How I Earned $60M After Learning These Things

Last updated: Jul 30, 2023

This video is about the speaker's personal journey of learning productivity hacks and implementing them in his life, which has led to his success in earning $60 million in profit.

This video by Davie Fogarty was published on Dec 31, 2022.
Video length: 11:14.

This video is about the speaker's journey to earning $60 million and the productivity methods he has learned along the way.

The speaker discusses his struggles with productivity and lack of focus, as well as his fear of failure. He shares seven productivity hacks that have helped him become successful, including time blocking, resetting dopamine levels, and forcing boredom.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of implementing these methods into one's life to see a significant increase in productivity.

  • Introduction: Story of Derek and the importance of productivity for success.
  • Productivity Hacks: Time blocking, focus, task allocation, improved time management.
  • Resetting Dopamine: Importance of dopamine, Andrew Huberman's advice, half-day break.
  • Forcing Boredom: Productivity and creativity, nature, problem-solving.
  • Key Priority Tasks: Writing down key tasks and goals, making every day count.
  • Designating an Hourly Rate: Calculating hourly rate, prioritizing time and money.
  • Using Social Media: Avoiding distractions, limiting access, increasing productivity.

How I Earned $60M After Learning These Things - YouTube

How I Earned $60M After Learning These Things 001

Section 1: Introduction

  • The speaker shares the story of Derek, who struggles with productivity and has not made any profits in his online business.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of productivity in achieving success.
  • The speaker mentions his own success in earning $60 million in profit.
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Section 2: Productivity Hacks

  • The speaker discusses the importance of time blocking, a technique where specific tasks are scheduled in the calendar at specific times.
  • The speaker explains how time blocking helps with focus and reduces distractions.
  • The speaker shares his own experience of using time blocking and having an assistant to help with task allocation.
  • The speaker highlights the benefits of time blocking, such as improved time management and reduced procrastination.
  • The speaker encourages viewers to implement time blocking in their own lives.
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Section 3: Resetting Dopamine

  • The speaker explains that dopamine is a chemical in the brain responsible for feelings of happiness and motivation.
  • The speaker discusses the negative effects of low dopamine levels, such as lack of motivation and focus.
  • The speaker shares his struggle with finding healthy ways to reset dopamine levels.
  • The speaker mentions Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist, and his advice on resetting dopamine through breaks from work.
  • The speaker shares his own experience of introducing a half-day break and engaging in non-destructive activities to reset dopamine.
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How I Earned $60M After Learning These Things - YouTube

Section 4: Forcing Boredom

  • The speaker introduces the concept of forcing boredom as a productivity hack.
  • The speaker explains that forcing boredom allows for problem-solving and creative thinking.
  • The speaker acknowledges that many people are scared of boredom but encourages viewers to try it.
  • The speaker mentions the benefits of spending time in nature for resetting the brain.
  • The speaker concludes by stating that implementing these productivity hacks will lead to increased productivity and success.
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Forcing Boredom

  • Boredom can be productive and lead to creative thinking.
  • Time blocking can create a space for boredom and creativity.
  • Taking walks or meditating can stimulate creative thinking.
  • Being bored allows the brain to come up with solutions to problems.
  • By the end of the day, the speaker feels motivated to tackle previously unsolvable problems.
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Key Priority Tasks

  • Every morning, the speaker writes down two key tasks to accomplish for the day.
  • This prevents wasting time on small tasks that don't matter.
  • The speaker also writes down key goals for the month on a whiteboard.
  • Tasks should align with the main focuses for the month.
  • Having clear priorities helps to make every day count.
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Designating an Hourly Rate

  • Everyone should designate an hourly rate for themselves.
  • For entrepreneurs, the hourly rate can be calculated as total profit divided by hours worked.
  • By assigning an hourly rate, it becomes easier to decide whether to outsource tasks or do them yourself.
  • Calculating the cost of tasks in terms of your hourly rate helps prioritize time and money.
  • It's important to be conscious of how time is spent outside of business activities.
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Using Social Media

  • Deleting social media platforms during the week helps to avoid distractions.
  • Tools like One Sec and Stay Focused can limit access to social media and block certain websites.
  • Social media can be addictive and ruin focus.
  • Studies show that attention spans have decreased due to social media.
  • Blocking social media platforms during work hours can increase productivity.
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Learning and Implementing Productivity Hacks

  • Studying various topics such as central banks, human psychology, climate change, and artificial intelligence expands your circle of confidence.
  • Using a method to read blog posts by David Sax led to an obsession with SAS and the launch of a SAS project.
  • The five-hour rule is effective because most people don't invest the time to upskill and expand their knowledge.
  • Surface-level knowledge can be gained from books, audiobooks, and YouTube videos, but focusing too much on one industry may cause missed opportunities for growth and linking industries together.
  • Staying productive over a long period of time is challenging, but these hacks are a first step in the right direction.
  • Constantly reminding yourself of your goals, whether it's financial freedom or changing the world, can make tasks feel easier.

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