQL Server DBA maintains and ensures the performance, availability and security of SQL Server databases.

Staffing Specialist

Staffing Specialist sources, screens and recruits qualified candidates to fill open positions.

Statistical Geneticist

Statistical Geneticist develops and applies statistical methods to analyze genetic data.

Stores Officer

Stores Officer oversees the maintenance of stores and inventory.

Strategic Partnership Manager

Strategic Partnership Manager builds and nurtures relationships with strategic partners.

Studio Assistant

Studio Assistant helps in the production of audio and video recordings.

Style Advisor

Style Advisor advises clients on fashion and styling.

Stylist Assistant

Stylist Assistant supports the work of fashion stylists.

Support Officer

Support Officer provides advice and assistance to customers.

Survey Manager

Survey Manager designs and executes survey programs.

Sustainability Coordinator

Sustainability Coordinator plans and implements sustainability initiatives.

System Development Engineer

System Development Engineer designs, develops and implements system solutions.

Systems Test Engineer

Systems Test Engineer tests computer systems and software.

System Test Engineer

System Test Engineer tests system performance.

Software Support Engineer

Software Support Engineer troubleshoots software-related issues.

Safety Director

Safety Director develops safety policies, programs and procedures.

Sales And Marketing Coordinator

Sales and Marketing Coordinator plans and implements sales and marketing campaigns.

Sales Contractor

Sales Contractor sells products and services on a contract basis.

Sales Force Developer

Sales Force Developer builds custom applications on the Salesforce platform.

Sales & Service

Sales and Service provides customer service and sales support.

Saw Operator

Saw Operator operates sawing machines to cut materials.

School Aide

School Aide assists with classroom activities and provides support to teachers.

Security Operations Analyst

Security Operations Analyst monitors security systems and networks.

Service Desk Technician

Service Desk Technician provides technical assistance to customers.

Servicenow Business Analyst

Servicenow Business Analyst provides IT solutions to business problems.

Service Operations Manager

Service Operations Manager oversees maintenance service operations.

Service Person

Service Person provides skilled services to customers.

Services Supervisor

Services Supervisor ensures services are provided according to standards.

Service Supervisor

Service Supervisor monitors daily service operations.

Settlements Administrator

Settlements Administrator processes financial settlements.

Sfdc Developer

SFDC Developer designs and creates Salesforce applications.

Sheet Metal Mechanic

Sheet Metal Mechanic fabricates and installs sheet metal components.

Ship Fitter

Ship Fitter fabricates and fits metal parts on ships.

Showroom Manager

Showroom Manager leads a team to manage a showroom.

Siebel Developer

Siebel Developer develops web applications using Oracle's Siebel platform.

Site Developer

Site Developer builds, maintains, and manages websites.

Social Media Lead

Social Media Lead creates and implements social media strategies.

Software Data Engineer

Software Data Engineer designs, builds, and maintains data pipelines.

Software Delivery Manager

Software Delivery Manager ensures software projects are delivered on time.

Software Engineer Co Op

Software Engineer Co-Op works on software engineering projects with a company.

Sourcing Analyst

Sourcing Analyst researches and evaluates suppliers and products.

Special Education Assistant

Special Education Assistant provides educational support to students with special needs.

Splunk Developer

Splunk Developer develops applications using Splunk technology.

Sqa Tester

SQA Tester tests software for quality assurance.

Store Detective

Store Detective investigates and prevents shoplifting.

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Strategic Sourcing Manager identifies, evaluates, and sources strategic suppliers.

Structural Drafter

Structural Drafter creates technical drawings for structural projects.

Student Research Assistant

Student Research Assistant assists with research projects under the supervision of a faculty member.

Supplier Manager

Supplier Manager manages relationships with suppliers.

Supply Chain Assistant

Supply Chain Assistant assists with supply chain operations.

Supply Chain Data Analyst

Supply Chain Data Analyst analyzes supply chain data.

Systems Technician

Systems Technician installs, maintains, and repairs computer systems.

Software Support Analyst

Software Support Analyst provides technical assistance to software users.

Safety Ambassador

Safety Ambassador educates and encourages people to be safety-minded in the workplace.

Sailing Instructor

Sailing instructor teaches students the fundamentals of sailing and ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.

Sales Administrative Assistant

Sales administrative assistant provides administrative support for sales operations.

Salesforce Project Manager

Salesforce project manager manages Salesforce-related projects and coordinates resources.

Sales Support Administrator

Sales support administrator assists customers with sales-related inquiries.

Sales Support Manager

Sales support manager provides assistance to sales teams and customers.

Salon Assistant

Salon assistant assists stylists in providing salon services.

Sanitation Technician

Sanitation technician is responsible for ensuring food safety through sanitation and cleanliness.

Scale Operator

Scale operator measures and weighs materials.

Scraper Operator

Scraper operator uses heavy machinery to move soil, sand, or gravel.

Security Coordinator

Security coordinator oversees the security of a facility.

Seed Technician

Seed technician assists in the development of new seed varieties.

Service Ambassador

Service ambassador ensures customer satisfaction with a positive attitude.

Service Porter

Service porter maintains organization of vehicles, tools, and equipment.

Service Reliability Engineer

Service reliability engineer develops and implements strategies to improve service reliability.

Sewing Machinist

Sewing machinist operates industrial sewing machines to produce textile products.

Sheet Metal Installer

Sheet metal installer fits, fabricates, and installs sheet metal parts and products.

Shop Helper

Shop helper assists mechanics and other shop personnel.

Shop Mechanic

Shop mechanic repairs, services, and maintains vehicles.

Siem Engineer

SIEM engineer manages and maintains security information and event management systems.

Signal Processing Engineer

Signal processing engineer designs and develops signal processing algorithms.

Site Lead

Site lead is responsible for ensuring site operations run smoothly.

Site Reliability Engineering Manager

Site reliability engineering manager oversees the reliability engineering processes of a website.

Smb Account Executive

SMB Account Executive sells products and services to small and medium businesses.

Smt Machine Operator

SMT Machine Operator operates surface mount technology machines.

Software Technologist

Software technologist designs and develops software applications.

Special Events Coordinator

Special events coordinator plans and organizes special events.

Special Events Manager

Special events manager manages special events and coordinates staff.

Spray Foam Installer

Spray foam installer applies foam insulation to surfaces.

Staff Data Scientist

Staff data scientist extracts, analyzes, and interprets data.

Staffing Manager

Staffing manager recruits, interviews, and selects personnel for various positions.

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