This is How Pro Freelancers Work!

Last updated: Jul 30, 2023

The video is about how to work as a freelancer in 2023 and beyond, with step-by-step instructions on how to stand out in a highly competitive market and establish an income stream online.

This video by H-EDUCATE was published on Apr 18, 2023.
Video length: 13:05.

The video is about how to work as a freelancer and stand out in a highly competitive market.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of having the right mindset and not giving up, and then goes on to discuss how to choose a unique service to offer. They provide a practical example of offering SEO services and explain how to create a gig that provides more value than other freelancers on the platform.

The speaker also shares tools and techniques for collecting competitor data and conducting website audits to further enhance the service offered.

  • The video provides tips on how to work as a freelancer in 2023 and beyond.
  • It emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself and not giving up, even in the face of failure.
  • Choosing the right service is crucial, and viewers are encouraged to find a niche that allows them to stand out.
  • Delivering a comprehensive gig that provides value to clients is essential for success.
  • Tools and techniques are discussed for checking and fixing website issues.
  • Providing a multi-gig service and creating a portfolio are recommended strategies.
  • Publishing and marketing gigs on freelancing websites and implementing effective marketing strategies are key to attracting clients.

This is How Pro Freelancers Work! - YouTube

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Section 1: Introduction

  • The video is about how to work as a freelancer in 2023 and beyond.
  • The market is highly competitive, with many people offering the same services.
  • The video aims to help viewers stand out and establish an income stream online.
  • Viewers are encouraged to believe in themselves and not give up, even if they fail multiple times.
  • The video is not monetized and is intended to provide helpful information.
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Section 2: Mindset and Commitment

  • Believe in yourself and your ability to be successful as a freelancer.
  • Promise yourself not to give up, even if you face failures.
  • Self-discipline and hard work are necessary for success.
  • Viewers are encouraged to make a decision and commit to putting in the effort.
  • Success as a freelancer requires a positive mindset and determination.
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Section 3: Choosing the Right Service

  • Most gigs and services are oversaturated with high competition.
  • Viewers are advised to pick a service that allows them to stand out and be unique.
  • The concept of the "Beyond customer package" is introduced, which involves providing a gig that offers more value than others on the platform.
  • A practical example is given using an SEO service, where competitors and keywords are researched to provide a data-driven gig.
  • Viewers are encouraged to find free tools to collect data and provide valuable insights to clients.
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This is How Pro Freelancers Work! - YouTube

Section 4: Delivering a Comprehensive Gig

  • The example of an SEO gig is continued, where the freelancer collects competitor websites and ranking keywords.
  • The freelancer can also analyze and audit the client's website using free tools like SEO Minion.
  • By offering a comprehensive analysis and solutions, the freelancer provides more value to the client.
  • Other tools and techniques can be used depending on the freelancer's niche and service.
  • The importance of providing valuable information and insights to clients is emphasized.
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Section 1: Checking and Fixing Website Issues

  • Use the broken links feature to detect and fix broken links on your client's website.
  • Check the href link checker to ensure the website has updated links for multiple languages.
  • Preview the website using a keyword to see how it appears on Google and identify any issues.
  • Utilize the self-location checker to determine if the client's local business website is ranking for specific keywords in their country.
  • These tools are part of a Chrome extension that can be used to provide a multi-gig service.
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Section 2: Providing a Multi-Gig Service

  • Collect all the information from the previous tools to provide a comprehensive report to your client.
  • Offer a multi-gig service or beyond customer service that includes valuable data reports and solutions.
  • Make your package more valuable than others by providing a wide range of services.
  • Apply the concept of a multi-gig service in your field to stand out in the competition.
  • Use chat GPT to generate ideas for your freelancing services based on your skills.
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Section 3: Creating a Portfolio

  • Create a portfolio to showcase your work and capabilities to potential clients.
  • If you're just starting out, offer your services for free to a few websites in exchange for reviews or testimonials.
  • Collect feedback from people about your service to improve and build your portfolio.
  • Learn how to create a full portfolio for free by following tutorials available on the channel.
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Section 4: Publishing and Marketing Your Gigs

  • Publish your gigs and services on freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.
  • Optimize your gig to appear at the top of search results when someone searches for your specific service.
  • Learn how to optimize your gig by watching the free freelancing series provided by the channel.
  • Market your services actively instead of waiting for clients to come to you.
  • Implement effective marketing strategies to attract clients to your gigs.
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Building Online Presence

  • Create a Twitter account and start tweeting and engaging about your service and gigs.
  • Use Medium to publish articles and gain a following.
  • Talk about your services and provide tutorials to showcase your knowledge.
  • Offer free courses or resources to attract potential clients.
  • Building online presence can lead to inquiries and requests for your services.
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Outreach Methods

  • Use LinkedIn to message potential customers and reach out to them directly.
  • Send cold outreach emails to potential clients.
  • Create a professional email address using Zoho.
  • Personalize your outreach emails and provide value to the recipient.
  • Don't wait for clients to come to you, actively promote your services through outreach.

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